Levels of Magic

Level 1 - Hatchling. For Hatchlings, it is inevitable for them to study tens of books before they try any Magic at all to avoid accidents. They are allowed to train if they are certain that they have any sort of powers of course.


Level 2 - Young Cub. This is a level for the well ambitious individuals who didn't give up on knowledge. They too will read books before trying out any Magic, but the books will be more advanced.


Level 3 - Magician. Students who reached this level are guided to do Magic. Nothing complicated, everything basic enough to not cause any fatal accidents or lifelong scars.


Level 4 - Expert. The Expert level is a level most Fire Wizards were able to tap into before death but it is rather different for every other power. To progress from Magician to Expert requires years of work, but once tapped in too, the achiever becomes twice as powerful.


Level 5 - Master. It is a level very hard to get too and most die before reaching it. Reaching such a level makes a Witch or Wizard strong enough to face an army of 200 Soldiers, and win if the Power was a Combat skill that is.

Level 6 - Grand Master. From forming Volcanoes out of nothing, to manipulating Fire with one's mind, Grand Mastery is almost impossible to gain for common Witches and Wizards. Only the most dedicated, overly ambitious and generally smarter Witches and Wizards can reach such legendary power.

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