The Swimming Rat.

As Alia instructed Iron Shoe Joseph to specifically bring the Horses and Wagons to Albert's farm, she made her way out of the stable and instantly noticed an illustratio giving her an awkward eye.

Unfortunately for her, a strong wind followed a split second after and her black hair flew up and wide.

Her black hair aren't tied in a bun this time due to bargaining reasons, which only made her more beautiful.

To the illustratio however, it has been made perfectly clear that Alia doesn't have ears.

His eyes widened in shock accompanied by fear too as he realized that feature, calmly walking towards his left, looking for a Guard who's standing about a hundred yards away.

The illustratio tried to hide his panic by keeping his pace slow to avoid getting more attention from the earless lady.

Alia noticed for sure what he spotted.

To make this situation possibly worse, she also noticed another Guard approaching from the right side of the walls, fiddling along the road close to the walls.

Using the vegetation the river offers where water and land bound, she started following the illustratio, taking muffled steps.

The river is about 10-20 yards away from the road the illustratio is walking on, giving Alia more complications when it comes to launching a sneak attack.

"Who is there? Hello?" Asked the illustratio as he heard a few sounds from a distance.

Taking a look behind, he noticed that the "different" looking lady is already gone. Paranoia overwhelmed his subconscious, forcing him to speed walk.

Noticing that the illustratian civilian has synced into panic, she took a quick glance around and a partially wet rock caught her eye.

Grabbing the rock bigger than two fists together, and tossing it against the illustratio's head with all her might, she knocked him out cold and dashed towards him.

The hit tossed him 3 feet across the ground as if an explosive met the back of his head.

The two illustratian Guards however, unfortunately saw Commander Alia dragging the body a meter before she entered the thick vegetation close to the river. 

And considering the fact that she is a lady, both of them became bold enough to not go get more Guards to handle this scene.

Well let's just say that these two Guards didn't face their best day on duty.

These Guards started floating down the river along with the chump who wanted to report her, one of these people floated in two pieces.

"You're here sooner than you said you will be but I got worried when the Horses and Wagons arrived here before you." Stated Mogranius in great concern after giving Alia a big long hug.

With a pale whisper she explained, "I had to dispose of a few rats." 

Before she assured with a whispering tease, "It is all taken care of, I hope you didn't cause any trouble my big strong Wizard."

"Don't play with me now, I was already worried!" Battered Mogranius with his face becoming slightly red, but he fought it off by looking at Stefan. It worked.

Unlike Mogranius, Stefan approached to clarify some statistics. His favourite part of the job come to think of it. "The Orange barrels are loaded, it took quite some effort but they all fit in. All 50 of them!"

With his mood slightly shifting towards the worse, Stefan here also added. "200 Grain Bags might take 2 Wagons of space though, it's quite a lot. But we can still buy more crops with the 30 Ignite Gems left."

Although some news a little bit bad, this situation turned towards the best, more than necessary even. Alia's glad to point out, "We will be able to save some Ignite Gems. One Wagon can't fit 30 Ignite gems worth of Crops unless someone scams us."

Jerking his eyebrow up, Mogranius cited. "Handsome Albert called another farm owner here, let's hear out his prices." 

"Don't get jealous." She teased at a high pitched tone enough for everyone to hear and even grabbed his nose.

Continuing with a whisper in his ear, even digging her head in his hood. "Don't tell anyone but you are the most handsome one here geezer, you still look young."

Getting back to business, finally! She turned her gaze towards the new farmer and asked. "So what crops do you offer sir…?"

"Call me Ebren, miss Erzu." Without shame he pointed out his intent here. "I'm eager to see you tonight." 

He even gave a wink, making Alia almost hurl her dinner all over him but she kept herself together with a smile.

Finally turning his attention towards business, he stated. "I farm Corn, all my stock has, is Corn. I can fill this entire empty Wagon you bought for 200 Gold Coins, would normally cost 500." 

Keeping a smile she answered, "Well this solves the last problem." 

Turning her attention towards someone else now, she stated. "Joseph, I have a question. Can these 4 Horses, pull 6 Wagons?" 

Statistic oriented, Joseph butchered in a bit of detail. "Easily. If you attach 2 Shire Horses with 3 Wagons set in a neat row, they have no trouble pulling them. They can even pull 5!" 

A storm of ideas running through her mind, basic calculations used she requested. "In that case I will need 2 more Horses and 4 more Wagons. I don't need high quality either and I will offer you 20 Ignite Gems for it."

She paused for a moment, turned to Ebren and said. "You will fill this Wagon and the rest of the four that will arrive with Corn and I will give you 10 Ignite Gems. Even if the Wagons Turn out smaller."

Hearing this portion of the deal, Joseph chipped in. "The Wagons will be the same as what you see here but I will bring Chestnut Horses this time. They are smaller but can pull 1 Wagon on their own easily."

Ebren struck hesitant for a while, unwilling to go with the flow. He can make 1,000 Gold Coins by filling 2 Wagons with Corn.

He is about to disagree until she moved her robe just a little bit and her clothed finely tuned legs were clear to see. "We have a deal, let's start loading."

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