The 8 sorts of Magic and their Inner Demons

1. Lava Controlling/Manipulating. This is a power that was specifically designed for the Lava Controlling race known as the Calidum Lutum. With powers to control actual lava and the fact that they are very tall compared to most other races(You'll see how tall), and also a lot stronger, giving an inner demon that aims to make you lose self control is no coincidence.A Calidum Lutum can rip an opponent in half bare handed.
But will he or she be patient enough to hold back? Will they have self control? This inner Demon similar to the rest of the inner Demons aims to darken the heart until it is cold as a stone which like the rest of the Demons, leaves the Caster with mental issues unless the Caster beats that demon permanently which could be a lifelong process.


2. Fire Controlling/Manipulating. This is a power that requires for the Caster to be rageless. The inner Demons of any Fire Controllers will aim to make the Caster lose control. With loss of Control comes great consequences such as hurting loved ones.
The more the Caster struggles with rage, the more his or her heart will darken until the Caster becomes so rageful that the smallest of situations break his or her patience. Apart from that, it comes with many mental issues.


3. Super Speed. Super speed comes with the inner Demon of patience. Although Self Control, Rage Control and Patience are indeed very similar, not taking each one with a careful approach is life ruining. With the ability to run faster than horses and the ability to outrun a Dragon ;). A Witch or Wizard of Super speed shall wait, observe the situation and perform according to a plan instead of just working recklessly. It is indeed the best form of attack.


4. Teleportation Powers. This too is a power specifically designed for one race. The Demon of Egoism. Learning Teleportation requires one of the brightest minds. No Simple average person can do it. The feeling of being smarter than most leads to bits of egoism being added from time to time to the Caster. If the Demon of egoism is to beat the Caster 100%, it would lead to fatal circumstances even if the Caster was a Grand Master. Problems such as, making other people go insane, the Caster going insane, organ rearrangements and much much worse circumstances are common for such lost Casters. It is a power to be taken with caution.


5. Healing Powers. To be successful with healing powers, the Caster must beat the Demon of Self doubt. Not being able to beat that Demon would lead to ineffective spells and feeling disabled even if the Caster is perfectly healthy which could be life ruining either way.


6. Mind Control. Now this. This is a power that only the Lerazians are known to tackle. In order for one to be a proper Mind Controller, one must be able to beat all 5 of the previously mentioned Demons.
Which is why the Lerazians are the most peaceful race on earth but also the smallest in population. They all live on top of a mountain after all. Losing to any of the 5 Demons can result to turning the Victim of one's mind control completely insane. Insane enough to not be able to mind control him or her ever again.


7. Freezing Powers. This power comes with the most odd combination. The inner Demon of lust. Unless you think Freezing Powers are attractive, the Powers and the Inner Demons have no connection. Lust is a burden any person had to deal against sooner or later.
Lust led to bloodshed, rape, war, brothers killing one another. If the Caster fails to beat this Inner Demon, the Caster is doomed with uncontrollable lust for the rest of their natural born lives.


8. Flying. This power comes with the Demon of Burden. Carrying constant Burden is similar to carrying constant self doubt. It could lead to the point where the Caster would feel disabled even though he or she is perfectly healthy. Apart from that it can lead to skin aging faster, One burden after another will come even if the problems are as small as a pigeon blocking one's way. To be able to fly. One needs to let go of burden.

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