Chapter 24 - A nice day

When I woke up, I did not know what was the time. I rubbed my eyes with my palms and looked at the clock. It was showing 4 O'clock in evening. I walked towards the bathroom and washed my face and wiped the access water from my face with towel. I opened my hair and brushed them and again tied in a pony tail.

I came out of the bathroom. I was hungy as I have not eaten anything since morning. So, I left the room and I made my towards the kitchen. I saw a woman there who served the breakfast, if I was not wrong, her name is Ashlyn. I entered in the kitchen and she got to know that I was there and she turned and asked me.

"Hungary?" With a smile.

"Yes." I nodded and smile.

"Okay sit. What would you like to eat?" She asked me.

"Umm.. whatever." I replied honestly because I was not demanded about food from starting. Just give me anything which is good and ofcourse that thing would edible. I demand very less. I demand only in terms of sweets.

"Okay so would you like to eat apple pie?" She asked.

"Yes ofcourse." I smiled.

"I came to your room at 2 to give you your lunch but you did not opened the door. I guess you was sleeping. Right?" She asked me placing the pie on table.

"Yes actually. And that is not my room. It is Zen's." I said picking up the spoonful of pie.

"Oh honey. It is yours since you have come here. You can do anything in your room and yes your books are in your room. Okay." She said calmly like my mother. And suddenly memories of my parents were flashing in my mind. And tears started rolling down from my eyes.

"Are you okay? What happen honey?" She asked tensed and came beside me and started caressing my back.

"Yes I am okay. I am missing my parents." I said and was sobbing.

"Its okay. Eat this and I will show you something beautiful. You will like it." She said cheerful like he wanted me to forget things. 

I nodded and finished my pie.

"May I have some sweet like chocolate or anything?" I asked because I needed it. I love chocolates. If I am sad or angry just give me chocolates and I will be happy and will forget my sadness like a 3 year old kid who became happy by just little things.

"Here you go." She smiled and handed me a big chocolate.

"Thank you so much." I said and a bright smile appearred on my lips and took the chocolate. I opened and ate medium sized bite.

"Wanna see something." She asked and I nodded only because my mouth was full of chocolate.

"Let go." I followed her and I was busy in eating chocolate that I did not noticed where we was going. We were goinf straight that was the only thing I knew.

When suddenly some fregnant came to my nostrills, I looked around and saw a beautiful plants. There was so many plants. Many beautiful flowers was there and different yet beautiful leaf plant were there. It was indeed a small garden which was looking like a angle brought it here from heaven. The aroma was so calming and soothing.

"This is so BEAUTIFUL." I said looking at Ashlyn.

She smiled and asked "Do you like this?"

"I love this." I replied. I was in love with this mini garden.

"May I water the plants daily? Please please please." I requested her like small kid who wants something.

"Yes honey Ofcourse! But you have to water them two times.. One time in morning and second time in evening." She replied me.

"Okay I will do on time. Promise." I replied with a huge smile on my face.

"Okay so now go in your room and rest. From tomorrow you will water the plants." She and moved to leave the mini garden.

"Okay!" I said and followed her. 

Then I went to my room , no no it was Zen's room, Yeah so I went there and found my books on the table. 

there was a study table. So I decided to arrange my book there and it took me half an hour to settle everything.

I sat on the chair and thought to study but I was tired. So I thiough to take a rest and then will start preparing for my test.

I lied to bed for about 15 minute and then I shifted my gaze to the wall where watch was hanging. It was showing 7 O'clock in evening. I sat up from the bed and picked my management book, a pen and a notebook. I went to my bed and sat on the bed and started making notes. I need to google something but I did not have my phone. So I did everything by self.

I completed half chapter only when I heard a knock on door. I was going to moved out from bed but then the door opened. It was the billionaire. Zen..

"Did I disturb you?" He asked moving closer to the bed.

"No. I was just making some notes." I replied him.

"Okay! So have you done? Or you want to study more?" He asked to me.

"I am done I guess." I stated because I was tired too and hungry at the same time.

"Okay wanna have dinner now?" He asked. I noticed him he was still in his busniess attire.

"Umm.. Sure." I replied and he dialed a number. I was watching him like did not get his point. Yes I was hungry so let's go from this room and eat something. But no he was just sitting on the bed in front of me.

"Let's go and wash hands." He replied. I nodded and went to my bathroom and he followed me. First I thought why is he following me in the bathroom man. But Ofcourse it was his room and mainly his house. And he can do anything and roam around in any oart of the home.

We washed our hands one by one and came back in the and there I saw dinner was placed on my bed.

"Sit and eat. And no questions. Got it?" He said and I nodded only.

We ate our dinner silently and when we finished our dinner he called Ashlyn, which I think she was standing outside the room.

She removed our plates and other stuffs from the bed.

"Good night. Sleep well." He said and left the room and even did not gave me a chance to speak he left the room locking it from the outside.


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