Asking the big question!

They've made their way far out of the Kingdom, and sunk down in the Forest to attain camouflage, ain't no one going to find them if they fly away just 10 Kilometers from the Kingdom.

Now they have time to catch their breath, and most importantly get some shit straight!

Woldemir tried to form the best sentence to break the news gently, this can come in quite as a shock. "Eric. Mogranius discovered something unique about you, you are a Wizard, yes. But not a normal one."

Feeling massively perplexed as his cheeks rose up, forcing his eyes to close a little bit as he pulled his head back in confusion, Eric asked. "What do you mean by that?" 

Grabbing his son's hand, and rubbing it a little bit, Woldemir shed more light upon this cloud of mystery. "Eric, you see the black veins running down your hand? Only one person has those veins, the Electus!" 

Still confused, Eric had to ask. "What's an Electus?"

"You've read about an Electus before, how don't you remember?" At this point Woldemir feared that such power can mess with memory.

But thankfully, Eric answered. "I might have toned you out."

"It's okay." Woldemir let this one slip for the sake of the situation and added. "Well you are powerful, very powerful. You have been gifted with the capability to wield all 8 Magical Powers!"

Looking at his father's face, trying to determine if he is messing around, letting the silence stretch a few seconds, Eric started understanding that his father might not be lying this time. And answered, "Did the veins tell you all of that? How can I be the Electus?"

Jumping in the conversation, finding that little comment offensive, Mogranius stated with a firm tone. "Those Veins can't in no way appear on someone else as a birthmark, it absolutely certifies that you are the Electus."

Aiding the old man in this debate, Stefan added. "Eric just try to trust them, how else would you wipe out so many illustratios and escape without a cut?"

"This is a lot to take in." Eric roughly pulled his hand back, making his father let go.

Another question has been puzzling his mind, so with a sharp edge on his words he continued. "If you are done cussing me now, who the hell was that man I couldn't burn?"

Uncertain who he was, but certain enough to answer, Mogranius swiftly spoke. "I'm not sure who he is, but this situation ain't normal. He completely redirected your Fire!"

"Which means...?" Woldemir decided to interrupt and ask the question his son wanted to ask.

Raising the severity of the Rabbit hole they are in, the old man answered. "Which means that man is a Grand Master in Fire Controlling at least!" 

"But why didn't he kill me? He seemed powerful enough to do it!" Eric asked yet another question, feeling a headache already developing.

"That I do not know. The only thing I'm completely sure about is that you are the Electus, the new one." Trying to show some care and sympathy, Mogranius felt it appropriate to add. "Normally I would want such annunciation to come along with a big celebration, but you see the trouble we are in."

Trying to comprehend this situation, Eric answered. "If what you say is true..."

"It is true, and you should start taking it very seriously. I fucking warped through 200 years only to be in this hell hole, I want to help reverse this war but you will put in work as well." At this point Mogranius is coming out as demanding but Eric is coming out as stupid.

Trying to ignore Mogranius' attitude, Eric Expressed. "I hate how right you are about the War, I couldn't do anything alone anyway, I have no idea what I was doing earlier. I had no control."

"I will teach you how to progress as a Fire Controller, it wouldn't be so beneficial if you die in some battle." Here the old man is showing that he will help, rough but nice. 

With that topic aside, Eric decided to ask something very important to him instead of going on with these other conversations. "Father, was my mother a Witch?"

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