Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)

My so-called first mission

I cannot believe I was agreeing to do this. I mean, I knew that I had to have my first mission at some point, but I never thought it would be quick considering that I’m still new to all of this. Besides, how the hell am I supposed to lure a wyvern back?! Even with my giant brain, I can’t think straight while I’m panicking at the same time.

I am so not ready for this. I was only armed with a sword and the knife I was given. I sure hope they meant it when they said that Copper’s never hurt anyone, and I sure hope I won’t be the first. At least I’m not alone, Aria and her two friends accompanied me with their weapons as we headed into the woods that were in front of the palace. The sun was already starting to set within the trees, luckily, I didn’t have to worry about going back to my dorm since it was Saturday and that’s when I would usually see my family.

“Okay” Aria spoke as we all stopped “We’ll stop here and let Jesse go on.”

“What?” my eyes widen “Why now?”

“Look around you, Sherlock.” Hazel motioned with her hand “Notice anything suspicious?”

I looked around, and sure enough, I noticed tree branches that had been snapped and claws marks on the tree barks that all seemed to go in one direction.

“I guess we’ll be going that way” I pointed.

“You mean you will be going that way” Dale corrected.

“Oy,” I whined.

“Jesse,” Aria said calmly “You’ll be fine, we’ll be behind you.”

“How close exactly?”

“Does it matter?” Hazel snickered.

“Yes!” I replied obviously “It does one hundred percent.”

“We’ll be close enough to see you.” Aria answered, “That’s all you gotta know.”

“Now go get em, Jesse!” Dale pumped up his fist with an encouraging smile.

“This should be interesting” Hazel suddenly grinned at her friends.

That grin on her face, I bet she’s expecting me to get killed, that elf!

Well, I guess this is it. Here I go, off to find a wyvern high on a sugar rush, by myself, with a chance that I’ll get killed. This should be fun.

I started off ahead of everyone while keeping my eyes out. That wyvern could be anywhere, it could even be watching me. The sword was in my hand that was already sweating, I knew it wasn’t enough to defend myself against the wyvern, but it’s all I got so I might as well suffer with it. But seriously, where is Copper? Shouldn’t I be hearing him by now? Maybe I should call him, I’m sure he’ll respond.

“Here Copper, Copper, Copper” I gently called out as I gave a whistle “Here boy.”

“Jesse!” I suddenly heard Hazel hissing at me.

I turned around to see her poking her head out from a bush from afar.

“He’s not a dog!” she whispered.

“Well, I’m sorry if I don’t know how to handle a dragon!” I hissed back with sarcasm.

“Technically-” Dale suddenly poked his head up with his finger up “Copper is not called a dragon, he’s just a familiar species of it-”

“Shut up Dale!” Aria and Hazel ordered.

“This is stupid.” I grunted “How can I find him? For all I know, this could take all night!”

“We just gotta be patient.” Aria stated, “Use your senses and your brain.”

“But still, this could take all night!”

“Just be glad it’s the weekend!” Hazel put in.

“Well, my weekends don’t involve searching for a wyvern that’s high on sugar!”

I didn’t even notice that I was shouting cause I just realized Dale had been calling my name during the conversation. And the moment I turned to him, I saw that he had on a scared look while motioning his hand. I didn’t know what he was trying to say at first, but when he pointed to my hand, I looked down and understood what he was trying to say as I felt my heart drop.

My ring was glowing, and I knew what that meant.

I suddenly heard a snap from behind I turned around expecting to see Copper, but nothing.

“Copper?” I called out.

I looked all around, even above, but the wyvern was nowhere to be seen. Where the hell is he? And to my luck, the moment I turned my head, there he was, staring at me from behind a tree as he gave a low growl that quickly turned my ring orange as it kept glowing.

“Um, hi Copper.” I waved with a scared look “Do you remember me? I’m Jesse, we met today.”

But the wyvern kept on growling as I tightened my grip around the sword. Think Jesse, you’ve seen ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, what would Hiccup do?

“Hey,” I spoke calmly as he lowered my sword with my hand out as he bent down “It’s okay, I’m not gonna hurt you. I get that you’re on a sugar rush, I can help with that.”

He gave me another growl as he stepped back. Okay, I need to do something, what can calm him down?


“You think Jesse knows what he’s doing?” Hazel whispered to Aria.

“Well he’s gotta try something.” the princess replied, “So far it looks good, all he has to do now is try to find some way to get Copper to follow him or something like that.”

“How long until the sugar rush dies down?”

“I think in 20 minutes.”


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