The Snake

Extensively willing to get his plan into motion, Stefan approached Kazer with a sprint on his step and managed to successfully shake his hand. 

Considering the two clearly different physical differences, Kazer shook Stefan's arm along with his hand, even lifted him off the ground just a little bit. 

With introductions out of the way, Stefan found it reasonable to start explaining the plan right away so the Grand Masters are well informed on what they are supposed to do.


After the plan was laid out in detail, Kazer simply Grunted and walked towards the cave wall and while everyone was focused on Kazer, no one seemed to notice that the rest of the team already Found their position.

The rest of the Grand Masters stood approximately twenty meters away from each other. Their speed is abnormally fast, no one saw any Lava coming out from them yet so what assisted their speed this time?

Kazer positioned himself to unleash the Lava by basically doing a Sumo squat and proceeded to give a light punch to the cave wall with his right hand.

The punch was light enough to break just a few small rocks. But what came after is... different.

His right, pitch black hand started lighting up and becoming boiling red in colour. As if he was holding a chunk of burning coal.

However what he unleashed out of his very hand can melt dirt and rocks itself into nothingness.

It's obviously molten lava.

Starting it off with a bash, it penetrated the cave wall in a blink and the glow on his hand didn't disappear after it either.

He kept blasting Lava out of his right hand, trying his best to control it, trying his best to not let it spread wild even after the tip of the attack reached far from his palm.

Considering the fact that the surface is approximately half a mile apart from the farm, it sure proves difficult to keep the Lava under control even for him as a Grandmaster.

He is just used to blowing Lava to the close by Masters as they form this town's main attack, he isn't used to this.

When thinking about the distance, it did take a minute or two for the lava to break through the surface. Somehow, Kazer has noticed when the lava broke out.

Now about to form a different pose, he felt certain that now he can gain better control over the Lava.

He pulled his fist off the Cave's wall and positioned himself towards Pezik, literally.

And as he removed his fist from the wall, a foot wide hole was of course to be seen as the aftermath of this power move.

Pezik too did a Sumo Squat but unlike Kazer, she raised her left hand and slowly raised it above her head which gesture that she has gained control of the Lava half a mile away from them.

The power of a Grand Master, astounding.

Afterwards putting her right hand near her waist and starting to walk backwards, even stepping in the farm fields a bit but it won't prove to be a problem.

While the rest were witnessing this move, Commander Alia explained with a soft tone as she was standing near these Ignites. "This is called the hook maneuver."

No one replied to such a short explanation as they were too focused on the Lava Controllers doing their work, but it sure made this show a bit more interesting.

After a minute the very Lava that Kazer blasted, poked out it's boiling hot head.

Stretching seemingly 15 meters long once it came out of the newly shaped hole caused from Pezik, it floated its way to Laza.

It's truly astounding to see! Who would think that such an uncontrollable substance can be put under this strict control?

Pezik let's go of it's control with her arms let loose. And allows Laza to take over, perfect and delicate teamwork.

Laza continued this snake like formation using the Hook maneuver to her advantage, since it worked with Kazer the odds of this move working with the rest of the Grand Masters are high.

These powerful Lava Controllers are using the same bit of lava without causing a collapse and they are just slightly burning whatever the surface half a mile above their heads includes.

I suppose they can't all be winners, but there isn't any serious damage above.

While down here the crops aren't getting damaged at all, these lava controllers kept their hot work around 5 feet above the ground and not even a speck of it managed to escape their control.

Kazer and Pezik started walking deeper into the cave since they don't have any Lava to handle at the moment, they're taking their time as it will be a while for the fifth Grand Master [Xalk] to take the lava under his control, he is the very last in line after all.

To continue the snake like maneuver, Kazer is supposed to stand twenty meters away from Xalk and Pezik of course standing twenty meters away from Kazer.

The rest of the Grand Masters will continue in that matter until they reach the very end of this elongated wall, approximately less than a mile away, thus keeping the snake formation going.

Although it's entertaining to see these Grand Masters work, the Ignites need to get into work as well.

So Stefan turns to Eric and Mogranius to advise them. "You two on the other hand have no need to do the snake. Let's reach the right side of the cave so you can start working on that wall."

With thankfully no disagreements, they proceeded to walk there and at their luck, they found that the cave wall on the right side is slightly softer. Giving them a slight upper advantage.

"Eric, Mogranius. Fire seems to have less of a push and melting ability compared to lava, you two need to blast two foot wide and fifty meters long fire instead. It should equal to a foot wide hole breaking through the other side." Odd how he knows that, but he saw Eric's work before and had good ideas.

"That's going to take a lot of stamina." Pointed out Mogranius and it is true of course.

They are two people after all and neither of them is a Grand Master, they can't tackle this portion of the cave alone.

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