Chapter 2 - Departure and Arrival (My new Home)

Today is the day when I'm going to leave my parents, my Hometown MONTERREY (yeah I know I'm leaving for few years only and I'll come back when my holidays will star) but still I'm nervous, happy, sad. All feelings merging with each other. 

Yesterday I've done my packing with the help of my mom and dad. They are happy but sad on the same time because we've never been away from each other in my 20 years of living.

We've arrived on the airport and I was all ready to step forward to my way of plan but suddenly I stopped and went where my parents were standing and hugged them so tightly and after the sweet talks with my parents, they gave me confidence to start my new life and finally I bid them goodbye and went to the way of plan.

After a long sigh I moved further. "Yay! Way to New York. Finally. Finally. Finally.. Bella you're going to complete your dream girl. You will be there in just 4 hours and 20 minutes" I talked with my inner self. Being so excited and a wow excaped from my mouth, I forgot about that I'm on my seat and every one nearbe my was watching me just like a kid got his favourite chocolate. Before putting my phone on flight mode I gave a selfie on my mom's whatsapp and sent a cute message "love you both and thank you so much". I got instant reply with "love you too Angel, take care". And then the flight was all ready to take off.

I put my earphones in and played a music and drifted off to sleep. When the time came , which I was eagerly waiting for, some butterflies started to fly in my stomach, excitement was all over my face with a little nervousness. I finally reached my dream destination NEW YORK. 

Earlier, when I was packing my stuffs , my dad managed all the things like the home where I am going to stay when I'll be in New York. And also I took the admission in my new university of New York. After three days my 1st semester going to start.

I made my to the road where all taxis were standing and then at last I went inside the taxi giving the address to the driver. Long Island, there I'm going to stay.

After one hour of riding, I reached my home. 

"Ohoo" was the word escaoed from my mouth when I finally looked around my new home. It was two bedroom, kitchen, washroom, balcony space and living hall and all furnitures were greately designed and was giving my new home a classy yet eligant look. Bedroom walls was of creamy color and a cute rose painting was there above the bed headboard. When I moved further way of kitchen, that was so beautiful everything was arranged perfactly. Bathroom was big too. 

After taking rest I made my way to lving area where my suitcase was. Soon I started unpackaging my stuffs and it took me 4 hours to arrange each and everything on its right place. After doing such a long work I thought to buy something to eat but then I thought I should eat pasta and made it and finallt ate it. And after  such a tired day I talked with my parents and I went to the bedroom and drifted off to sleep.



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