Fallen Unknowingly.

Within You Forever.


"Sanju.., How are you becoming so handsome every day?" Anjali maa said. I looked at her. 

"Ali.., What do you want exactly?" She does this when i won't do what my parents want. 

"You didn't meet your mom for months..., is it any good?" I'm avoiding my parents. Dad tried to know about what is happening with my company and in my life. But I didn't give a chance to Dad. I took decisions on the spot. I'm prepared for this.

"Ali.., I don't want to talk about that," I said. When I came to know that Barun's mom is alive and my parents know that. Whenever I asked them about Barun parents, they shut the topic saying they died in an accident. But no.., it's not the truth. Barun needs to know the truth. They may have a reason to save us. But isn't it too late? 

"As you wish," Ali said.

"Sanjay..." Sanvi came to the cabin.

"I will come back..., I thought..., " she said.

"Really? Come back? No need. I'm done with him." With that Ali stood. Maybe she knows the truth they are hiding...? Or maybe not? I don't want her to be angry at me.

"Ali.., try to understand. I can't deal with them." I said.

"It's been months Sanjay. Don't you think, Leela is devasted?" She said. I don't want to assume something. And I can't act like everything is okay if my parents were involved in Barun's parent's accident. My dad and his dad are besties, then how come everything ended? Everything is a puzzle and how come Ellen came to know? I mean how did Nathan did this all? That means someone out there is still eyeing on us, who knows something wrong happened.

"Sanjay..." I looked at Sanvi.

"Uh..., what's the time?" I asked to divert the topic. 

"It's past 7:30 pm." She got me that I'm in no mood to talk about what Ali said.

"Then let's go. If nothing is important." She nodded.

It's been two months back from Delhi. I took care of the shares. I almost bought everyone shares except Siya and Mr Zuca. Ellen told Sanvi can live her previous life. I sent her to home the very next day after returning from Delhi. I miss her every day. Everything is off in my life now and she is the one who lights up me, every day when I get home. Her silence, her craziness, her.., everything made me happy. She understands me well. Every day I pick her up and drop her home. I stopped the car in front of her home. She turned to me. Just staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing.., " she said unbuckling the seat belt.

"Sanvi.., stay with me for today?" I don't know why? But right now I want her to be with me. But at the same time.., I don't want her to see me vulnerable.

"H.." Before she answers. 

"Don't.., I'm just teasing you," I said with a smile. She looked at me for a few seconds and got off the car. Without a minute I went to my apartment.

"Why is this? What is wrong with you? Stop your mind. Please..,! You know nothing about what happened.., between them. Nothing is yet proved. Maybe dad doesn't know about the murder..., " I said to myself. I should stop my trail of thoughts. My phone rang and that's Mom. Then why am I avoiding my mom? Why did she ask Sanvi not to tell me this? Where is Barun's mom? And why is everything hidden?

I need to stop thinking.., I opened my lappy and started my work. After a few hours, I got a call from mom. So I put on silent mode. I'm on the fifth floor and my parents don't know about I bought this floor. I asked Barun not to tell them. Again my phone buzzed. This time.., Barun.

"Hey, buddie..." I answered.

"Sanjay.., busy?" He asked.

"No.., y?" I asked closing lappy.

"Nothing.., its just that.., mom wants you to come for dinner." He said.

"Is mom with you?" I asked.

"No.., while eating she asked me about you. She visited your apartment yesterday but you weren't home. Or you may be on the fifth floor. Mom is really worried Bro." I understand him.

"Okay.., I will come home tomorrow." I need to get over this stupid thing. I can't stick to this. Everyone is happy and now I need to get on track. We talked.., casually.

"Buddie.., just a min. Someone is at door." I heard the bell. Time is 11:30 pm.., who will be at this time. I unlocked the door and I'm shocked to see Sanvi.

"What.., what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Who is that?" I heard Buddie.

"I will meet you tomorrow," I ended the call. She looked at me suspiciously folding her hands. 

"What?" I'm damm sure Aunty won't send her alone this late. Uncle, he is so protective after what happened?. 

"Are you sure you're not seeing someone?" She asked.

"Sanvi.., did you hit your head somewhere," I said seriously. She became normal. 

"What? I'm not afraid.., and do you want to stand here all night?" She passed me. I closed the door and looked at her.

"How did you come here? And particularly why did you, ?" She can't be reckless. 

"I lied to my parents.., Kinnu dropped me. My parents think I'm with Kinnu." She said casually.

"Ahaaa.., if you lie next time. I'll tell your parents." I said and she looked at me in horror.

"You're insane. I'm here for you. You asked me to stay with you and you said you were just teasing. Seriously? I'm not dumb.., I know how you tease me and I know when you're serious... And.., " she stopped. Made herself clam.

"You never asked me to stay, only you stayed with me.., whenever I needed it. I can see something you're fighting inside with., I don't know what?" She said.  

"Did you eat?" I asked. She rolled her eyes at me.

"Damm.., don't do that," I warned her. She does this a lot these days.

"What?" She asked angrily. But looking at her made me smile. She looked away biting her lips.., I pulled her into a hug.

"Yeah.., I need you right now. But I don't want you in any danger. So please don't do this." I said. She hugged me back.


Edited: 01.01.2021

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