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Farmers in january!

Walking in the castle of Gaster Kingdom was Alama, the very person who managed to settle a business deal between Gaster and Pameres Kingdom.

Considering that she informed King Zar of the successful deal, free roaming became an option after that.

Alama was a businesswoman after all so her existence isn't dependent on a job, she was rather wealthy. 

And King Zar paid a handsome reward for her success as well which only increased wealth. She had reached quite a lot under such a short period of time, being only 27 years old and all.

"Miss Alama! What a surprise." King Michael's mood instantly changed for the better once he saw Alama, a shout interjecting his joy.

A smart individual like her can prove very useful if Gaster Kingdom is to be economically stable, so failing to grant this lady a warm welcome would just be playing stupid.

"Told ya that I will come here after having that deal settled." Answered Alama with a light tone as a blush on her face emerged, portraying a hunch of shyness.

Her blush further enhanced once Michael gave her a light hug, which made the little lady feel like her heart dropped down to the shoe.

Paying attention to detail, he deciphered the surprise behind his words. "I expected you to return after at least a week from now. You did come here without a horse if I recall right."

Blushing at his care after separating from the hug, she shifted tad off topic with an explanation. "Well I don't have anywhere I need to be. My businesses are being ran by employees and the income is sent to a secure place in my family."

With a smile, she added what this ruler wanted to hear. "I'm free to help your domain get back to her former glory."

Alama having a considerably big family with a well known last name [WolfHeart], well the lady had countless people who can secure that her gold won't be stolen, nonetheless get corrupted.

She can come to the earned gold coins any time without worrying about losing even a single piece.

She got the first bit of wealth after opening her own store. To open that store, she had to work 14 hours a day, earning every gold coin she could as a blacksmith's apprentice. Such an intense schedule taught her discipline from the age of 16!

By 20 years old she finally managed to open her own business. A medium sized shop who had a steady 600 to 1000 gold coins a month income.

In just a couple of years, this smart lady bought the same forge she used to work at. After that sort of income, buying 3 more businesses through a year became easier and her wealth along with businesses just kept increasing, and they still were today.

Considering the expenses and maintenance of those businesses, she still earned a steady profit of 15,000 gold coins per month and has businesses not in 1 but in 4 domains of Ignis.

"Michael, I appreciate the welcome. And would like to tell you that I'm here to offer business once more." She explained while still trying to fight off the blush on her face.

"Oh does Zar have another offer for me?" He questioned in a curious tone but yet very happily.

Getting rather deep in the business topic, she deciphered. "Not exactly. I don't recall telling you but I own several businesses, lots of gold to spare. We settled a deal to talk about a payment once I help you get gold here, but I have an offer that can help us reach that goal sooner."

She could see her breath floating on air like a small white fog through speech. It was already november, temperatures dropped so low that people had to wear two sets of thick clothes.

"Your word is greatly respected in this Kingdom. I will do my best to cooperate with any offer you bring us." Smirked King Michael, to further increase his status on this wise lady's eyes, due to economical reasons.

Breaking in the base topic, she pointed out as they sat around a round small table near the throne. "Gaster Kingdom lacks natural resources, the only one used to be the mines before they depleted. Fish is considerably a natural resource but you have people to feed and no fish to spare."

Accepting what screamed true, he agreed. "Getting a profit out of this land seems and sounds impossible at this point. What do you recommend though?"

Straight to the point, she pitched. "I recommend to start a farming project!"

Flinching his lips, eyes closing, facial expressions interjected disagreement and speechcraft shared the same pace. "With all due respect lady Alama, that isn't a good idea. The outer lands near this domain are almost impossible to start farms on. There are way to many hills and drops, not to mention the ground being too rocky."

Unwilling to quit on what could make a difference, she recited with her palms softly kissing the table. "I'm aware of that, saw it for myself. But I can provide you with 30 farmers, they aren't all under my employment but I still can get them for you."

Continuing the idea once seeing intrigue in his eyes, Alama explained the sour part to get it over with. "They are able to turn that piece of land into a farmable and profitable place, but you will need to cover their salaries under the Kingdom's expenses."

Finally able to shift his thoughts and praise the idea, Michael slightly shouted. "If those farmers can turn the outer lands into actual farms, then they can seek permanent employment here! But our overall income is flat, how can I possibly pay them?"

Smiling, she let silence marinate for a few seconds before dictating. "This is the best part. I'm willing to offer you 200k gold coins for 10% of the Kingdom's Income, starting right after december ends."

Explaining the soft side of it, Alama continued. "This will be more than enough to keep the farmers paid for 44 months as they won't work unless you pay them 150 gold coins a month."

Trying not to sink into debt although seeing this as a golden opportunity, he queried. "Can those farmers guarantee enough farmable land by the planting season? 44 months pass by quickly, if they can't secure Income, it would end up with wasted land."

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