Fallen Unknowingly.



We are finally!!!! Finally!! Done with shopping. Jack and Janu's families decided to do engagement in church and marriage as Hindu tradition and getting a designer dress for Janu is hell for me. I think this is my first craziest shopping I did. Kinnu and Janu went to exchange the neckpiece for 3 rd time. I'm done, man!!!!! 

"Hey, Sanvi take this!!!!!" that's Neethu she bought a milkshake, its been 4 hours continuously shopping.

"Thank you Neethu..." She sat beside me.

"They're not done yet?" she asked and I nodded as yes!!!

"You want to shop anything more?" I asked.

"No...." She said.

"Yar.... Sanvi its STUPID you know. I like that as well as this." Janu said. Kinnu came and slept on my shoulder.

"Janu, you don't need to think hard on this....you look beautiful with whatever you wear. We have to leave now!!! Its high time."I said and she nodded.

"Kinnu, take Janu with you and I will drop Neethu." They nodded.

"Bye Neethu and nice meeting you," Kinnu said.

"Yeah, and you're the first member who came to shopping and mingled with us in seconds," Janu said and I agree. she looks great and no one will think that she can be this friendly and normal.

"Yeah people, I like you all a lot and thanks for letting me in." They hugged each other and left.

"Let's go Sanvi." I nodded and we left. I dropped at her home and I left. I reached at 10:00PM. 

"Mom I don't want to eat. I'm already full. I want to sleep." I said. I left home at 2:00 PM and now I returned. She will kill me if she knows that I didn't eat anything. Right now I'm sleeply more than hungry.

"As you wish." Mom said.
I freshen up and went to bed. Tomorow is going to be a very very busy schedule.

"Ishan decoration is done right?"

"Yeah Sanvi, everything is done and you can check. If you need any changes, let me know." I said okay and ended the call.

Right now I'm at engagement hall and I took care of everything and all good till now. I arranged the meeting at 1:00 PM to know about work. We all are connected with the talkie phone.

"Everyone come to the hall at 1:00 PM.," i said in my talkie.
Till that time I completed the lighting design check.  Exactly at 1:00 PM, everyone is here.

"Hello everyone. I know, we have less time with huge work and I hope you all complete. Tell me what the work you have done and if you have any incomplete work too."I asked them.

Now my team is of 10 members without Ishann and me. Those 10 are divided into 5 groups each group with 2 members. Like different teams purchasing, decorating, being with the bride family and as well as groom family and rest for photography. I know less members but with Shanu, kinnu, jack, Lilly and I complete the team.

"Okay fine Zac, so you need the details of the shop to bring flowers for tomorrow?" He nodded.

"Okay I will send you details and I think Ishann knows one."

"The only yellow roses Sanvi." I nodded.

"Fine go back to work and tomorrow morning come at 7:00 AM and please don't be late." They all nodded and left. We all know we have only a few members to work. So we planned to complete the decoration and catering, arranging tables and the work which can be done today is completed, so that we can be with people on the engagement day.

My phone got vibrated.....Kinnu.
"Hai Kinnu," i answered.

"Sanvi, I think in your bag had a cover with the bracelet..." she said.

"What? What bracelet???"I didn't buy anything yesterday.

"Neethu bought a bracelet and I kept it in your bag. As you dropped her, I thought she will take it from you." Hoooo....

"Okay," I said.

"What okay? I think she needs that bracelet. she bought that bracelet for someone special and she called me now about that." 

"Ho, okay then I will give her." I ended the call and checked my bag. I got the bracelet and someone's name on it.....Anjali... She is the one I met in a family meeting... Now I have to return to her.

"Hey Neethu, I'm in front of your home...." i reached her home in 1 hour from church.

"Oh!! Okay. I'm coming." She said and ended the call.

After a few minutes, she came.
"Sanvi sorry for trouble," she said.

"No problem. Take it." 

"Thank you so much. Today Anjali came here and I want to surprise her."I nodded.

"Hai sanvi..." Anjali came with Sanjay.

"Hai mam...."

"I told you to call me Anjali, not mam...." She said and I nodded.

"Why don't you come in?" She asked.

"We went for shopping yesterday and she forgot something in my bag. I just came to give her that." She nodded.

"Okay, I will leave then."I said my byes to everyone including Sanjay then I got hit by his word.

"Stop, I'm joining you." Sanjay said and yeah, perfectly I nodded.

"Anjali maa, I will meet you tomorrow. Take care." He gave her hug and they left.

"Shall we start?" I asked him and he nodded.

We didn't talk anything. Of course, its a bike ride we can't talk much.
We reached the store near the home and Sanjay said he wants to buy some groceries. We went in.


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