Fallen Unknowingly.

Characters and Thanksgiving.

Hello everyone.., 

I love the story as much as you do. I'm totally involved while writing each character. 

I first started writing in some other app. Because of one of my friends I started reading books in the Booklet. I like the way readers are interacting to story and commenting on their point. I was so much afraid at first. It is my first novel. I tried to make each character as lively and relatable to reality. 

Fallen unknowingly-1, 67 chapters, 634 pages. It's not at all possible without you all. 

Dear readers..., I don't force you to rate my book to give a "⭐". But if you really think, you giving the story a star is worthy then please do it...

Till now I had only 24⭐ and a few people always shared their opinions through comments and your comments are most important for me. It may be a suggestion or a compliment, I always take it and tried to do my best.

I hope I get enough stars before I start part two. I can't tell you when I'm going to write in particular. For now, I'm going to complete the second book "Castle of my dream." 

Thank you, everyone, for your support. I hope you will like my stories. Just a wish😊😊😊.

One of the readers suggested me to give a clear characterization of each character. Thanks for the idea. I'm writing each character illustration in this chapter. If anyone couldn't understand any person in the story then you will get a clear idea about them.

And one more thing... If you have any idea as of your imagination for the cover page of Fallen unknowingly. please do send me on Instagram "@breathe.live.life." I started the Instagram page for my books. 

Here you go...👇👇👇 About the characters in the book.



A guy from India, Hyderabad. He and his family settled in London when he is of 10. He did Engineering in London. He started his Masters in engineering alongside Masters in business, he completed masters in business but due to some issues in the Hyderabad industry, He came back at age of 23 as a replacement for his father. But many things have been changed in his friend's life, Aron Sagar, who is two years elder than him. This changed everything in Sanjay's life.

Sanjay never craved for status, Money. He knows the value of life. He is too much attached to Neethu (his sister), Buddie (his brother), Aron (His friend from Delhi). He can't take the betrayal. Helping nature, lovable kind of person. Elegant, handsome, and charming smile, with mesmerizing eyes. He believes in hard work. Whatever he speaks had a defined meaning. He thinks 1000 times before doing something. 

He was so busy dealing with others' problems that he never thought of what he really wants to be. He hasn't dated anyone. He Sanvi accidentally. That changed his life. He took every step with Sanvi unknowingly. And bounded together forever.

Father:- Raman shirvey.

Mother:- Leela Shirvey.

Elder sister:- Neethu Shirvey.

Brother:- Barun Shirvey.(Adopted).

Friend's:- Aron Sagar, Abhi, Daniel, Ilan, Divya, Lilly, Mathew, Siya, Shanu.



Sanjay's elder sister and 26 years old. She did medicine, settled in Delhi. Neethu and Sanjay are best friends more than siblings. But one mistake of her made them apart. For two years they went through much. As times go Neethu learned her mistakes and tries to make everything back. She is beautiful from the heart, friendly in nature, can get along so easily. 



He is 23 years old, grew up in a shell protected by Sanjay. He had trauma from the age of 10 because of an accident. That's not all.., he had a brain tumour. He defeated it with a great fight. He owes his life to Sanjay forever, follows Sanjay's steps, and does as he says not because Sanjay holds the power. It's because he trusts Sanjay more than himself. He is a soft-hearted guy with great looks. 


[....ARON SAGAR....]

A guy from Delhi. 26 years old. He is well known for his looks and famous for his singing and guitar. He is from LITE college, Delhi. Mechanical Engineering. When he is in the final year, the college fest had changed his life. He lost everything, trust in his family, friends. Most importantly his love. He lost Raina. Aron and Raina are the best couples in college. He left everything in search of her. Everyone believed Raina is no more but Sanjay is the only one who trusted him. To get rid of his pain, he gets used to drugs. Sanvi entered his life as Sister. Aron never thought of accepting someone as a sister.., because his own sister Piya betrayal. But Sanvi changed him to do better. He started living his life with a ray of hope again.

Father:- Tapur Sagar.

Mother:- Himaja Sagar.

Sister:- Piya Sagar. 

Cousin:- Arav Sagar.

Friends:- Sanjay, Abhi, Daniel, Divya, Arav, Marco.


[.......RAINA MISHRA...]

She is from Delhi, 25 years old. Doing her Electrical engineering at LITE College. She fell in life with Aron in her high school. Pramodh Mishra is the principal of LITE is her father. Abhi Mishra is her brother. She lost herself in the battle of good and bad. She lost hope of living again. Yet, Aron's love and his friends made her live her life.

Father:- Pramodh Mishra.

Brother:- Abhiman Mishra.



Abhi is from Delhi and a childhood friend of Aron. They were known as brothers. They bond was too strong to break. They took each step on behalf of each other. One fest incident had changed Abhi's life. He lost her sister and best friend. He turned to a cold stone person. After that incident, he never tried to understand anyone. He keeps on hurting everyone who tried to help him. He closed his door from the world. But life keeps on changing and Aron came back. That changed everything. He hates Aron, at least he tried to do that. But deep inside he knows he is hurting himself more than hurting him.


Edited: 01.01.2021

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