Father, where are you?

Chapter 1

I remember that day very clearly even
though I was just 7 years old when it all 
happened. I'm suprised I remember every single detail. My little sister Isla was only 3 at the time. It was a cold and rainy day. The wind was howling and the trees' leaves were rustling. The neighbor's dog was barking because of the loud and crackling sounds of thunder. I was worried because father would be returning home from his 2 week-long business trip on such a rainy night. Even though we've been in contact with him, we still missed him very much.

Uncle David and Flynn were supposed to pick dad up from the train station. My aunts, uncle, cousins, mom, little sister and I were going to surprise him and were very eager to meet him. My cousins decorated the room with balloons, streamers and a big banner saying "Welcome back!" Which hung below our family photo and my mom and I baked his favourite cake, double chocolate fudge. Aunty brought her special dumplings. She ran a Chinese restaurant and her best-selling item on the menu were her scrumptious dumplings. The smell of all the food filled the house.

After everything was ready, I was so 
impatient and kept staring at the clock 
thinking to myself, "He's going to be 
home any minute now." I couldn't wait to show him my new artwork. It was a scenery I had seen in my dreams several times and I decided to paint it because it was like a meadow I had never seen before. It had fresh and pretty flowers that were all different colours and types. What captivated me the most were the dandelions and sunflowers because I had never seen them up close. Father and I paint or draw whenever he gets the time on weekends. My father had gifted me a canvas and watercolours for Christmas last year. He did painting and drawing as a hobby. I must say he's really good at it. Throughout the year, he taught me everything I need to know on how to paint. Of course, I'm still learning myself and this time I tried to do it on my own and I hope that he's proud.

We waited for what seemed like forever and as time passed, we got more and more anxious because it was way pass his arrival time. We tried calling but it went on voicemail. By 10:00, we got a phone call from the police which confused us all. Neither of us expected such a call. My mother picked up the phone and went to the next room with Aunt Britanny and Uncle Kevin. As I saw my mom go, I started to get more tense. After my mother came out of the room, she seemed very pale as if she had seen a ghost. I'd never seen her like this. I know that whenever she is nervous she runs her fingers through her hair but this was something else. Mother called me and took me to her room to and I asked her:

Me: "Mom what's wrong?"

Mom: "Dear.....the police told us that your father and uncles got into a car accident."

A car accident?! I know that uncle Flynn is a good driver. He's always so cautious.I could only pray that all of them were safe.

Me: "So, mom is everyone ok?"

My mother normally tells me eveything cause I'm good at handling it.

Mom: "Well dear....they were only able to find 2 survivors...your dad's still missing. They are in the hospital right now."

Me: "Are we going to go right now?"

Mom: "It would be better if you stay home with your sister for now. She will worry if all of us go together. Aunty Brittany will stay with you and so will your cousins."

Me: "But mother I really want to go and see them too!"

Mom: "You can go afterwards, alright?"

Me: "Yes, alright mother."

Mother left with uncle Kevin. I still couldn't believe it. All these thoughts kept racing in my mind "How did all this happen?" "Is father alright?" "Will he be found?" "Will I ever see him again?". I just wanted to know if father would be fine and then my sister calls me and I flash back.

Isla: "Sister Bella, where did mommy go in such a hurry?"

Me: "Mommy got called in from her boss for something urgent so she went there."

Isla: "That late? But isn't daddy and uncle Flynn and David supposed to come home?"

Me: "Daddy....He might come in the morning... his flight got late a bit."

Isla: "Well then can I call him?"

Me: "Umm he might not be able to answer."
Isla: "Why not?"

Me: "Well, cause his phone broke so I'm not sure how to contact him. Plus, he might be busy."

Isla: "But I really want to talk to him."

Me: "How about this, why don't you make him a sweet and touching card? We can try calling him another time."

Isla: "Fine....okay I will do that."

She makes the card and I try to make her forget all about the call. We didn't tell her anything yet. She soon starting getting more and more tired and was starting to sleep. After a while, she was in a complete deep sleep. I sigh in relief. At least now there is less to worry about.

Aunty took her to the room and tucked her into her bed. Aunty told me I should go to bed too. I didn't want to go to sleep no matter how tired I got. I wanted to make sure father was home safe and sound. I don't remember feeling super tired, but I ended up dozing off.

I woke up by 6 in the morning with the sunlight dazing in my eyes and the sound of birds chirping. My mother came in and the look on her face said it all. I knew they didn't find father. It was going to be a long case


Rameen Rayha

Edited: 21.01.2021

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