Existence Hollowed: Our Origins

How Did The Liquid Become Hard

A rift is a tear in dimensional location. 

A canyon is visually similar. 

But the tear itself is of locational dimension. 

In simple terms, 

its when the structural "Nothing" layer becomes torn. 

What is the "Nothing"?" 

Its possible from church you have heard, 

"everything began from Nothing" 

In other words, 

the nothing is an original location that is a prelife historical time. 

So yes, the Nothing is older than life. 

However the Nothing provided the places for life to start and be possible. 

Okay now that you comprehend that, 

There was two Rifts torn open in a location. 

They leaked the liquid in between the two as if the liquid was in a container. 

The two Rifts tugged on each other similar to alternating magnetics. 

A pull together, a push away, and a repeated process. 

The friction of that caused the two Rift tears and the liquid in between to heat. 

The heat multiplied. 

It became so hot and was getting hotter at such a increased multiplying speed. 

The liquid solidified.

David R. Quigley

#323 in Mystery
#155 in Supernaturals

Story about: space, religion, matter

Edited: 18.05.2020

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