Element. Flame of Elisar

The Birthday Gift

the gem, “anyone who gets to know the name can take it and control the gem’s power. When the customer comes to pick it, I’ll have to drink the oblivion elixir to forget the name forever. That’s part of the client’s terms.”

I whistled in surprise. “Not a common order, I see.”

“Yes, I got quite a fee for it,” he said thoughtfully. “’I’m going to start a new shop somewhere closer to Karun. This one is too old, falling apart…”

I smiled here – this shop was built once as a little fortress and pulling it down would prove no easy job. Of course, he wanted to get closer to us to have more visitors than just customers. Besides, Truvle was a stubborn guy, so he still hoped to conquer the witch’s heart.

“Well, and I won’t have to run long ways then, so we’ll be here, just a stone’s throw away! I guess Nargara will love the idea,” I chuckled as I shoved the blades into the sheath, which I had on my belt, and which I had taken from the same box I got from Truvle.

He was a bit embarrassed and gave me a broad smile. “It’s a deal, then. I’ll get the shop somewhere close to your home and move there around fall. Ready to give me a hand choosing the place?”

“Sure! Any time you need”.

“Great!” he drew a sigh and rubbed his hands with relief.

“Truvle, I got to be going now. Want to get home before nightfall”.

“Of course, it’s time, yes… And this is for Elcha. I don’t want her to have her lips pursed seeing your blades and left with no treat from me.”

I took the boxes and put them into my worn-to-the-thread bag.

Coming out of the forge, I had a deep breath of the fresh mountain air, which was especially sweet after the smith’s heated workshop. Saying another Goodbye to Truvle and kissing him in his scrubby unshaven cheek, I moved back, gaining a decent speed as soon as a few seconds later. The world around was floating by, as usual, just zipping past me. When I heard the blacksmith’s fading voice from behind “Take care, Ricka!” I once again waved my hand and speeded up.


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