Fallen Unknowingly.

Change Happens..

********(Sanjay(Prov)) **********

It's been 2 months in India, joined the college as my dad transferred me to kite IIT  to complete my remaining study. I'm not living with my family but took an apartment with Aron.

"Good morning Mr.shirvey " she's my dad's assistant and good at her work.

"Good morning Miss.jullie and explain to me about the problem." she nodded.

Finally, now I'm in India. I haven't completed my graduation yet but I have little experience in this business world because I use to work in London as a staff member in shirvey group of industries during my weekends. Now, in Hyderabad had a problem and dad is busy in some other work. So I'm hired at his position temporarily.
In my life, my family, Aron are more important. People see me as a rich person but I learnt the truth of how to live life. My dad gave me things whenever there's a need but not at whenever I need. It made me learn the meaning of life. And still, I'm learning.
Aron is my best buddy and 3 years elder than me. He lives in Delhi. well..., even I use to live in Delhi when i was a kid. Because of business, we shifted to Hyderabad, when I was 10 years old that's my dads native place. Till now I just came to India as a guest to enjoy my vacation with my family.

Aron is damm intelligent and IITian in Delhi. He was with me in each and every fight in my life like a big brother to me, but to my hard-luck fate, I'm not with him when he needs me more.
He left his studies, his family and even he left Delhi in search of Raina the girl of his life. Raina is a good friend to me. I spent my time with Aron and Raina whenever i come to India, but past 1 year changed a lot. I didn't get a chance to come to India and now the conditions and situations are changed. From my investigation, Raina is no more but what Aron says is that she is missing. I trust him. 
Aron is a good singer and guitarist. He got a few concerts and its best way to make him out of this situation. He had a concert this week.

"Mr.shirvey these are the files and this data will make you understand what the problem is..." Miss.jullie said and she is in her 40's, my dad trusts her more in business and I do too.

"Yeah, thank you and call me Sanjay, Miss.jullie" she smiled and started working to gather different data.

After a few hours...
I worked with Miss. Julie and a few staff members to come up with a solution. Its 8:00 pm the staff members left.
"Sanjay you can leave now, we can continue the work tomorrow" Miss.jullie said.

"Yeah, but it takes 1 more hour and Aron said that he will come here directly. so he takes more 1 hour to reach. In that span, I can complete these documents. You can leave Miss.jullie." she nodded and left.
I started working... And after sometime when looking at my clock its 11:30 pm. Till now Aron is not here and my phone... Where I kept it... Oh damm I left it in the car. I packed a few things and went down to the parking lot.
And in my car, I got my phone. But 8 miss calls that too from Aron. I tried calling Aron and no answer. Maybe he went to the apartment.
I reached the apartment at 2:00 Am and there is no one in the apartment. What's happening? where is he? I tried to call again and when I turned on WiFi for the message I got a message that 'I m in hospital and location.....' I saw that text at 5:00 Am. For my luck, my battery is down. 
What the hell?  how did he get into an accident?



********(SANVI(Prov)) *******


We reached home at 3:30 AM early morning. 
"Shobha..." My mom is sleeping on the couch waiting for us.

"Talk to mom and don't worry I already informed her everything that happened." my dad said and left to his room.

"Mom, I'm sorry ..... I really don't know how it happened."

"Come drink some juice and don't give any damm explanation. I know you." What's happening??? she is not angry with me!!!!!!

"What? You thought that I'm angry with you" oh! No did I said it aloud.

"No mom but...."

"I do care about you a lot because you never care about you much as you do for others. It makes me worry about you a lot. I'm not angry. so how is he?" Thanks, mom...

"Now he is good and he needs 5-6days of rest." She smiled.

"Okay go and sleep."

"No mom I should get freshen up and I have to go to the hospital. There's no one with him. I tried to inform his family but he said there's no one here and said to text his friend. I did it but there's no response from him."

"Okay then have at least one hour sleep and then get ready". I nodded and went to my room to sleep.

After 1 hour I got up and took a shower and ready to g  toto to tto too the hospital.
Its 4:30:00AM. It takes 30 min to reach the hospital. Everyone is sleeping... Even they got tired.
" Verna wake up!"

"What now dhee...."

"Listen everyone are sleeping and now I'm leaving to hospital. So inform that to mom and dad. Say that I will call them if needed."

"Hmmm..." Verna said and she is in damm sleep too.

Oh crap!!! My bike is with Kinnu.  No problem its just 10min walk to her home i can. I took a bike from her and went to the hospital.
I reached at 6:40 AM. 
I want to know whether anyone came to him.

"Hello, nurse."

"Yes, mam!"

"I want to know about anyone came to him or any call for the room no.333."

"Yeah mam, someone called for him to hospital number just before 1 hour." Oh okay, I nodded and left.
I should check his phone. Bcoz doctors said that he will be unconscious for some time due to his tablets. 

His phone... Oh!!! he had 50miss calls name Sanjay. I have to call him.


Edited: 01.01.2021

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