Fallen Unknowingly.



"Oh... " That's the only word I rimmed.

"Stop saying Oh... Ha... Hmm... 
Now tell me what should I do?" Abhi asked.

"Are you serious? No..., of course, you're crazy. You should know what exactly you're plan is.. Not me." I said in anger.

"So you don't want them to get back? " He asked.

"Of course yes... Why wouldn't i?" I said.

"We need to plan something to do this... " He said. How should I tell this person? Ok, I now clam down!!!!

"Okay... " I said and he said few things about Raina where I got blanked out. When Raina came to know about Aron... she asked Abhi. But he didn't tell her anything. When Aron said everything..., Raina is watching every memory of Aron and Raina..., stuff like..., Their photos, videos where they sang songs together..... Abhi said she felt like every memory is back in her life again. But the fact is she just lived that moment for that few minutes.

"Finally, She likes Aron? " I asked.

"Yeah..., I know her Sanvi. Maybe she lost her memory..., but she is the same person. She likes him. Nothing is okay with her, Aron won't take any step. I want them back... " I nodded because he's correct.

"Okay..., " I said.

"Good." He said.

"Can i ask you something?" I said and he nodded as yes.

"Why don't you speak to Aron, Directly?" I asked.

"Because now I lost my place in his life..." He said and paid the bill. We walked out. I followed him.

"Abhi, You're place will never change in Aron's life. He lives with you until his last breath. Trust me. Try to talk with him... " I said. Abhi may react rudely, I don't mind. But there shouldn't be any misunderstanding now.

"I asked your help because you're the only one who won't get hated. You're the reason who helped Sanjay to get back Aron. I'm rude to you and .., it's best for you. I don't know... why I always fight with you. But whenever I'm angry with someone then you will appear all of sudden infront of me. "  He said and I smiled.

"Okay... " I said.

"Let's get started Because I'm going back to Hyderabad next week. " I said.

"Yeah... " He said.

"Bye..., " I passed him.

"Sanvi...., I will talk to Aron... " Abhi said. I'm more than happy that Aron will be happy even without me. He deserves it. And bhaiya you do deserve Raina. Now I don't need to worry about you because the best people are back in your life.

****Next day...

"Sanvi..., Did you ate? " bhaiya asked.

"Yea.., bhaiya look at this dimensions. Is it okay?" I asked. I completed Vikky designs and it's my last help to Vikky. I'm done with my article, my internship, my designs too. Now, I should tell bhaiya about going back to Hyderabad.

"Perfect..." I nodded.

"Okay then. When will you come home?" I asked.

"Around 5:00 pm.," I nodded, he left to his work. I went to Vikky and submitted. I told Vikky about leaving Delhi, he's sad. Vikky may be an asshole to the world but he's not. He's broken totally because of his family and now he needs someone who he can trust. I hope you get what you want Vikky.

****At Night 7:00 Pm

"Yesterday we stopped at episode 7, Arrow season... 3 right?" Bhaiya asked.

"Yes... " I said and took a few chocos and went to Hall.

"Bhaiya..., I want to talk to you... " I said. He looked at me and asked to sit.

"Tell... "

"Next week I'm going back to Hyderabad... " I said and I'm so scared to look at his reaction.

"Hoo good... " He said and I looked at him. Totally an emotionless expression.

"I'm sorry bhaiya.., I should have told you before. " I said.

"You don't need to be sorry, Sanvi. I know you. I know you should go from here one day. You already spent a lot of time here for me. You do have a life to live... " He said smilingly. We watched 5 episodes and went to sleep. This is our routine for the past 2 months.

***Next day.

I woke up early int he morning. I dotn want to stay still this week. I don't know when will I come here? I can't meet them on a daily bases. Everything will change. I'm gonna miss them. 

"Hey.., Sanjay told he will meet you today," Aron said.

"Why did he told you? He can call me directly...?" 

"Where is your phone?" I looked around but didn't find my phone.

"I put on the charger..., it switched off yesterday bight and I saw it just before..." I nodded and he left. Karuna maa went to market. I dotn know what to do exactly?  At the same time, my phone rang... I ran to Aron's room. Danni's mom Vena aunty? Why is she calling me?

"Hello, aunty.." 

"Is Danni with you?" She asked. I cans sense the fear in her voice.

"No aunty. I didn't meet him for three days. I thought he was busy..." I said. 

"He didn't come home from one week..." What? Where did he go?

"Aunty.., I'm coming to you," I said and ended the call. I tried talking to Sanjay.., but his phone is not reachable. I tried Danni, he is not answering. I texted Sanjay and left.

"Do he fifth at home?" I asked aunty. She is crying and I don't know what to do? Uncle is damm angry at him. 

"You know her Sanvi. She won't fight with him. She will fight with the universe for him...."Uncle said.

"He didn't fight with anyone. He never left home. This is the..., the first time." I nodded. 

"Aunty please don't cry.., he will be okay. Maybe at Arav, Or Sanjay's place." I tried to make an exception. I'm really worried about him. At the same time, I got a text from Sanjay. 

Tell them he is with me. And come out I'm waiting.

I looked at them trying to act normal.

"He is with Sanjay. I just got a text. I tried talking to Sanjay this morning but he is in meeting.., so I couldn't. Just now I got the text. Danni is totally fine." I said. Aunty whipped her tears.

"Let's go..., meet him." She said. Shit!!!

"Aunty.., I know you miss him and worried about him. But let me talk to him. I promise he will be home soon. Please..." I begged. She looked at me with tears.


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