Expensive Dreams

The unexpected event

The wandering thoughts were quite disturbing. She was trying to connect the incident with the information that James provided but couldn't bridge the gap. She was not able to put the puzzle pieces in place.

After the lunch, James told Julia to be ready in the evening as he had planned a visit to a friend's place. She smiled with a meaningful Yes because she was glad about an outing.

Julia dressed herself in an elegant baby pink dress with a beautiful bow around the waist, matching bellies with white pearls at the edge. James always had an astonishing look when she was cutely dressed up. He held her hand and escorted her to their Mercedes. 

Like a child she was so cheerful, looking outside at the lush green trees along the road, after a long time she had been out inhaling freshair. James looked at her with a wicked smile as a disciplinary parent. Julia sat back diligently with her head down, after few seconds, again facing towards the window.

Reaching the friend's place, they were welcomed graciously by the couple. Julia was made comfortable by the lady. Offered coffee and cookies followed by the dinner after an hour. To fill the gap, they males exchanged some commercial conversation about the state and females had a lighter gossip about married life, accessories, luxurious stuff. Julia did not have much to contribute however behaved like a good listener. 

James was talking to his friend but again and again had his eyes on Julia with a fear of speaking something unwanted or irrelevant but Julia was quite ascertained about the situation as she was conscious of his side gaze.

It was time to leave but Julia was perturbed on hearing, "Julia, you need to stay back here tonight, you will be picked up in the morning,". She asked James, "Why do I need to stay here?". James told her slowly coming close to her, "I told you to do what I say, didn't I..". Julia id not agree mentally but bowed her head. 

James left. The lady comforted her and accompanied her to the bedroom. She also had unsettled expression on her face but perhaps knew exactly what was going to happen. She told Julia, "You need to be accustomed to this tradition". Julia was sinking. She asked the lady about the tradition but she said she was instructed not to share anything except that she has also gone through all that and she switches off the lights, leaves the room, locks it from outside.

The friend unlocks the door after half an hour. Without switching on the lights, he exactly was aware of the steps towards the bed where Julia was sitting. Within no time, he pulls off her dress, exhibits his strength to pacify his sexual desire onto her. Julia tries very hard to push him away but he puts the handkerchief on her mouth with the chloroform. He plays his best to attain satisfaction and leaves her in a weary condition.

James sends one of the bouncer to pick her up from the friend's place. The lady comes goes to the room to check out on Julia but to her surprise she was missing and the low lying window facing the backyard was open. She quietly goes outside and informs the bouncer that she was not in the room and perhaps has run away.

Not very far, she was seen running on the road asking for lift from the unknown drivers but no one stopped. One vehicle stopped, as soon as he recognized her, he immediately left because their wedding picture was published almost in every part of the city. In such a horrendous situation, she was able to realise the terror of James over general public. That driver had informed the authority at the mansion about Julia. She was finally caught and brought back to the mansion.

James with his raised eyebrows slapped Julia and warned her not to repeat that again. Julia was crying awfully and ran with high speed into her room. Fell on the bed and just cried. 




Edited: 22.12.2020

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