Fallen Unknowingly.

New Girl...!


I need to deal with her now. How can I forget about her?????  I opened the door waiting for them. 

"Don't tell me you were busy with Sanvi..., all night. And forget about me," she screamed enough for others to hear...

"If I was busy..., do you mind?" I asked her. Chaithan bought her luggage and looking at him anyone can say how pissed and tired he was.

"Whatever..." She said and I told Chaithan to look after the flat once before Siya shifts. I already took care of everything Siya needed to stay. As I came in I saw Siya checking the rooms.

"So this is where you both stay?" She asked.

"Will you stop acting like a Bitch?" I asked her.

"Well, that suits me a lot..." She said. I gave her the other room to freshen up. If I was woken early.., I have dropped Siya at her flat. Now I can't change it... I went to my room and used the guest bathroom to take a bath. When I came back to the hall.., I saw Sanvi in the kitchen. 

"Don't worry I'm not cooking. Just chopping vegetables so it will be easy for you..." She said. I smiled at her answer.

"Okay..." I started cooking. 

"Didn't she come out?" I asked.

"No.., she didn't," Sanvi said. I was done with cooking in 15 mins. It's a simple veg sandwich. Sanvi stood in the kitchen observing me.

"What?" I asked.

"How can you do everything perfectly?" She asked.

"You think I'm perfect... So everything I do is perfect..." I said. I know she didn't get exactly.

"Hey..., she is Siya Girish. I told you about Mr Girish and Mr. Zuca.., they are partners with me. Mr. Girish..., want her daughter to take of the work here. She is my school friend. We know each other..." I explained. She nodded.

"Urgh!!! What a stupid introduction?" There comes the devil.

"Seriously Sanjay? I expect more. Whatever..., I can speak for myself. If you excuse." Siya said and I looked at Sanvi. She is smiling at me. Fine, she can take care. I left them to talk. I need to pack my stuff. 



Sanjay left and after so many days I saw a new person apart from Sanjay and Arjun. Looking at her everyone will back off to be sane. Actually, its good to be like that.

"Did he tell anything bad about me?" She asked. I nodded as no.

"Okay. Practically I'm too munch sassy and yeah I love to be like this. Even if the world hates.., I don't mind. I'm Siya Girish. And I love to be called Siya." She said.

"I'm..." She didn't let me complete.

"Do you think I don't know you? If you think.., that's very funny. I know you Sanvi. Because he talked only about you in London. Trust me I never heard him speaking about one person constantly." She said it a little dramatically. I smiled at her.

"Hey.., I need to go. Siya, you don't mind staying here for a few hours? I have to meet someone... it's kind of urgent" Sanjay said. Siya looked at me and smiled. Why did she smile? That's not like a good one for me.

"What will you do if I mind? Do I have an option?" I looked at her in shock.

"Seriously? God!!! Please save me from this devil." Sanjay said. 

"You wished for this..., Sanjay." She said in a low tone. 

"Sanvi..." I looked at him. 

"I need to talk..." He said and turned to leave.

"Urgh!!! I don't want to listen to your moans..." I stopped in my tracks and looked at Siya.

"No.., nothing is like that..." Again I'm cut by Sanjay.

"Close your ears..." He said and what did he mean? Why did he tell people stupid answers? Huh huh...

"No.., no..." I told Siya. But Sanjay dragged me to the room.

"Are you serious? Why did you tell her that?" I asked him. He can't be doing this all the time

"Because she should know." What? I looked at him. But he pulled me to him. A gasp escaped my mouth when I collided with him. He caged me totally. I can't be free from him.

"Are you sure, you will be okay with her?" He asked. I placed my hands on his chest making an inch distance between us. Because my ribcage is beating in a rhythm and I can't stop it..., because of this proximity and I know... it's too dangerous for me.

"Yeah.., why do you think I'm not okay?" I asked. Looking into his eyes. I love his eyes a lot. It explains a lot more than his words do. 

"She speaks a lot..., I should have told you about her before... We are close to normal friends. More like business friends. Because my dad and her dad are business partners, we went to the same school. She lives in the same colony as I. So practically I know her. When I went to London for my company, I told you about the deal. And she is the same as I met long back. And now her dad gave her the option to succeed in business. She is officially the partner in my Company." He explained. I nodded.

"Hey.., someone phone is ringing. I can attend the call... If you are really busy..." We heard Siya. 

"This is the reason I'm afraid to leave you alone with her..." He said.

"I'm fine. I like her, actually. " I assured him. He took my hand in his and we went to the hall. Sanjay took the phone and checked the person who called.

"Now I need to go..." He said. I nodded.

"Siya.., don't eat her." He said.

"I will try not to. Because she is cute and I find little interest in her. Do you mind Sanvi?" At last, she narrowed her eyes towards me and asked. I nodded as no.

"Fine.." With that, Sanjay kissed my cheek and left. Why did he do that in front of her? Urgh!!! He really makes me suffer like hell...

"Ooo.., you will be dying of embarrassment right?" She asked. 

"No.., no.., not at all," I said. She touched my cheeks with one hand and touched her cheek with the other hand. What is she doing?

"You're not only blushing hard..., but your whole body is on fire., babe." She said. Urgh!!!!


Edited: 01.01.2021

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