Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)

Some history talk

Thankfully, the arena was empty when Aria and I got there so we were able to use the remaining time to finish my training for the day. I gotta say, I was getting the hang of using a sword. But I know the more I practice, the better I’ll get, and that way I can use Defender, while being careful of it, of course. But I also know that I need to train with other kinds of weapons, like the Chakrams that I haven’t tried out yet, now those I was looking forward to trying out, well, unless they happen to slice me by accident and I might wanna change weapons.

But as I left the arena and changed back into my normal clothes, I was about to rub the ring when I looked up and spotted the opened doors that led to the Great Hall with all the portraits of the previous heroes. I still had time before I go so I might as well check out the Great Hall, I didn’t get a chance to see all of the portraits so I might as well do it now. As I entered the empty Great Hall, I was amazed by how many portraits there were of the previous heroes who were also my ancestors.

I started at the portrait of the first hero, Phillip Golding, and then I followed the timeline of the heroes throughout the years. Every one of them looked as brave as ever, but when I came to a certain one, I stopped as I stared at the portrait, or in this case, a black and white photograph in a medium-sized frame with the name embedded on a golden tag.

Richard Lawerence Turner.

My grandfather.

I’ve seen some photos of my grandfather at a young age, but not like this. He was dressed in a typical warrior’s outfit that consisted of a brown leather jacket along with some fingerless gloves which made him look pretty cool. He was sitting on a wooden chair with a sword placed by his side that he held up with one hand by the handle. It was so hard to believe this was him, I can’t imagine my 80-something-year-old grandfather with white hair, wrinkles, and yellow teeth as this young guy in the photograph.

But hey, we all gotta get old someday.

“Your grandfather was really handsome when he was young” I turned to see Wren entering. Oh great, just the person I needed to see.

“He was a lot like you actually.” she added “Kind of clumsy, but also smart.”

She then turned to face me as she stared into my eyes, appearing to be studying me.

“Are your eyes blue or green?” she asked.

“They’re green.”

“Oh, I could’ve sworn they were blue like your grandfather’s. I could barely tell those two colors apart on eyes.”

“Don’t worry,” I smirked “You’re not the only one. My dad sometimes forgets what color my eyes are. Heck, he even sometimes forgets my birthday.”

“Ooh,” her face tightened.

“Yeah” I chuckled. My dad may have a high paying job, but he can sure forget little things like that easily.

Seriously, dad, you need to step up your game.

“So,” I spoke to change the subject “I’m guessing you knew all these heroes, huh?”

“I did” she replied with a small smile as she turned to the portrait of Phillip “From the very first one. I even remember the day I first met him, we literally ran into each other in the woods, it hurt, but I’m glad it happened.”

As she stared at the portrait, I noticed that she had this dreamy look in her eyes as she kept that small smile on her face. Why was she doing that? She didn’t seem to notice that I was staring at her until I cleared my throat.

“Oh,” Wren snapped out of her thinking “So uh, are you about to leave?”

“I was going to, but I decided to have a look at the portraits before I go. And then I came upon the one that showed my grandfather. I still can’t believe this was him back then, he was actually good-looking.”

“He was,” Wren snickered “He was so nice too. I can see why Luna fell for him, I actually thought they were pretty good together.”

“Wait,” I raised my eyebrows “They were actually together?”

“For a while, yes. But I’m sure your grandfather told you why they couldn’t be together. Them having separate lives in two different worlds, and then with Luna passing. It was another death I had to witness, such a dreadful thing.”

“I bet” I sighed sadly “Were you close with my grandfather?”

“Well um, I try not to get too close with anyone because of my immortality, but I did like your grandfather. Oh who am I kidding, I liked all of your ancestors.”

“Did you meet my grandmother Darlene?”

“I did meet her.” she nodded “I wasn’t surprised when Richard told me that she found out his secret. Those two were practically inseparable, I knew she would find out eventually. She was so brave and nice, and I wasn’t even surprised when she and Richard got married.”

“Did you go to their wedding?”

“Oh no, weddings aren’t my thing. But he did send me a photograph, those two are a lovely couple.”

“They are,” I smiled when I suddenly realized that I’ve got some questions that need answering “Hey uh before I go, I’ve got questions I need to ask you.”

“Go ahead.”

“First off, do you like, have a box that I can put the ring in when I’m not wearing it? Lately, I’ve been keeping it in my backpack, but-”

“Bad idea” she cut in with a frown “It could easily get stolen.”

“I know” I responded obviously “That’s why I’m asking you if you have something I can put it in to keep it safe. My grandfather suggests a box made of iron or something.”

“He’s not wrong” she smirked while holding up her palm to show me a small square box “I’ve got one right here, made completely out of iron. And if I were you, I’d sprinkle some salt inside to extra protection.”

“Right” I pointed while taking the box “He also mentioned that. And another thing I wanted to ask you, is there a way I can control the ring so that it can take me wherever I need to be. Like when I go back to my world, it always seems to drop me off in random places. So is there a way I can control that?”


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