About your Obsession.

It took both the Farm owners, their workers, the Gang and the Horse Stable owner most of the day to load all those crops.

But the final minutes of work? It was an amazing sight truly. 2 Shire Horses have been attached to 3 big Wagons who are set up one after the other.

The first Wagon was filled with Orange Barrels, the other two Wagons following were filled with Wheat Grain bags from bottom to top.

You would think that two Horses wouldn't be able to pull all of that material, but you would be wrong when it comes to Shire Horses.

It is uncertain how they are this big, but each Shire Horse reaches 2.5 meters tall to the shoulder and reach over 3 meters when they raise their head up high!

Truly beautiful creatures but at the same time dumb powerful, even four Wagons seem easy for them.

Following the first set of Wagons are one other Shire Horse and of course the bush lover, BlackWind. 

One of these Wagons is filled with Wheat Grain sacks and with Cabbages too, the bags took a lot of space without a doubt. The rest of the Wagons are filled with Cabbages!

Black Wind stands 2 Meters tall to the shoulder, when he raises his head high he stands 2.5 meters tall.

A small difference from the Shire Horses really but he is almost as powerful, giving the Shire Horse ease when it comes to pulling the Wagons instead of leaving it all on him.

Following the second set of Wagons, are the 2 newly arrived Chestnut Horses. They have a beautiful colour on their fur, a reddish brown color shining. Hence the name, Chestnut.

Indeed a beautiful sight, it is more eye catching than seeing a three meter horse really. But they are considered less important because of their size and for the fact that they are more common, easier to find here in Ignis.

These two Horses standing 1.5 meters tall to the shoulder and roughly 2 meters tall when their head is up high, are only strong enough to pull 2 Wagons together without exhausting themselves after a medium distance.

It is proper space and Horse management, they can make it to Lan Zhe without complications.

These Wagons are filled to the top with Corn, the gang got way more out of this than they wished for. It is not an everyday scene to see eight big Wagons filled with crops.

"Is this a Molarian Black Horse?" Asked Iron Shoe Joseph out of great curiosity.

He has been meaning to ask this question ever since he arrived to Albert's Farm and saw Black Wind but didn't quite find the opportunity to ask, well it is now or never.

"Indeed he is, King's favourite Horse actually." Answered Eric as he noticed that Joseph looked at Black Wind with eyes that portray Gold Lust.

Joseph continued with his praising by explaining the Horses' value Gold-wise. "This beauty isn't even to be found in our Continent, he is too rare here! He would cost 10,000 Gold Coins easily, I could sell him for more."

Willing to put this topic to and end, Alia dared to mix royalty here to kill Joseph's hopes. "Sorry but the King would be very disappointed, in a bad way actually. He loves his Horse."

"A shame really. I would offer 10,000 on the spot!" Joseph is likely the only one here who didn't blow his entire savings on... night activities. No one else here has 10,000 to offer.

As Joseph finished his sentence, the other 2 Farmers of the pleasure group arrived. 2 Farmers were already there, plus Joseph.

The newly arriving made the group whole. It is perfect timing actually, midnight is very close which explains why the men arrived with Torches. Loading those crops sure took a while.

Seeing that the inevitable is close, Commander Alia turned to her friendly group and requested. "I suppose you all should start your journey to Pameres Kingdom my good co-workers. Tell the King I will be back after a month!"

Continuing with a smirk, she added. "A Woman needs some fun and games after such hard work."

"As you wish mis Arzu." Answered Stefan and moved the lead for the first Horses to start walking.

The Horses started walking at a pace double the speed of a normal Human's walking rate.

If they get lucky, they will reach Lan Zhe before midday tomorrow with a few in between short breaks for the Horses, they aren't carrying a school bag after all.

The second set of Horses led by Eric shortly followed after at the same pace, to avoid any accidents they weren't too close to each other. 

And seeing the other Wagons move, the Chestnut Horses followed after, but who led them? Mogranius isn't on the Wagon nor close to the Horses.

Well. Remember the torches? It isn't much noticeable but they let out smoke.

Small smoke which Mogranius dragged towards himself slowly and under the strongest concentration, which is why he didn't really talk much.

The darkness the night provided made it easier for Mogranius to succeed without dragging any attention, allowing him to go invisible without taking an hour even.

As the Stable owner entered the pleasure barn first, followed by the other four Farmers.

The fourth didn't exactly manage to enter the barn. However nobody noticed him disappear as they were all focused on Alia who was waiting inside of the barn for them.

But her clothes aren't at all off and her short Iron Sword is pulled out instead.

The fourth farmer however who didn't manage to enter the barn is the same person they met when they reached the Outer Farms, Albert.

"We need to talk about your obsession towards my lady." Albert heard a voice on mid air as he was being dragged behind, as if kidnapped.

He tried to scream but a rag got shoved in his mouth and the same tone whispered. "Let me teach you some manners, Handsome Albert!"

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