"Yes. Without the source, the two... other ingredients are useless to us. Where else will you... use a ghost possessed branch or a heart from a thought to be... extinct species?" The King proves a point, after all no Alchemist would tamper with these ingredients.

"You have a point there Sire." Answered Guard Commander Chan with bootkissing aims, he even slightly tooned out the King but it escaped unnoticed. "But what is the source of magic, so we can get the staff ready and get this over with!?"

Puzzled in his own thoughts, having it hard to decide, the King answered. "It depends on what... power we want."

"Which one do you think is more effective?" A rather smart question from Guard Commander Chan, finally. 

Thinking about the Electus, the King managed to narrow down his decisions. "The boy, the Electus, seemed to heavily rely on... his Fire Powers. He is so young yet he casted Fire Tornados, those are expert level spells. He is already... level four."

Feeling slight trauma from the Fireball he [Chan] took to the chest, it taught him one valuable lesson. Never underestimate. "The boy took out half of your Kingdom, what are the odds of him already being in the process of learning different powers?"

Taking a second to think a bit deeper around what the King just discussed, Chan also added. "But fire has a weakness, am I right Sire?"

Finding relief as a golden thought went through his mind, he [Xakro] decided to express it. "I have a feeling that he just recently discovered his... powers."

Afterwards aiming to reply at Chan's question, the King said. "The opposite of fire...is ice. But that of course makes everything... more difficult."

This is possibly the most confusing day in Chan's life, barely anything makes sense. "Why...?"

Failing to make everything less confusing, the King replied. "Well...to obtain Fire Controlling powers... for example, you need a burning source of pitch... dark flame. Which is twice as hard to get. But... for Ice Blasting we need, A toe."

"A toe?" Struggled Chan to hold his laughter in. He curled his lips as if he was struggling to keep a burp in.

Noticing Chan's urge to laugh, the King continued speaking with his thick low tone which brought Chan back to his senses, scaring the humor away. "As humorous as it sounds, it's almost... impossible to obtain."

"I never heard of Dark flames before and I don't even want to know how to obtain them, but a toe sounds more doable. Does it have to be a random toe or something specific?" Obviously getting a random toe won't do the trick, how is a toe a source of power?

Noticing the clear misunderstanding, and knowing for sure that Chan couldn't possibly know more of this topic, the King spared Chan's thoughts by answering. "Frozen Toe Kingdom which is located... on the edge of the Continent, it has that name for a...reason."

Chan's overall knowledge isn't exactly big, but at least he has a reasonable amount of curiosity. "What's the reason Sire?"

Finishing all ingredients that the Staff requires, King Xakro illustratio lll answered. "It represents the Frozen toes of the Giant illustratio. Once... that toe is obtained, the Staff...can be completed."

The Staff they need is in all way interesting if you think about it, just considering its dangers make it more intimidating since they will be toying around with mass amounts of power.

Furthermore, the very thought of an illustratio obtaining powers is in many terms hypocritical considering how much Chan alone has cussed and mistreated Ignites, labelling as "Demons" because there were Ignite Witches and Wizards before.

This situation needs a bit of time to comprehend, Chan does feel weird about this task considering that Ignites killed his parents in a small revolt over a decade ago.

Seeing that this last part of the quest is also a huge risk, Chan complained. "Please tell me you have a plan instead of just me hitting it with a sword."

Landing another tremendous piece of information, King Xakro pitched. "Fire can and will help you, but of course... you need to be a Fire controller, or not. I didn't wipe out all the Witches and Wizards... because..."

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