The Saviour

"The rest are dead except for that coward Chan, we must hunt him down but we must try to get some information out of him." Expressed Eric this little plan to Mogranius, practically shouting in mid air as they were flying higher towards the sky.

"He ran away a few moments before the Grand Masters ended those Archers, he couldn't have gotten that far." Shouted Mogranius before accidentally swallowing a bug and almost choked on mid air.

Finding Chan however, will be everything but easy. They can't find a green skinned man in a thick green forest without putting in the most effort to raise the odds from 0.

He could sit under a bush and wait until the moon rises and everyone will have the smallest chance to ever notice him, it's like he has natural camouflage for this task.

As if the 7 standing Sources of Magic wanted to help Eric and Mogranius, what caught their eyes seemed to be something flashing in between the lush green Forest.

From the looks of it, Guard Commander Chan was dumb enough to not take off his Iron helmet, which gives a strong flash from above. Anyone with functioning eyes would be able to notice it.

The two became completely sure of who it is, after they saw that little flash dash it's way through the Forest. 

The closer they approached, the easier it was to see a man like body figure running.

At the point where they were thirty feet apart from the figure they noticed that it is none other but Guard Commander Chan.

One noticeable feature of his is of course his size, he only stands 5 foot tall. Rare to see such a short man in this Era of Steel and Blood, but that's not the case right now.

Eric while in mid flight, shortly reached Guard Commander Chan and tackled him down.

After tackling him down, the young Electus found himself over Guard Commander Chan, holding down his neck with his left hand as firmly as possible and blazing Fire shone above his right fist.

He brought the Fire near Guard Commander Chan's face and with a murderous low voice he let out more of a Command. "You better answer my questions you worthless piece of shit!"

But Guard Commander Chan ain't willing to sing like a bird. "I know nothing and if I knew anything, I'm certainly not telling you. Demon Child!"

Obviously not a fan of such a stereotype, tightening his grip around Chan's neck, Eric hollered. "Demon Child? You ripped an innocent man's heart out you Bastard."

Gasping for air as much as he could, Chan could not find himself to shut his big mouth even in these circumstances. "That Demon isn't innocent, all of you are minions! Ignis was ours first, you Demons came and invaded us."

Blazing the Fire closer to Chan's face, to the point where some eyebrows were sacrificed. Eric weighed in, "Demons? Your race has tortured, enslaved, raped and massacred our kind for two hundred damn years!"

Using Chan's words against him, Mogranius decided to land the final blow of this reasoning attempt. "Your beloved King is a Wizard. Isn't he a Demon?" 

At such a blow, Chan was struck silent so Eric felt convinced that cooperation will finally prosper between these two masses.

Standing up, catching his breath Guard Commander Chan accidentally added so many pieces to the puzzle. "Haha. Our past King is our saviour, he killed your beloved Electus two lifetimes ago and started this revolution. He ripped her heart out, ate it and stole her beloved powers."

With a tear dropping from his eye, Eric felt grief for the Electus before him [Akareas] even though he never met her.

Mogranius on the other hand, expressed his Grief with a forming Fireball above his palm.

Mister E

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