Chapter 11 - Scarlette's Birthday

Today is Scarlette's birthday and I was very excited to give her a surprise. I made a beautiful cake for her. I made her look-a-like edible doll with Eve's help and put it in the middle of the cake. And I put some edible sparkles on the edges of the cake. I know she likes vanilla and red valvet flavour so I decided to made red valvet cake from inside and vanilla frosting on outside of the cake and for the finished look I added some edible sprinkles and sparkled also some flowers on the side of the cake.

Today We decorated the whole cafe for Scarlette and Riley also joined to help me out. Eve helped me to put the tables and chairs in the corner of the cafe. Riley and Eve sticked the balloons on three walls and on the one who was remaining I and Riley sticked 'Happy Birthday Scarlette' name latter balloons with some flowers between each word. 

We sticked flowers on the top centre of tables and back of the chairs which are rested in the corner of the cafe so it would look like a part of this cute and elegant decoration. We spread lots of  balloons on the floor. We also decorated the table on which the cake was placed. We sticked flowers on the whole table and literally it was looking gorgeous, fabulous. 

"God I am really intelligent nah, it was all my idea how to decorate the entire cafe. Well done Bella."
"Oh thank you"
Literally I'm quite talkative but only with myself. Hehe.

Thanks for Mrs. Violet, only because of her we were able to decorate the special day in cafe. She was agreed because she sees her daughter in Scarlette, she even looks like her daughter who died in a car accident when she was coming back after her studies in America. Scarlette was Mrs. Voilet's daughter's tution friend. They used to play together and study together but it remained on for few months and then her daughter was parted away for studies. After that Scarlette used to come here just to entertain Mrs. Voilet and that's how their mother-daughter relationship started. Scralette also looks her mother in Mrs. Voilet.

Today cafe was open till evening for the customers and then it was closed for them because of party.

Eve was wearing a magenta coloured sequin midi and she led her red wavy hairs open which was really looking good on her. She was wearing silver hoops with pink nude lipstick on her lips. She was looking so damn hot in that clothes. I have never seen her wearing this type of clothe, she usually wears jeans or knee length skirt. But although she was looking sexy and I got to know from Mrs. Voilet that after cake cutting she have a date her boyfriend.

"Oh my gosh! A date. Great ya. Her boyfriend will definitely die after looking her"
"Oh now shut up Bella. Why you always talk with yourself."
"Because it's my habit nah."
"Yeah I know."

I stopped talking to myself.

And on the other hand Riley was also looking charming in his casual pants and white t-shirt with denim jacket over him. I have noticed that he is really good guy and even though his family knew about Scarlette and his relationship and they agreed too if they want to go further with their relationship. 

And it actually made me relief that finally she got one who really think about her, care for her, love her the way she is, approach her for good and also scolds her for bad. I am happy for my best friend.

Okay. I was wearing the same dress which Scarlette gave to me when we were out for shopping with Riley. I was wearing small silver hoops with red plus pink shade of lipgloss. I tied my hair in side fishtail braid with black 2 inch heels.  The dress was elegant.

It was already the time when we were all waiting for Scarlette. 

She came at 6. She was wearing a red sequin midi dress with cut slit on her sleeves, shoulders to wrist. She was wearing red lipstick. Her black high heels was looking bomb with that dress. She was also wearing hoops and she let her hairs open. She did her eye makeup very well, nude pink eye makeup with wing eyeliner. 

'Riley will definitely fall for her looks again'

I giggled my own. And one by one we wished her happy birthday.

It was already 6:30 we made our way to centre for cake cutting. In union we wished her happy birthday and ate cake peacefull. (Yeah peacefully because no one liked to spread cake all over the face). And suddenly everything became silent when Riley sat down on floor on one knee and I knew maybe what was going to happen. 

"Umm.. Sorry Scarlette in advance but I really don't know how to propose perfectly. I just want to say that I'm so madly in love with you and I want us to be together forever like we are but only difference I want is, I would love if you live with me as my wife. I really love you. I'll never leave you whatever the situation will be. Please just accept my proposal... I'm having pain now on my knee". He opened a mini box with a diamond ring inside and literally laugh at his own last comment and as we do.

"I love you too Riley baby. I will always love you no matter what." She smiled brightly and a tire rolled down from her eyes and she accepted the ring.

Riley fitted the ring on her ring finger and did a quick kiss. 

"Thank you so much all of you for making my day so much special." 

(Mrs. Voilet was not available because she got some work from her relatives.)

"Party plan was totally made my Bella and the idea of decoration was also hers" Eve replied happily.

"Oh thank you so much Bella" she said and another tire rolled down from her eyes.

"It's my please Scarlette. Don't cry otherwise your makeup will spoil and you will look like a dark eyes witch"

"Oh shut up you girl. I am not crying. Okay now let's go to the club and I really want to go." She said like a small kid who eagerly wants to go somewhere.

"Umm.. you know na that I." She didn't even let me complete my sentence and said "it's my birthday and you have to obey my every decision let's go Bella. First we will go to your home and you have to change your clothes. Okay. Then we will go. Okay Bella and Riley and Eve"


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