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Dumbfounded, not having a clue what Stefan wants to accomplish. All she could do was ask for an elaboration, "Make what work?"

Recalling how they were attacked a few hours ago, he understood one concept throughout the chaos witnessed once he woke up. "The dead end tunnel at the main entrance, I'm guessing it was barricaded by a short layer of dirt and rock."

Glad that he cut it short instead of yaping all day, Alia recited. "The barricade is mostly 50 meters long, makes penetration easier."

Light struck his eyes after that answer. It proved his theory about the dead end correct, it can even prove his plans possible. "Fifty meters of barricade you say, well I..."

Right before he was about to explain his plan in further detail, he bursted into a giggle. Well this has a reason of course, he isn't a maniac. He just saw BlackWind chewing on half grown wheat plants.

Noticing his sudden Glance of what was happening behind her, Commander Alia was quick to catch on. She turned around to face what Stefan was glancing at, but BlackWind's actions didn't really bother her.

Woldemir found the decency to comment on his horse's acts. Rubbing the back of his head, tad embarrassed he weighed in. "I apologise for my Horse, he likes to eat a lot."

But as mentioned a bit earlier, she didn't really mind it. "Let him eat, Horses need food more than we do. Please continue Stefan."

Stefan puzzling with his own mind, comes back to reality a while after Alia asked him to continue. Mogranius had to slap him back to reality, but still. "Aaaaaaa yes. The Tunnel was barricaded, but with Lava you penetrated it. That's how we are going to get air down here."

Eric was just listening in the Background, looking at these Ignites talking at each other, interesting if you saw it from his eyes.

A question popped on his head which he was dying to ask, shortly after Stefan made a brief explanation of his plan. But everytime he started a sentence, trying to ask his question.

These people keep interrupting his word, some not even hearing him at all, as if he never spoke.

For a moment it appeared like a pack of Wild Boars were arguing with each other, but it was just enthusiasm for this plan.

Luckily, Commander Alia asked the question Eric wanted to, helping him cure his curiosity without even noticing it. "So we are going to make a tunnel out of this side too? Breaking all the way to the surface?"

Stefan replies with a tone that shows he is getting rather irritated explaining everything in detail. "No, not a tunnel. It wouldn't be of much help because wild animals would wander down and eat these crops."

Commander Alia felt perplexed. Because if a new tunnel isn't his plan, then what is? She couldn't think about any plan that can bring more air down here. 

So in a way, he has no choice but to explain if he wishes to execute this plan. "Then what do you have in mind? Please elaborate."

"I'm talking about foot long holes! A Grand Master has to get up here and blast Lava out of their hand against the Cave's side walls, carving towards the Surface." After explaining his entire plan, the looks on everyone's faces made him feel self assured.

Those who heard out his plan, were either confused, interested or amazed of his plan. He really proved himself worthy of the title as the group's brain.

After hearing out his plan, Commander Alia felt the urge to yell her thoughts out in joy. "That is Genius!"

Eric, Woldemir and Mogranius add a few words too since they saw her agreeing to this plan. She can be rather strict, so if she approves of the plan, it has to be a good one. They congratulated Stefan with a few short but truly meant words.

"Well done."

"That's our strategy guy."

"Ehh, not bad."

Since the force of brutal pushing is made clear as the main tool of making this little project possible, Eric explained "I blew away lava and made the tunnel wider too, can I help?"

Stefan replies with great enthusiasm and a smirk on his face. "Oh Yes!"

But before he got the two hotheaded Ignites too excited, Stefan felt the urge to set limits. "But you need to blast less or you will shake the cave down. Meaning your powers will likely take twice as long to reach the surface."

Turning his attention towards Commander Alia, Stefan stated with a bit of tension. "We might need every available Grand Masters up here if we wish to finish this task today."

"This plan seems almost flawless, but I have a strong concern." She was able to catch up on his ideas enough to find a possible flaw.

Her question or best described her concern, should be good to hear out. Or it could be a form of misunderstanding. "Won't us forming so many holes cause a collapse?"

"Well I most certainly hope that won't happen. A hole dug up every twenty meters should be enough to not cause any trouble." He felt quite sure of his words, he never tested this before but it feels reasonable. 

But to fill in for the manners that Stefan lacked throughout portraying this plan, Eric reminded. "I hope it is not a problem to bring all five Grand Masters up here."

Commander Alia appreciated his manners a lot, but she didn't say anything about that in order not to make Eric or Stefan feel embarrassed. Although Stefan wouldn't mind.

She directed her wordplay towards other facts. "It isn't a problem at all. No one knows we exist, so us being attacked with the Grand Masters mid work is unlikely." She finished her sentence in a joking manner and it was quite uplifting.

But it got a bit more interesting when she started talking to one of the Calidum Lutums, their language is nothing less than interesting.

She turns to a Calidum Lutum Guard and orders. "Asta zat qi er Kap Hukaerto le sadpu. Rakzipat'h pafe."

This Translates too, "Bring all of the Grand Masters up here. Captain's orders."

Noticing everyone focused on their language, she Ignored it for now and focused on the task and gratitude too. "I know we didn't put this plan into motion yet, but I feel positive that it will be successful. Our people will always aid you and of course the rest of you as well thanks to this historic act."

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