Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)

Haters gonna hate

As I watched Professor Orhan write down the math question on the chalkboard, I could feel everyone’s eyes on me, some appeared excited to watch me try out this impossible math question, others appeared nervous, even I was nervous. But hey, it’s not like this math question is going to kill me unless that could actually happen in this fantasy world.

“Jesse,” Aria whispered to me “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Of course not,” I whispered back, “But I’m not backing out of this.”

She sighed, “Suit yourself.”

As soon as Professor Orhan finished writing, I noticed that this question was actually a math equation, and boy did it look complicated. But thankfully this appeared to be an equation that could be shown in the real world, so all I needed to do was think hard and logically.

“Flint was able to solve this in 60 seconds,” the wizard told me while handing me the chalk “Think you can try to top that?”

“Only one way to find out,” I replied while taking the chalk.

60 seconds to solve a math problem to me was pretty simple, but for this complicated one and under 60 seconds, my brain might hurt after this.

“You ready?” Professor Orhan asked while holding up a pocket watch.



Okay, first thing first, I gotta observe it. Then once I know what kind of equation it was, I began writing down the first step to solving this. Hold on a second, I think I got this. Just do this, then do that, now I gotta count my fingers. You’ve got this Jesse. I had to do a lot of writing and solving numbers, but I finally managed to solve it as I circled my answer while hearing the sound of Orhan stopping the time on his watch.

“The answer is -3” I revealed as I heard everyone gasped, assuming that I was right.

And by the look on Orhan’s face, I knew I was right.

“That’s correct,” he gasped.

“Whoa hold on,” Flint spoke up while jumping out of his seat “He could’ve have solved that in 60 seconds, how long did it take for him?”

Orhan looked down at his pocket as I saw his eyes widen.

“55 seconds,” he announced.

Once again, everyone gasped with astonishment, I even heard Aria gasp as I felt myself grinning proudly.

“WHAT?!” Flint suddenly shouted in anger “There is no way!”

He stormed up to the professor and snatched the watch from him to check the time while taking glances at the solved equation. Boy did he look pissed as he shoved the watch back at Orhan as he turned to me with a raging glare. I’ve gotten used to people getting jealous of me and I’ve been able to handle bullies before, and even as my heart was pounding, I kept on a confident look and stood tall as I stared at the mad elf.

“You cheated,” he growled at me.

“How?” I challenged, “You wanna check my body to make sure?”

I showed him my bare arms with the sleeves rolled up.

“See any markings?” I questioned sarcastically “No. You see any earpieces, no. So how could I have cheated? Easy, I didn’t.”

Some of the students giggled as I watched him clench his fists and his face turning red.

“You still doubt that I’m an A+ student?” I smirked while setting down the chalk and turning to the class “You all have a nice day.”

And with that, I walked out of the class, now that’s a way to make an exit in an academy.

“Jesse!” Aria called out as she joined me by my side “That was awesome!”

“Wasn’t it?” I chuckled as she let out a laugh.

“I don’t think anyone’s ever stood up against Flint like that.”

“I’m guessing he’s always like that?”

“Yeah,” she sighed, “He thinks he’s the smartest elf out of everyone, but I know he’s not. Not only that, but he also thinks he’s the best fighter, he actually used to hurt everyone on purpose during training.”

“Damn,” I breathed.

“He may have stopped doing that, but he’s still the asshole narcissist that he is. Always putting others down, only thinking of himself, flirting with every girl especially me no matter how many times I tell him to piss off.”

“Jeez,” I shook my head, “Sounds like a typical jerk.”

“Yep,” she breathed “And look, he may hate a lot of people, but there’s always that one person that drives him mad, and I’m pretty sure that’s you now.”

“I’m not surprised,” I muttered “It’s one of those cliche moments where the so-called ‘hero’ of a story always has that one bully on his back. And as bad as that sounds, I know how to handle bullies.”

“Oh, um, that’s good I guess. But, promise me you won’t get into fights with Flint or anyone to be exact. I’m trying to prevent injuries and deaths here, so please don’t get into any fights unless it’s really necessary.”

“Don’t worry,” I assured “I’ve always been avoiding fights no matter how much someone wants to fight me. If anything, I use sarcasm and other forms of insults instead of punching people in the face, although they shouldn’t push it.”

She snickered, “Just don’t go too far okay?”

I nodded. From past experience, I’ve always been able to get back at bullies with my witty comebacks, I try to avoid getting into physical fights as much as I can. And even though the bullying has stopped for a while, I’m always prepared, especially since there’s an angry elf who hates my guts now.


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