Deadly Ghost Tree

"The Calidum whatum now?" It isn't surprising for Chan to not know who they are, typical really as barely anyone knows of these rare beings.

King Xakro had a bit of motivation to explain more in this topic, let's hope Chan doesn't forget such valuable information. "They are a race... who disappeared from Ignis before the first Era began... because they wanted to avoid War."

Bewildered, Chan asked. "And they can give me powers?"

Cutting to the case right away since more ingredients have to be mentioned, King Xakro explained. "Them alone no... but they are the source of our first ingredient. You must kill one of those... and bring back his or her heart."

Not willing to debate the risks of this tasks, or how will Chan get that Heart. The King shifted his topic towards the second ingredient, "The other thing we need... is a branch from a...special tree. Yes, the Ghost tree."

Facing a mild shock right after he heard the word "Ghost", it barely took a moment for Chan to start hating this second part of the overall plan specifically.

Still standing a bit frozen in fear, throughout a self forced effort Chan managed to let out a few words. "G-G-Ghost tree? Why is it called a Ghost tree?"

Trying to find the best way to dumb this explanation down for a unacademic man like Chan to understand, he decided to use the basic sentences the "illas" would use when they explain something "evil". "Because, the tree is... possessed. Well...more like, ghosts live inside it."

Remembering what he studied about ghosts, through the little pieces of information one could study upon this subject, the King sighed in satisfaction. Let's just say, he likes paranormal figures. 

Explaining why this ingredient is required, the King spoke slowly. "Ghosts, the soldiers... of hell. A ghost from that specific tree only can...it can carry all the power. Without causing colossal... damage to you, me or half the kingdom."

The fear of ghosts keeps overwhelming Chan's ability to focus. Why would he fear something he never saw? Well it is simple, he saw them once or twice. The trauma caused from them remained deep down his soul, even though those ghosts didn't actually physically attack him.

Just seeing one is terrifying, imagine being beaten by one.

Realizing he has been staring blankly for way too long, zoning out and sinking into memories. Chan blinked his eyes and came back to reality, no doubt struggling to speak properly due to the recalled traumas. "But how? All of this seems... well, no it doesn't seem. This is unnatural and traumatic." 

Finding the capability to recall most of the information the King literally just told him, Chan only managed to find more fear, nothing else. "How could a branch carry Magical powers?"

Seeing Chan being halfway there from receiving a strong trauma, the King tried to actually help Guard Commander Chan calm down. But, he isn't used to this helping thing, at all. "Coward... scared, aren't you? Well you should be. That...that tree is incredibly dangerous. Life ruining even. But I have a plan."

A form of help, is assuring the errand runner of the possible danger in front of him. At least that was considered help in the King's eyes, but it didn't help with the possible phobia.

Chan isn't asking questions this time, which in many ways is good because he will listen instead. So this all powerful King continued to pitch, "I have a rather... strong theory, which could give you immunity towards these specific ghosts."

Instantly smiling, his enthusiasm rising as well, Chan spoke. "Immunity. That's actually possible?" 

Wanting to smile, but resistant because he wouldn't look so good thanks to the scars all over his face, the King just said. "Yes. The Calidum... Lutum are the key." 

Let's just say that the amount of power he is carrying in his own body, doesn't let him focus that easily. The deeper reason behind it, rather "outterwordly". But yet again if he managed to focus enough to form such an advanced plan, he is doing well.

Finally able to understand and accept the inevitable dangers this quest can bring upon him, it helped Chan calm down a little bit so he started pointing out the obvious instead. "Well it sounds like both ingredients are equally dangerous. At one side, I can get my skin ripped off of my body by a lava controlling freak. On the other side I can get possessed by a ghost."

Strangely knowing both species enough to form a stable statement, the Sire yelled out a word grabbing all of Chan's attention. "False!"

Afterwards continuing with his normal lower tone, the King spoke with a small amount of concern (fascinating). "The ghosts are... way more dangerous...than you claimed. The tree is a part of them. Breaking... one of their branches means you damaged them."

"B-but they can't do anything about it, right?" Hoping to finally hear a positive reply regarding this quest, he had a feeling of what the king would reply.

"They will take revenge if you...damage them." Well that made it clear. Now it sounds more natural, ghosts doing the hurting.

Guard Commander Chan replies with the strongly spooked out feeling he just snapped out of earlier who rearose in his heart with accelerating speed. "Revenge? What sort of R-Revenge?"

Slow, so Chan can comprehend every word, the King continued to explain. "Disastrous consequences. They could beat the... life out of you on the spot or..."

"Or?" A question Chan did not want to ask with upcoming answers he did not want to know, but yet still curiosity managed to get the best of him.

"Or follow you and beat the life out of your loved... ones." This part seems a bit less threatening because Chan's parents are long dead.

Hoping for this topic to end, Chan murmured. "Please tell me that's all!" 

"Almost. If you get attacked and manage to... survive any or all of the above, you... will likely end up insane." At this point, King Xakro illustratio lll had an extreme urge to smile in satisfaction as he pointed. "But as I said, the Calidum Lutum are the key."

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