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This list does Contain Spoilers!

Eric. Main Character of the series.
He is a 15 year old boy belonging to the Ignite race who lost his mother a bit after birth.
he has short Dark hair and is 5 foot tall.
Generally over curious and sometimes quiet.
Has avoken to power once life put him to his limits(you have no idea). Once he avoke to power, he skipped 3 Levels and instantly became a Expert(Level 4) Fire Controller/Manipulator.

Woldemir. Eric's father. He is a 42 year old man also belonging to the Ignite race who hasn't been the same since he lost his wife, but is still generally very well mannered and keeps everyone together. Typically over protective. He too has black hair but they are a bit longer, usually tied behind his head and he is 6 foot tall. He is a Grand Master(Level 6) at Swordsmanship but hasn't touched a Sword for years in the first volume.


Mogranius. Eric's Mentor.
He is a 58 year old man who also Belongs to the Ignite race. A spell gone wrong has sent him 200 years in to the future where War has obliterated most of the Ignite race. Generally very sarcastic and sometimes over competitive but  has wisdom to  spill. He constantly wears black clothing, and has a bit of a long black beard and has enough hair on his head not to be considered bald. He also is 6 foot tall. He managed to reach an Expert Level in Fire Controlling/Manipulating throughout his other lifetime and also used to mentor the Electus(Akareas) before he mentored Eric.


Stefan. He is a 26 year old belonging to the Ignite race. He doesn't have any kind of Magical Powers but if intelligence was a magical power, he would have it. When he isn't wasting nerves with illustratios, he would be seen reading a book. He is a 5 foot man with short brown hair on his head. Usually the one who would be behind the Strongest if danger was near.


Commander Alia. She is a 300 year old Women belonging to the Kastarian race.
The Kastarians are known for having Teleportation powers. Or at least they did before their entire Continent, "dissapeared".
She is a natural born leader but is a bit quick to Judge in some situations and sometimes a bit egoistic. She is also very good at manipulating simple Human minds. She plays with them like a Cat would with a mouse.

Isabel. She is a  woman belonging to the Calidum Lutum race who in general has a history no one is certain about. she is a Expert(Level 4) in Swordsmanship and passionate about her skill.

Xakro Illustratio lll. He is a 45 Year old man belonging to the illustratian race. He is more well known as the Grand King of Ignis which is the highest rank any person could ever get in Ignis. He is a mentally unstable man who is cursed with power. He has the ability to Wield all 8 Kinds of the Magical Powers but all 8 of the Inner Demons have beated him. He practically is wielding the Powers that his GrandFather stole from the previous Electus, Akareas. How? You'll find out!

Guard Commander Chan. He is a 25 year old belonging to the illustratian race. His parents died due to an Ignite led revolt, the revolt was short lasting but they killed every illustratio in sight. His parents were also victims. Xakro illustratio lll helped him by giving him a well paying job as a Guard Commander.
He will play the role as the King's errand runner, well i'd like to say more but there are already enough spoilers!

Aaron. He too is a 25 year old belonging to the illustratian race. But he too lost his parents due to an Ignite led attack and became an Orphan as well. Coincidentally, the same revolt that Killed Chan's Parents. Seeing Aaron's high academical capabilities, Xakro took him under his wing and gave him the second most paying job. A King's assistant!

1. Xalk. Xalk is a 1300 Year old Man belonging to the ancient thought to be extinct race called the "Calidum Lutum". He is a Grand Master in lava Controlling and has the ability to form Volcanos using nothing but Lava. He is the oldest of the five Grand Masters and considerably the most skilled when it comes to forming Volcanos. He has a stereotypical appearance for an old man. With a purely white beard reaching two feet long and without a single hair on his head, he still looks rather good looking due to the Race's slower aging process.

2. Altacin. She is a 983 year old women who like the rest of the 5, belongs to the Calidum Lutum race. She recently started her training on shapping Volcanos and is no doubt progressing rather well towards it. Apart from her age and power, she has a stunning youthful face, a well tonned body and rocks a killer Black Hairstyle with Golden features mixed up as well.

3. Laza a.k.a El Atropes a.k.a the Beast.
She is a 500 year old Lady belonging to the Calidum Lutum race and considerably an over achiever since she became a Grand Master at an unexpected age. She is called "El Atropes" which translates to "The Beast" because of her abnormal strength. An ironic name considering she is rather short for her age(7 feet tall).

4. Pezik. She is a 1100 year old Lady, for sure being the second oldest of the five. She is half way through to being a master at forming Volcanos. She has a stunning height of 15 feet, and a stunning hair length of 6 feet.
Her Golden hair is a slight manipulation to bone crushing strength comparable with El Atropes.

5.Kazer. A 598 year old man who is to an over achiever due to his rare genes including blood red hair. He is the leader of the 5 according to Calidum Lutum ancient tradition due to the red hair. Along with the Genes comes stunning intelligence which even helped him learn English due to few human interactions.



Character list for the Second Volume.
Attention. the following character decriptions contain inevitable Spoilers about the second Volume.

Zar. He is a 27 year old belonging to the illustratian race who became King of Pameres Kingdom ever since he was 17 years old and has all the skills he has today thanks to his assistant's Guidance. He is a man sick of the illustratian Alliance and is the first illustratian King to oppose the Alliance. An Expert with a Longsword and decent with speechcraft, his Longsword can speak when reasoning doesn't.

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