The Master and his Students.

As they entered the Training Room they've spotted various Weapons hanging on the Cave wall. Each looking deadlier than the other, each looking too heavy for an Ignite to carry.

From Maces to War Hammers to Swords to War Axes, all hecticly forged in a different design. Putting whatever Weapon an Ignite can craft, in to complete shame.

A hit from any of these Weapons butchers damage even a Calidum Lutum can not withstand with ease, Imagine an Ignite.

Some Guards are seen training while some are taking rest, sitting randomly in any corner of the Cave or at least somewhere above ground such as taking advantage of a small boulder.

Another batch of Guards are fighting against each other to have a more battle like practice, they aren't using Weapons against each other of course, that would be horribly thought out!

Not a bad sight to see but it could use some organizing, at least that's what Woldemir thinks. However none of them seemed to be unfamiliar with discipline.

"Farazaj!" Demanded Commander Alia, piercing most of their ears. 

[Translates too, "Attention!"]

As soon as they heard Commander Alia yell the command, they stopped what they were doing in a blink and lined up. Bending the knee in their own Custom.

That is, lightly punching the Ground with their right hand and lifting their left hand straight upwards while squatting.

"Do you prefer to fight against the best Guards or do you need to fight some apprentices to warm up?" Even after all of that boasting the Gang made about Woldemir, Alia is still trying to protect him.

It's not easy to fight five of the best Guards here without losing an arm, not to mention surviving. As an acclaimed peaceful civilization, they sure are powerful.

"No need to take this slow, bring me five of the best on the battle ground, this won't take long!" Over confident you might think, but no his levels of confidence can be considered fairly stable.

Stupidly going an extra mile with this little sparring session, Woldemir demanded. "Don't tell them to hold back, if they can land a strike, let them do it. And let them carry their weapons as well, nothing wooden."

At this point she doesn't really know what to say, is this man suicidal or something? She cited, "I can't tell if you are over confident or just crazy. Either way, do aim to keep your head in place."

Afterwards proceeding to speak to the Guards in their own language to clear things out, gestures aren't enough in this case.

She needs to tell them what to do! It wouldn't be nice if they get their behinds kicked because they were holding back in order not to squash this man.

They aren't aware of his skill until Alia demanded. "Baplem Taswem! Maz'p yib lert."

[Translates too, "Battle Formation! Don't hold back."]

"Oh believe me, they are going to embarrass themselves." Assured Eric, mocking the people he now rules.

He has been following these people all the way to the training room but didn't feel like talking until now, he doesn't really have enough energy.

3 men and 2 women appeared to battle Woldemir, each one looking more dangerous than the other and each one carrying a different looking Weapon.

They all seem to be physically fit to the point where one would think that they can kill an opponent with a glare.

As soon as Alia yelled the command for them to start, they began to rush towards Woldemir with the ground trembling beneath their terrifyingly large feet.

Woldemir is remaining in a normal pose, not even bothering to form a battle ready stance.

But as soon as the five Guards closed in a few feet away, they saw the man who was marching in the middle of this wall of people, forced airborne while Woldemir is running on the opposite direction.

Woldemir tripped the large man with the handle of his Sword and made a quick escape beneath his feet as soon as the Guard went for a flight.

The way they approached at first was a good method to throw a bundle of swings against an opponent at once, but they were too slow!

The Victim did a half flip once tripped and got slammed back first against the cave wall, I suppose his running speed aided such an earth trembling crash.

Nothing but a few bruises for him physically though. But humiliation is the biggest bruise he is about to face from this fight, all he lost is his dignity.

The other four Guards though, they are not quite sure what happened. It's not everyday to see a ten foot man imprinting his body shape on a Cave wall.

With instinct, they turned around and started charging towards Woldemir once more.

Quick to notice that charging with a wall of people isn't to help them if they try it again this time, they proceeded to attack in a straight singular line instead in hopes to actually land a strike this time. 

Woldemir asked for them not to hold back, they sure tend to follow this particular order now.

The main motive of this different attack is to confuse the opponent. Since the remaining four who didn't get knocked out, each have a different weapon, it would result in a set of different attacks.

Meaning after one Guard strikes once and retreats, Woldemir would need to be quick enough to think of different defences for the rest of the tree quick attackers, furthermore complicating the process and risking getting hit.

The first attacker is carrying a 40 pound War Hammer with small dull spikes on the bottom and the top of the Hammer side.

Perfect for completely crushing an Ignite skull with zero chances of survival.

But wielding such a Hammer comes with two weaknesses. Lack of striking speed and lack of defense.

As the first Guard on the line is about to strike, raising his War Hammer taking 2 full seconds until now.

Giving Woldemir all the time required to strike the attacker down before the Hammer reaches the ground.

Using the handle of the Sword again, Woldemir places the bottom of the handle in front of the direction where the attacker's head is leaning in the heat of the moment.

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