Fallen Unknowingly.

Hiding to protect.

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"Chaithan... Ask Siya to be in my cabin..." I told.

"Sir, she went with Sanvi. They haven't back yet." They haven't back yet? 

"Okay fine..." I ended the call. I unlocked the system and viewed the Cafeteria camera. I have seen when she met Verna and I know how her emotions play with her. She is on high dosage and I don't want her to face a panic attack again. 

I saw the cafeteria centre camera which clearly gives footage of where they sat. But there is no Sanvi. Where did she go? I changed the camera and saw her standing near the coffee machine.., someone talked to her but she totally zoned out. When she was back Verna left. I can't hear a bit of conversion but I tell one thing clearly.., Kinnu is shouting at Sanvi. 

"Sir..." I unlocked the door. My company works on the bases of robotic and how can I not use technology. 

"Yes come in..." I said pressing the button on my table. I had installed a device which is easy to contact from my table to people out my cabin. I can hear them when they speak form outside but they can only hear me if I on the button on my table.

"Sir.., the manufacturing unit and Design unit is ready for the meeting." I nodded at her. She left and I glanced at the Camera. I don't want her to cry. I informed Chaithan to leave a message for Siya to come directly to the meeting. She joined the meeting after 20 mins. We finalized the material cost for the new project. I heard my phone. Looked at the I'd. I really don't want to answer. Why doesn't she understand?

"Sir.., we want you to see the working model. We made the prototype." I looked at the designing team.

"You did?" I asked.

"Yes sir.., we want you to finalize it." Designing team is on my floor. 

As soon I came out of the lift, I saw Miss Smitha.

"Sir.., you got a call from Mrs Sagar." Damm.

"I will talk to her," I said and I followed the team. 

"Sir.., this is the working model and different parts built by us.., and the new girl did the working model and analysis..." I looked at him.

"New girl?" I asked.

"Sanvi." I heard Miss. Smitha. I nodded. I'm proud of my girl. They started explaining the prototype. I looked at my cabin and there she strolling like a lost bird. But why? That instant she looked at me and some kind of confusion is clearly visible on her face. But for what? I came back to the conversation when I heard the sound of the prototype. In the next minute, I felt everyone eyes on me. 

"I need to talk," I looked at the person. 

"Uhh?" I clearly heard her. But what's with this sudden entry?

"I said I NEED TO TALK TO YOU..." She shouted and I looked at her in shock.

"Are you serious? He is your boss..' Miss Smitha said. But she turned and answered. I'm holding myself not to laugh at Miss. Smitha reaction.

"I know..." Next min she dragged me with her and locked the cabin door. What is she up to? 

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked. She came to me and I went to my table stood leaning on it.

"No, you tell me? What do you think? I'm doing?" She asked. I saw her eyes which are filled with tears. What happened? Is everything okay? She looked at me.

"Is this good for you? Are you happy making me suffer? Okay.., fine. I did a mistake and I said sorry. I even took Miss Smitha taunts for you. What's else you want me to do? You smile at her.., you smile at everyone you see..,  but you don't smile at me. And that hurts. Stop ignoring me.., please..." Oh!!! She is talking about ignoring her. Shit!!! I pulled this act too long. 

"You told you will never leave me even if you hate me..., " I told this to Aron. But she wasn't home when I said.

" If this is what it's going to be.., I can't...., it's too hard for.., me.." Urgh!!! I shouldn't have hurt her. How can I forget about the stupid game? These days we're too stressful. I know what is she hiding and I can't tell her I know it. I can't tell Aron. But this is not the way to treat her. Her tears flowed down her cheeks. I want to take her pain forever. I moved to where she is. Her lips were trembling. Her sobs are clear. And she looked at me for once where I'm totally lost in her. She is looking too cute and her lips are just unavoidable. I don't know what is speaking..., but I see her lips moving in a rhythm. And I ended the gap between us which is more painful to keep these many days and captured her lips. I felt her tears on my nose and I secured her with my arm in her waist. I felt too good holding her. She is still I just stayed on her Lips until she became clam. Within a few seconds, her sobs are gone. Then I moved a little back, wiping her tears. She looked at me for a sec and said.

"You.., you can't do this..." I know what she means. She can't take it when I'm too open to her, that blush makes her cuter. How can I resist her if she is irresistible?

"What? I'm serious..., you can't do this now. I'm talking to you." I smiled at her act.

"What? What did I do?" I asked. I know she is nervous because of my closeness. I miss her so much. She blinked her dove eyes a few times. I smiled at what I made.  

"Really? You know what you had done?" If I didn't find her she be on the ground. she didn't dare to move either. She is in a short and White shirt. I should have told her to change in the morning itself. She is looking too hot in this. You don't even know what you're doing idiot... 

"Oh!! What this..?" I started kissing her. I want to feel her soft lips again and again. I'm totally lost exploring her lips. When she started kissing back. I'm too relieved. She started fighting with me.., but she doesn't know I will always win her. I lifted her from the ground and that gave me access to her mouth. I don't know what I'm up to. But right now I just don't want to end this. I placed her on the desk. She won't know what is she is doing for sure... When I felt we are out of breath I broke the kiss. 


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