200 Gold Coins a Night!

A rather unexpected character is calling for the group to approach.

But it became soon certain that this specific character is calling for Commander Alia only!

The pure natural beauty this lady beholds, lowers the surprise of this act.

She didn't waste time and approached with a dash, but with her right hand she's holding on to the short Iron Sword's handle sheathed on her scabbard around her hip. 

Like this at least, she can provide a quick and easy death just in case this man proves troublesome.

"Yes, did you call for me stranger?" Asked Alia, puzzled. This isn't a situation she expected herself to tap in.

"I did, I did." Answered this mysterious man with a wide smirk across his face while sneaking glimpses at Alia's physique, her form. 

A few seconds later, the stranger mouthed. "Do you want to earn 200 Gold Coins this night?"

"Earn them how?" She swiftly replied, having a clue where this conversation is heading and feeling quite disgusted about it too.

"I thought a beautiful lady like you would understand that." Answered the stranger, rather offensive and could be a bit of a sexist comment too if he doesn't further elaborate. 

"What do you mean by..." Tried Alia to understand furthermore, but had her word cut short.

"I'm sure you were provoked by hundreds of men before, that's what I mean." That's what this odd man meant, but it is still tremendously confusing. 

Stefan however, already caught up. Partially because he isn't the one having the conversation which gives him time to think about this Man's wordplay in more detail.

Trying to convince the lady with an aid of his social status, the stranger  acknowledged. "I own the farm you are currently seeing, Albert's farm. I'm Albert."

Seeing that he owns a farm, Alia figures that this retard is wealthy or at least is worthy enough to be entitled as middle class. He can be manipulated for resources at a large scale.

So Commander Alia planted some seeds for such intent. "Oh I think I know what you mean but I'm actually looking to buy crops, a lot of them. Can we bargain for two deals today darling?"

She finished off her sentence with a rather sweet and ridiculously tempting tone. Using this man's obvious lust, to her utmost advantage.

Seeing that she is here to bargain, he decided to try and use it to his advantage.

At the rate of this conversation he is overconfident about success. "Indeed. But only if you are to join me and a few others when midnight arrives." 

Noticing that the stunning lady in front of him isn't disagreeing, he continued to give a more proper explanation. "See, my business is a farm at day and pleasure spot at night. Me and a lot of wealthy farm owners pay fine looking ladies more than they can ever earn per month."

Commander Alia made a request sweet coated with compliments in aims to raise Albert's Ego. "I might join but does a big strong man like you offer cheaper prices for a helpless lady like me? Men should be protecting women after all, you wouldn't want me to return to my King empty handed, right?"

And to make the situation a tad more convincing, she used the tips of her fingers to touch the Albert's right cheek gently.

Eric is barely understanding what's going on herd. As a 15 year old kid who stayed mostly in the farm, he doesn't yet know what sexual temptations are.

Stefan is here gazing at how easily illustratios are tricked, which made his ego rise sky high. He does feel quite good about himself, easy to say.

Mogranius on the other hand, well smoke is coming out of his ears. Jealousy, rage, murderous thoughts. You name it. But he's waiting patiently for the best time to strike on such a disgraceful scum.

The farmer however, made it certain that he is willing to cooperate. "I suppose we can make some adjustments miss…?"

"Erzu. My name is Erzu and I love what I'm seeing." She lied here of course, twice.

"Well miss Erzu. 5 ... uh no... 10 nights free of charge and I'll drop the prices by half, if you buy a lot that is. Those ladies, well they eat up a lot of Gold Coins. I need more." Purely disgusting, can lust really lead to the point of bankruptcy? 

She doesn't nearly plan to share a bed with anyone any time soon, so she has no reason to refuse. "We have a deal oh big Albert."

She saw it reasonable to use this fool for further benefits, so she didn't hesitate to ask. "Can a strong man like you, tell me where I can get Wagons and Horses? I'm expected to bring a big delivery in Pameres Kingdom. The King doesn't like to be disappointed."

With a wide smirk on her face, Alia continued while pinching his cheek. "He would punish me greatly, if you know what I mean. Not like I wouldn't enjoy it, but I hate to disappoint." 

"Hehe there I can help gorgeous. Continue to head towards this road until you reach the end of it, you will see a Horse stable. Seek Iron Shoe Joseph, tell him that I've sent you." Butchered Albert in detail, as he glared at Commander Alia's buttock curves. 

"I'll be sure to please both of you very very well this night, handsome. Now tell me how much crops do you have in stock. You wouldn't want to disappoint the King, or me. Would you?" She asked, and before Albert was about to speak, his words were cut off.

"I have 80 bags of Wheat Grain that I can spare for this little request. Each of them weighs almost as much as you. Each one costs 20 Gold Coins. But they are 10 for you, beautiful." Explained Albert with several twists in his words.

Seeing that this fool can't be used for more Wheat Grain, she decided to focus less on that and more on the payment. "I'll take all 80 of them but there is one more complication a sweet mouthed man like you would likely have no trouble with. Our mines hit a huge deposit of Ignite Gems, do you accept it as a payment?"

Not planning to disagree, Albert even calculated for her. "You will need to pay with 8 pieces of illustratio Gems, sorry for the correction. I assure they cost 100 Gold Coins each."

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