Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)

The castle has a pet

When I made it to Fantastopia the next morning since it was Saturday and I don’t have classes on the weekend, I couldn’t stop thinking about the list of colors and their meanings, especially the black color. I had to know what it means, I couldn’t take it anymore. If I have to avoid that color, it’s only fair if I know why. Maybe Aria knows, I’ll ask her after training.

When I made it to the arena, I found out that today I begin using real weapons. Real blades, real killing object, and a really clumsy person to handle them. That sounds safe.

“Okay,” Aria spoke when she handed me a simple sword “You ready for this?”

“If I cut myself and bleed all over, I’m sorry for getting blood all over your arena floor.”

“Don’t worry about it” she smirked, “And if you do bleed everywhere, it’s not the first time it’s happened in here.”


“Here you go” she handed me the sword.

I probably shouldn’t even ask about that. But as I wrapped my hand around the sword handle and lift it up, I noticed that it was a bit heavier than the training swords. Not that I’m surprised, I expected this, I just hope I’m able to use it without its weight dragging me everywhere.

“So” she grinned “How does it feel to hold a real sword?”

“On one hand, it feels awesome” I commented, “But on the other hand, I am holding onto something that can actually murder someone.”

“So? You’ve used kitchen knives before right? Those can murder someone.”

“Oh, right” I agreed, how could I forget those?

“Okay. Like how we used the training swords, get into position, and block every strike.”

Alright, let’s hope I don’t die today. I got into position and held the sword up as she did the same. And once we were ready, Aria swung her sword as I blocked everyone strike. Like before, she started out slow, but then she got faster so I had to step back while trying to block her strikes.

“Good” she noted “We started off slow and then we got quicker. But be careful, not only do you have to watch out for your opponent’s blade, but they might have some tricks up their sleeves. For example-”

All of a sudden, she raised her leg up and kicked the sword right out of my hand just like that as I jumped. And right after that, she grabbed onto my shirt collar and pulled me in while holding her sword near my neck.

Talk about a surprising example. My body’s already stiff.

“Okay!” I gasped with my heart beating faster “I see the example!”

“Sorry” she snickered while stepped back as I breathed in relief “I didn’t mean to scare you that much. I was trying to prove my point.”

“Well, you succeeded” I stated while picking up the sword “So uh, what do I do if that happens?”

“This is where your pocket knife comes in handy. Always have it with you, and if you can, try to hide it within your clothes so that it’s hidden from view but you can still retrieve it. And if you do manage to grab it, that’s when you strike. You still got that knife I gave you, right?”

“Yeah, it’s in my backpack.”

She raised an eyebrow “You don’t carry that with you to your classes, right?”

“I don’t” I assured “Not only is it illegal, but my backpack’s already heavy. I keep it hidden under my mattress until it’s time to come here.”

“Good. Make sure your roommate doesn’t find it, though.”

“Don’t worry, he knows to stay away from my stuff. He learned his lesson when I ate his last cookie after the first time he went through my stuff, he was not happy, but it was worth it, that cookie was good.”

She gave a giggle when Dale suddenly rushed in, I didn’t even notice he was absent, and so was Hazel.

“Aria” he panted when he spotted me “Oh, hey Jesse.”

“Dale” I greeted with a smile.

“First day using a sword?” he pointed to the one in my hand.

“Yep” I nodded.

“How’s that going?”

“Well uh, I actually just started a few minutes ago so I don’t think I’m ready to judge yet.”

“Oh, well, I’m sorry for cutting in but-” he turned to the princess “Aria, we’re out of Copper’s food.”

“Again?” she whined, “Boy that wyvern eats a lot.”

“Wyvern?” I commented puzzled “What’s that?”

At that point, Dale’s lips curled into a grin, one that made me uneasy.

“Can we show him?” he asked Aria, still grinning.

“Sure” she shrugged with a smile, “I think it’s time for him to meet Copper.”

“Uh, I don’t like the sound of that” my eyes widen as I took a step back.

“Come on” Aria urged “It’ll be okay. Copper is a friend of ours, and it’s time you got to meet him.”

“But what’s a wyvern?”

“Why don’t you come and look? You’ll be amazed.”

“Question-” I held up a finger “Is he dangerous?”

“Just come on” she grabbed my wrist and began to pull me out of the arena.

Oh boy.

I had to follow the elves across the palace and down a corner where there was a door at the end of the hall. After unlocking the door with a key he had, Dale opened the door as we stepped into the room that had light coming from the opened window. The room was quite small being the size of a kitchen at least. The floor was made of stone where I immediately noticed dried blood spots and small bones that sent chills down my back.


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