Fantasizing My Boss

Drugs that make me look cute

As I Step inside the bar all I can smell is lipstick and Whisky, glass clanking and the laugh especially the music it was crowded and the building is only a medium size that could only fit numerous of people 

Some of the girls are dancing drunkly my friends led me upstairs were I could see men waiting with girls sticking around 

"Stacy meet Josh" my friend who's introducing someone with a Cutest smile oh why am I so soft when it comes to guys?!! And yeah my intention is to have fun exactly what else? The club is now filled with confetti's Hanging around the ceiling and balloons 

I am just here seating at the corner while drinking the last sip of my grape wine it cause me a lot trouble when I am drunk in short you don't want to see me Drunk 


That's how bad am I When I am Drunk I through everything out even though with a stranger 

"it's fun escaping without your parents knowing right?" Josh stated and sat Beside me well I feel Regrets fooling my parents because they've been so nice to me and they will know that their daughter is now a Rebel 


Quiet clumsy in a Sort of way "hey bring this Up to Stacy let's See what will the Effect of the drugs to her" 


Actually I can hear what they saying but I pretended to and Gulp the Full glass of wine, I AM such a jerk I did all the dirty works for them and the  drugs kinda kicked in to my Head until my Visions Got Blurry 


"catch her" my face stated "ch-ank you" I don't know Why that came out to My Mouth they awe in Cuteness I really spoke like a Baby now 

Miss starry

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Edited: 18.10.2020

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