Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)

Elves on campus grounds

Well, today was the start of a new day, and also the day I begin learning about Fantastopia academics. My nose was still sore from yesterday’s punch and it was still purple so I had to wear another band-aid over it which I’m already getting tired of. But it wasn’t bothering me that much today, mainly because I was too focused on what I was going to learn today. And as I was getting ready to leave, I suddenly got an idea right before I was going to change into my Fantastopia clothes.

Because of my idea, I didn’t bother to change as I just rubbed my ring and found myself in the palace where I immediately spotted Aria talking to her father.

“Jesse,” she greeted me with a smile “You’re here. And, you’re wearing your normal clothes?”

“I know you said that today I began my academy lessons,” I began to explain “But I was thinking if we can switch something up.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well um...” I gave a nervous smile “I don’t know if this will offend you or anything, but I was wondering if you can come to my world where I can... well, study you in my college lab?”

The look on her face showed both confusion and surprise as she gave her father a glance before turning back to me.

“You wanna study me?” she questioned puzzled.

“I want to study elves,” I declared, “Now I’m not saying I wanna use you for painful experiments or anything like that, I just wanna study everything about you and what makes you different from humans. You know what I mean?”

“I think so,” she nodded “But why in your college lab?”

“Well, not only does it have more tools for me to use, but after we’re done I can show you around my campus if you would like. You can also bring Hazel and Dale.”

“That sounds fun,” the King remarked, “I say go for it.”

“Well,” Aria smirked “Just one question- will there be needles involved?”

“Uh...” my eyes widen “I was uh- I was kinda hoping to take a small blood sample-”

“Oh no,” she cut in with a groan.

“I just wanna study how your blood is different from mine. If you don’t wanna do it, then can either Hazel or Dale do it?”

“Not Dale, the last time a needle stuck into him he passed out for 2 hours. Hazel could probably do it though. Well, unless you’re really careful and you can avoid getting punched.”

“Good enough,” I shrugged “So where are they?”

“They should be here soon, in the meantime, I’ll go ahead and change.”

Once everyone was here and dressed in modern clothing, I was actually quite surprised to see Hazel and Dale in modern clothing. Aria was dressed in her usual boho style with a scarf wrapped around her head to hide her ears, but Hazel’s style was more on the edge as she wore a graphic black t-shirt along with a pair of distressed skinny jeans that she paired with black converse. And to top it off, she wore a purple knit beanie over her ears.

Dale’s look was more simple, all he was wearing was a simple white shirt that he paired with a dark blue hoodie, jeans, basic shoes, and a gray beanie to hide his ears.

“Wow,” I remarked amusedly “It’s weird seeing you guys in modern clothes.”

“I hate that we have to change,” Hazel grumbled, “Why can’t there be some magic involved where we just immediately show up in a different world already wearing the clothes to blend in instead of having to change every time?”

“I feel you.” I agreed, “But if it makes you feel any better, you are really rocking that look.”

“Of course I do,” she smirked, “I can rock any look.”

I snickered, “So um, how exactly are we all going to go to my world?”

“You use your ring,” Aria said as she began to reach into the little purse she was wearing “We are gonna use these.”

She pulled out one of those Orbeez looking things I remember seeing when I first met Lindel and Oswind.

“Hey, what are those?” I asked with interest “I saw one when I first met Lindel and Oswind.”

“Well, we’ve been calling it the Magic Orbeez because they look a lot like those Orbeez things we’ve seen in your world.”

“You guys actually call them Magic Orbeez?” I chuckle, “Wow.”

“I know,” she giggled, “But we had to call them something, and I guess we just stuck with it.”

“So how does that thing work? Do you just throw it on the ground and it opens a portal to where you want to go?”

“Pretty much. But we have to carry extra because one Orbeez can only be used once. So if we happen to forget one while we’re in another world, we’re practically stuck in that world unless we find another way to get back. So that’s why this purse here that I’m wearing is filled with them.”

“Where do you guys get those anyway?”

“I can explain everything once we get to the lab.”

“Oh, right.” I shook my head away from the thought “I forgot about that. So um, I guess I’ll go ahead and rub my ring then.”

I did so as I popped up in an empty area away from people when a portal suddenly opened near me that caused me to jump. I watched as all 3 elves stepped out from the portal which closed behind them and disappeared.


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