Chapter I:The Meet

She was in the library; taking her exam results for the end of her second year in high school. Not only was she pleased with her good results but also her sweet handwriting…Did I just say sweet…I mean sweet sweet handwriting.

“Nice handwriting…just look how mine is awful…” She heard from behind and just looked at the book set there for her to see. She mentally thought “Wow there’s a really huge difference not just huge but big” She wanted to laugh but swallowed it and looked at him who already noticed her expression and was smiling…Wait he had dimples…and looked really cute when he smiled at her. She said “Why don’t you come for lessons…” and they both laughed heartily at that and when done they just stood there saying nothing… “Hey, am Wayne” He said putting his hand forward. She took his hand and shook it saying “Am Aviana but call me Ana” “Aviana…cute…mind if I call you Avi?” “No…it’s your nickname for me “She whispered the latter. Again they stood there saying nothing but letting go of each other’s hand. “Uhm see you later” “Okay…Catch you later Avi”

“Really? Nice handwriting...Is that the only line you got?” I heard from behind. I knew who that was even without turning back. “She has a really cute handwriting” I said turning to him. “It doesn’t matter all you said “Nice handwriting” He said mimicking my voice. They call him Red…my best friend here in Ocean Dale High school. We were both in our final years doing final touches for the school end year exam and were just submitting our projects when I saw Ana…no sorry…Avi.


“Linda please help me with your back pack” “Where is yours?” “Come on Linda I’ll be late to catch the bus on time…” I said almost crying. “Alright Ana baby, don’t cry” She said clearly mimicking and mocking me. “You go home almost every weekend…why don’t you stay here and let’s go shopping” Linda was my best friend since kindergarten and luckily we went to the same schools together. She was also going to third year just like me. She never liked going home especially when she remembers all the house chores, she’d rather stay at the school hostel and sleep all the day long…Me on the other hand I couldn’t leave mom do all house chores when am idle at school, I opt to go home and help her. Yes, this high school is like a university…you can go home on the weekends so long as by Monday 7:30AM sharp you’re in class pretending to listen to the teacher…that’s what Linda says…I guess this school is too prestigious but we had to wear uniform to class and did I forget it’s near an ocean called Dale. “Here it is…don’t forget to clean it when you get back” Linda just being Linda. “This time I have to go, mom is not well and you know Fia is still young to fend for herself.” Fia is my kid sister just 4 years old, my dad had passed away 5 years ago when she was just born. “Oh am sorry, then do take care of yourself and yes bring some biscuits when you get back.” Aviana just sighed at the thought Linda just being Linda.


“Ana!!” Little Fia run with all her might and clung to my skirt. “Did you bring me chocolate?” She asked and I squatted to her level “Yes, here it is” Wow children…I held her hand and we walked inside the house. Mom was feeling much better and was actually setting up the table and when she saw me she came hugged and gave me a kiss on the forehead. “How are you dear?” “Am okay Mom…look I passed my exams” I showed her the results and she smiled. That’s all I wanted…to see her smile…

The weekend passed on so fast and had to go back to school. I travelled that very Monday morning and when I went to the hostels…can you believe what I saw…Linda was still asleep and it was 7:20AM. “Oh God why dint you give me a free styled life like this one?” I thought out loudly. “Linda! Linda!” What the…she wasn’t waking up, in fact she was turning around in a much comfortable position…I went for water from the outside sink and splashed some on her face. She slightly opened her eyes and looked at me funny…” Oh you’re back? I thought you would leave school…” “Will you keep quiet and wake up…It’s almost class time” “What’s the time?” “It’s 7:25AM Linda” I said putting on my uniform.” Oh it’s still early” “What?!” She got out of bed and went to brush her teeth and wash her face. When she came back she just changed into school uniform and sprayed her whole self with perfume and put some lip gloss and light makeup I was too stunned to speak and anyway I was still sleepy and tired from travelling early in the morning. Who does what she did? Definitely Linda.

We walked to class and sat at our usual places waiting for the lessons to begin. Wow I was tired and sleepy …I yawned the whole day then noticed my handwriting and remembered “Nice handwriting” A smile formed in my lips when I remembered his cute smile…the dimples…his soft touch with my hand…I was literally day dreaming and weirdly wanted to see him again and get more of him. Finally, the day’s lessons ended and all I wanted was to go sleep till next morning. Walking down the corridors, I think I wasn’t seeing clearly. Sleep was just hanging on my eyes…then I bumped into something or is it someone? I almost tripped but he held me closely by his arm by my waist…When I looked up to see my hero who helped me not ruin my face…my heart skipped a beat…




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