Levels of Magic

A while later, with meditation or sleeping not much of an option, Eric asked another question that has been puzzling him for a while. "How many Levels are there in magic?"

Seeing it as an easy question to answer, Mogranius immediately answers. "Six." As he raised his hand high showing 5 fingers.

A few seconds after the old timer recognized his mistake and embarrassingly raised one more finger in the air with his other hand to assure that it's 6. "There are six levels, on any kind of magic there is. There are six levels."

"Do those levels have specific names or do they just go: 1,2,3,4,5,6.?" A rather insightful question for a child, maybe his new powers are changing him?

Nostalgia hitting here and there, Mogranius described. "Of course you can shortly describe them with numbers, but there are specific names for each level which we used in Magic schools." 

Looking at the sky (Cave ceiling) while stroking his long dark and grey beard, trying his best to remember the first levels, he got Eric watching a rather interesting show at the break of noon.

Shouting after with no apparent shame, the old man described. "Aaaa right! I remember the names now. Level one is named Hatchling."

Enjoying how the young man is listening patiently, Mogranius continued to explain. "Hatchlings are ordered to read tens of books before trying any magic at all because they need to understand the basics, the more they know the safer it is for them."

Sharing partially uncomfortable memories after, Mogranius spoke. "I saw Fire Wizards and Witches blow their fingers off due to how impatient they were."

Noticing that Eric got uncomfortable, the geezer added in a speed talking sort of way. "But most never blew their fingers off!"

"In that case, I'm glad I didn't do the first level. Both because I don't want to lose my fingers and of course I don't want to read a bunch of books." Well this sounds more natural coming from Eric. You would think that books are his greatest enemies, not the illustratios.

Ignoring Eric's idiotic comment, Mogranius continued explaining the prime topic. "Moving on, the second level is called, Young Cub."

Treasureing how Eric is still remaining silent, Mogranius didn't waste a second and continued. "The name represents a Witch or Wizard who didn't yet give up." 

Leaning out towards Eric, raising his hand and grabbing the kid's little jawline and whispering to his ear after. "This is you."

Rather confusing why he whispered though, what would anyone do with this information? 

Afterwards continuing to speak with a normal tone as he leaned back, Mogranius said. "It represents someone eager for more knowledge and they have to study a lot more, this however is not you."

"Is this the level I started off?" Trying his best to catch up with this mildly insane man, he of course had a lot of questions.

But before Eric asked one, Mogranius continued with another sentence. "No, not at all. You obviously never finished reading a book before hehe."

A little pissed, Eric answers. "Yes yes. Now can you not be sarcastic just for a moment and tell me what level I am?"

Catching up with Mogranius is hard enough. But Eric needs to catch up with his sarcasm as well, which is often light and understandable but still causes minor headaches.

"You Actually started off at the Magician Level when you shot that wolf, I didn't expect you to start with such a level at all." Stroking his chin again trying to figure out why Eric is so powerful so early, he still had no theory.

"What level is the Magician level though?" Acting as the barrier who keeps Mogranius from wandering off with his thoughts too far, Eric kept bringing him back with questions he had to ask.

A bit too descriptive, but proving valid points the old man explained. "Oh right! That is the third level. Students who reached this level were guided to actually do magic. As they were considered responsible and smart enough to cast basic magic spells without blowing off their fingers. Or their hair, or other people's hair." 

Finally getting the opportunity to tease the old man, Eric asked with a following giggle. "That explains the bald spot on top of your head? haha!!"

Mogranius replies with an irritated face, in aims to throw sarcasm back towards Eric. "Yes Yes an impatient student like you burned my hair. But luckily I didn't have to guide you through the first two levels, the 8 sources blessed me."

Pleased of his own sarcasm, Mogranius pointed out a firm fact. "But you are actually considered an Expert now, you are easily a level four fire Wizard. I mean you already were able to create Fire Tornados."

Happy, with a smile across his face Eric leaped up and said. "Perfect then, only two more Levels to go!"

Ignoring Eric's enthusiasm, Mogranius explained a side topic. "Your powers are based on your stamina, I'm not even kidding this time."

And as he said that last sentence, Eric went silent and listened with a serious look on his face. "The more you blast, the more stamina you use. I did Fire Tornados before but I passed out on my first three tries, accidentally burning down a few houses too."

Wait. You passed out and I didn't? Looks like the student becomes the teacher." Said Eric with a Cocky voice which obviously irritated Mogranius.

With his eyes unblinking, his lips flat straight and his eyebrows very low, His face was frozen in irritation. "You couldn't teach a dog to bark."

That's probably the appropriate thing to say to someone who has become a bit over confident. "However, you are the Electus and you seem to progress on your fire power extraordinarily fast. Which is kinda normal for an Electus, but still a bit too fast. 

Being lazy to describe the last two levels in great detail, he swiftly added. "However. The two last levels are Master and Grand Master."

Trying to explain another topic before the kid starts yapping again, Mogranius swiftly spoke. "That outburst you had in Crutal Kingdom happened to every Electus before. But not necessarily on their firepower like you."

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