Bloodline's Curse

Sitting on his throne, the King commanded. "Bring me that...worthless Guard Commander. Chan is his name...I think. If not, look for... recently burned Guard Commanders."

One of the Guards gathered the guts to reply, stuttering his way through a sentence, but no doubt shaking on his combat boots. "But Sire, Guard Commander Chan, is... well he is still healing."

Not giving a flying fuck about Chan's well being, the King repeated his order for once instead of killing those who oppose his words. "Then Drag him here. Unless you... want to suffer a similar fate."

The fact that this King seems to be having breathing problems, makes him sound even more captivating, causing nervousness on any person who talks to him, these guards sweating it all out through a conversation proves a point.

Another Guard who was simply putting his life infront of anyone else's, cut the conversation short so he can simply escape the King's sight along with the one who keeps questioning the King's orders. "Yes Sire, we will bring him here immediately."

Grabbing the Guard by the arm and leading him towards the Castle's main door, he couldn't help whispering. "Man what are you doing, I don't plan to be burned alive anytime soon!"

Seeing the two Guards exit the Throne room running, the King found ways to calm down. Perfect timing too, he was on his last nerve. One more question and he would have split both of them in two!

Smoke lightly blew out of his nose as a form of relief. Smoke covered his face entirely before it reduced into nothingness, rising closer to the ceiling.

Is he a human or a campfire?

Waiting for about half an hour with all the patience he could gather, finally witnessing Guard Commander Chan being dragged through the castle hallway by the two previous guards.

They aren't paying much attention to Chan's well being either, they prefered focusing on possible outbursts from the King which could end all of their lives, they don't want to trigger the Sire.

Preferring his personal space, before the Guards even were 10 feet near, in a cold but harshly projected tone, the King didn't hesitate ordering. "That's close... enough, leave the room."

The two Guards of course responded to the order in a heartbeat, speed walking their way out and even bumping to each other, almost falling down on the hard plank floor.

Not wasting a moment, The King stood up and started approaching Chan step by step, taking his time.

Seeing the King being near, with his last bit of strength Chan managed to let out a few words. "Please Sire. Have mercy."

Not even feeling slightly bothered by the scene of pity and suffering in front of him, the King just glared upon Chan. Not feeling sympathy, but indeed feeling disappointment.

Squatting down, he reached for Guard Commander Chan's forehead with his right hand.

Grabbing Chan's forehead slightly hard and concentrating after, a dark green light appeared an inch above Chan's forehead and continued glowing most violently above Chan's Chest.

Noticing the tingling feeling on his chest at first, and after feeling his own skin forcingly detaching the burn marks away for new skin to rise, like a new tooth pushing out the old one.

That last part of the process was something he didn't enjoy, it was tremendously painful but at least the burned skin ripped out of his body.

Suddenly finding the strength to at least sit normally now, he held the burned detached skin a foot away from his own face and murmured. "Well this is interesting."

The glow above his chest lasted a moment, glowing even while Chan was holding his own burned former skin up, taking its time before it disappeared completely.

His severe burn marks disappeared along with the green glow above his chest, as if they were never there. The strength of the spell the King unleashed upon Chan, was indeed that strong.

Chan lost his balance as soon as he triee to stand up, almost falling on the hard flooring. But he was prevented from meeting those planks once more, by the King. Using his right hand to keep Chan strongly balanced.

How strong could the King's strength be? His left hand is behind his back yet he is holding half of Chan's body weight up with one hand.

Seeing Chan's puny chest, the King proceeded to be disappointed, but didn't say a word about this topic. He had other things to talk about.

Feeling the amazing sensation of relief on his body, Chan found the capability to focus on something else now, instead of strictly feeling pain, he felt stable again. "I feel great! No more pain, no more burns. I thought that I won't make it."

Finding it the best time to ask an obvious question, Chan spoke." But why did you save me Sire, why did you save me, King Xakro?"

Turning his back on Chan, the Sire walked towards his own throne, sat down on it comfortably and said. "Chan...I didn't put you out of your misery...yet. Because I require your...let's say assistance."

Encountering a tremendous shock when he heard the King ask for assistance, Chan was left speechless for a moment but remembered how to be a boot kisser too. "Anything for you Sire, you never ask anyone for assistance. I would gladly risk my life for you."

Being used to such boot kissing, and somehow even expecting more, the King proceeded to say. "Good. Although I didn't ask... if you agree or not. You either do as I say or... die."

"Yes sire. My mistake. I got excited. I mean to be asked for assistance from the all mighty Grand King. Its an honour." This is the first smart approach Chan did in a long while, even though he is steps away from kissing the King's ass.

Finally putting pride aside and focusing on his main problem, King Xakro proceeded to say. "Good. See...the Electus has returned and I need you to find him....and slaughter him."

Seeing this task as a major danger factor, Chan decided that it's best to weasel his way out of this situation. So he asked, "How can I kill the Electus Sire? You are the only one powerful enough to do that!"

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