Fire of love

The beginning

Unknown women: Room cleaner is here open the door!

Kyomi: Hazel, please open the door!!! Every fucking sunday morning!!!! Why can't we just sleep one day peacefully!

Hazel:Suck it up Ky! She is here to clean our room!

Saying this Hazel went to open the door!

Kyomi Andrea Marshall and Hazel Black,rommies, besties,and sister though not by blood! They both are orphan! They were together for ever since they could remember! They came from "Fells church Orphanage Virginia". They lived there till they were 18. Graduated from a local high school! Now they are in college in same subject and working part time jobs in a bakery!They live in their college dorm! All the days of the week they hardly get enough time after college and the part time jobs! Only sunday is their day!!

(Back in their room):

Hazel: come on, ky!!! Wake up!!! Let's go out!!

Kyomi: 5 more mins please!

Hazel: I have been giving you 5 mins since last 2 hours! Wake up sleepyhead! Or i will pour water on you!!

Kyomi: Noo!! Okay getting up!!! 

Kyomi woke up and went to washroom to freshen up and take shower!

After 45 min she came out and asked Hazel who was already ready, 

Kyomi: How do i look?!

Hazel: Chubby as always! ;)!

Kyomi:Haze,accept are jeaoluse of me!

Hazel: oh dear, got me!

Then both the girl headed out! Today they will go to the park then have lunch outside! 

(At Zach Cafe):

Xavier's poin of view:

I saw her, laughing with another girl..probably her friend, while waiting for lunch! She has long beautiful dark brown hair, big brown eyes, perfect nose, perfect lips which i can tell from here is naturally red! Everything is perfect about her!! She seemed like a perfect doll, an angel! I have met with so many womens but never one like her! I knew from the moment i saw her that what i need is her! I have to have her! So i asked my trusted assistant Emmet who was sitting with me to find out about the girl!

Xavier: Emmet, find out who is she!

Emmet: That blonde one?!( pointing towards hazel)

Xavier: No! That brunette!

Emmet: Okay! But why?!

Xavier: Just find out!

Saying this Xavier left the cafe! He was there for a secret business deal! Alexander Xavier Knight the billionaire for whom girls will happily die, who was never interested in girls, now was looking for the simple kyomi, a girl who has never met his status!

Elvi Orin

Edited: 12.06.2020

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