Fallen Unknowingly.

Game of Ignoring...!

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I tried to talk to him the whole drive. I really don't know how to solve this one. He usually gets angry at me but as time goes everything goes back to normal. I remembered how he ignored me when I got stabbed. He didn't talk to me for a month and he kept me with him all the time. He thought I didn't trust him.., Like now he is thinking I don't like his mark on my body...

I came to my senses with a knock, on my window. I looked around and we are in the parking lot. How didn't I realized it? I nodded at Sanjay and got out. There is a lift in the parking lot but Sanjay walked out the lot. I followed him. I observed the way. The parking lot is two floors underground. We parked on the 1st floor of the underground. I looked at the building in front of me. It's really cool. A robot structure with flying wings. The structure is black in colour with silver lining and the whole building is covered with glass doors. I saw the name.., ROBOTIC WORLD..., THE INFINITE WORLD. It is designed with the classic font and it is so elegant.

"Ouch!!!..." I bumped into Sanjay. He looked at me and took my hand in his. His grip is normal but it is making me nervous. The entrance is in clay colour texture with diamond shape boxes decor. The glass door opened as we entered the main entrance.

"Good morning sir..," The women at the reception said.

"Good morning.., Miss. Siya Girish will be here in an hour. She is the chief of Management. She didn't have any I'd." He explained to her. She wore saree which is a plain blue colour with a golden colour blouse. 

"Yes, sir." She said with a smile. Then she looked at me. I smiled at her don't know what else to do? I felt pulled by Sanjay, I shouldn't have worn these heels.., it is hard to keep up with him. We stood in front of the lift and I didn't observe which way I came form entrance. I don't know why but I felt like a few are watching me. I turned to look but before I do again I'm pulled into the lift. I looked at him seriously. He can speak to me instead of pulling me. But he is busy on the phone. I looked on the no.of floors. It's a 16-floor building. Sanjay told me he bought 8 floors entirely and remaining is under his partner's name. I looked at the number which he pressed.., 12-floor. I need to tell him whatever he is thinking is wrong. This the best time. Now we are on the 2nd floor. Sanvi.., just do it. I breathed in.

"Sanjay..," I called. He didn't respond and I tried again but no response. 

"Are you serious? It's not fair okay? You need to talk to me.." I said. But no response. It is making me more piss. He started walking. But I pulled him back with all my power. And guess what.., He collided with me and I backed to the lift.

"Shit!!!" What can I do more worse than this? I'm ready to take whatever he says now. But he didn't say anything. He pulled me with him out the lift.

"Miss. Smitha, when is the client  arriving?" He asked. the woman who is exactly opposite in direction to the lift. She wore the white Shirt and Blue formal pants.., tucked her shirt inside the pant, looking professional. she started checking a few papers on her desk.

"They will be here in 30 mins sir. I sent the company vehicle to pick them from the hotel." She said smiling.

"Okay.. then..." Sanjay's phone rang and he excused her answering the call. She looked at me and her smile dropped. What is that? Did I look odd? But ..., Wait? concealer covered everything right...? Siya did her work perfectly even I checked, myself in the mirror. Then why is she looking me oddly? I placed my hand on my neck smiling at her. But the worst is already happening.., Sanjay is looking at me talking on his phone and he looked my hand then to me. I can see how angry he is now. God!!! Sanvi, Why? Just why? 

"This is Miss. Shekar.., she works with me in my cabin," he told Miss.smitha. She nodded her head smiling at him but as soon as she looked at me her smile faded and trust me she doesn't like me. 

"And Miss. Girish is attending the meeting today." He informed her. She nodded and I'm again pulled by him. I looked back at her. She is looking intensely towards us. I followed her gaze and stopped at our interlinked hands. I just forget that he is holding me all this time. Wait!!! did she like Sanjay?

"OMG...," Sanjay looked at me. Did is say it aloud? I nodded as nothing. We walked to the right side of the lift after a few feet..., I saw the workers. They all smiled at Sanjay. He smiled back. And yeah I felt their hot gaze on me. But I put myself hard not to react. From there we took right then we entered his Cabin. His cabin is huge with Blue and silver diamond-shaped walls. Three clocks with different country timings. If you think how I know its different countries.. because it is written at the bottom of each clock. On the left side there a huge sofa. At centre exactly at the end of the room his chair and table with all his stuff. The right side is full of books on the shelf. I love this room. It's so peace full. I looked at the right corner after bookshelf, it had a door. I think its restroom. There are few plants at the corner.

"Here.." I looked at Sanjay. He gave me the phone.

"Only call the people who are in contact list..," with that he went to his chair. I opened the phone and looked at the contact list. Kinnu, Dk, Arjun, and Sanjay are the only contacts. 

"I had a meeting now. After the meeting, I'm gonna tell you what you need to do." He said in a flat tone which I hate totally. I want to shout at him. But it is my fault too.

"Can I sir...?" we heard a knock.

"Yes.." he said.

"Sir, the conference hall is ready. Miss. Girish is also here. Do you want me to send her in?" Miss. Smitha asked. He nodded as no and she left. 


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