Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)

That oh s*** moment

I had a feeling I was going to get hurt today, and I did. Luckily I wasn’t badly hurt, but Oswind did give me some more bruises that most of my body is now covered in purple dots.

“Sorry about all of that,” the ogre apologized as he motioned the new wounds I got “But when you’re training, you should expect to get hurt.”

“I know,” I sighed while rubbing my throbbing shoulder “But if this keeps happening, my whole body might turn purple from all the bruises.”

“Just be happy I didn’t actually break your bones.”

“How come I wasn’t given protective gear like you were?”

“Because most of the time you’ll be fighting your enemies without any protective gear. A lot of the attacks come by surprise so you won’t even have a second to change into some armor. Besides, warriors are trained to withstand certain pain. The more they train, the stronger they get, and the stronger they get, the less pain they feel.”

He was right, I’ve seen the way strong people can withstand pain. I may not be as strong as them, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make it there. I am an active person, but in order for me to withstand pain, I’m gonna have to double my activeness.

Note to self: Use whatever free time you have to work out on campus.

“Come on,” Aria said to me “I’ll get you some ice for your bruises.”

I followed her into the break room where I set my sword down on a bench and went over to a mirror to examine my wounds. They didn’t look as bad as what happened on the parkour course, but they were still aching me. I knew I also had some more on my back as I took off my shirt and turned my back to the mirror to see if I could locate the bruises.

“Whoa,” my eyes widen when I spotted a large bruise on my back of my right shoulder. That must have happened when Oswind slammed me into the wall.

“Here you go- whoa.”

I turned around to see Aria standing there with a surprised look on her face as she held onto an ice pack. I just realized that this was the first time she was seeing me shirtless as I felt my cheeks turning pink with embarrassment.

“I’m sorry,” she quickly apologized bashfully “I didn’t realize you were changing.”

“Oh um, I wasn’t changing” I replied with an awkward smile “I was just examing the wounds on my back.”

“Oh. Um uh- okay then.”

Man, this was so awkward.

“Oh um, here you go,” she suddenly handed me the ice pack “I was going to give you more, but I could only find one.”

“That’s okay,” I assured while accepting the pack “I can manage one.”

I noticed that she couldn’t take her eyes off of my abs. Yes, I do have abs, they’re not as jacked as bodybuilders but hey, they’re still abs.

“You can keep on staring if you want,” I told her with a smirk “I won’t mind.”

“Oh!” she backed away with embarrassment “What am I doing? I should be giving you some privacy.”

“Um, I just said I’m not changing.”

“I know but, I shouldn’t be here. I’ll leave you to do whatever you need to do. Whenever you’re done, feel free to join me and the others in the lounge.”


She quickly headed out of the break room. I couldn’t believe that just happened, Aria had actually seen me without my shirt on, and she was actually stunned. As much as I’m attracted to her, I still felt embarrassed. The only time I don’t mind taking my shirt off in public is when I’m swimming. Any other time I prefer to keep my shirt on because if I’m going to do something in public like exercise, I’d rather not have eyes on me while I’m doing my thing.

So, in case you don’t understand, that means I’m not a playboy.

But anyway, I used whatever time I had to press the ice pack against the many bruises, especially the big one behind my shoulder. As soon as I was ready to go, I was gonna start studying those books I got from the library. I have so much to learn about Fantastopia and I was really looking forward to it. But at the same time, I need to focus on my college studies because of the finals that are coming next month. I mean, there’s no doubt in mind that I’m going to pass, but a lot of the times the finals are a bit different than what you studied for. So even though I’m an A+ student, I still need to study to ensure I graduate.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m practically used to studying. Not that I’m complaining, all of those study times really paid off.

Okay then, moving on from my talk about studying. I think I’ve had enough of the ice pack as I stretched out my body before putting my shirt back on. I might as well head on to the lounge to see what everyone is doing. So after grabbing Defender and turning it into its mini form, I was about to head out of the break room when something caught my eye.

My backpack was gone.

“What the hell?” I remarked surprised.

This was strange, I remember putting my backpack on a bench while I was dealing with my wounds, but now it’s gone. I looked around the room to see if I could find it, but it was nowhere to be seen. Someone must have taken my backpack when I wasn’t looking because I know I didn’t replace it. But who would take my backpack?

Since I couldn’t find it anywhere in the break room, I went out onto the arena and couldn’t believe it when I saw my backpack in the middle of the arena. Okay, now this was getting suspicious. Why was my backpack in the middle of the arena? I feel like this was some kind of trap for me to walk into. I glanced down at my ring, it wasn’t glowing, but it was orange. But even though it says that there’s no danger nearby, I couldn’t help but feel like it was going to glow any second.


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