Fire of love

A little inquiry

"Monday sucks" thought kyomi getting ready for her classes while Hazel was late today as she woke up late!

Kyomi: Haze, are you done?! Should i pack your bags?! 

Hazel: Done! Can you put my micro biology papers in?!

Kyomi: I did and you are welcome! Lets go!

Hazel: Okay..i am really excited about hearing from Dr.Tyne!

Kyomi: I know! Can i forget how my bestie got a crush on her handsome bio teacher!

Hazel: stop pulling my legs! Lets go for classes!

They both went for classes! Hazel for Micro Biology and Kyomi for Math! They had one difference and that is in their major! While micro biology was Hazel's favourite and math was Kyomi's favourite! They both went for their classes and as usual they will meet at the college cafeteria after classes!! They will take lunch there and then they would go to the "Miley's sweet shop" for their part time jobs! Miley is a old lady who runs this shop with 4 employees! All of them are college student! They work here part time. And Miley is a good old lady who is very kind to all the employees!

Xavier was waiting from the day to hear about that girls information! He couldn't forget that angel face for a moment! He was thinking about who she was that is when Emmet came in with a file!

Emmet: Got her Xavier! This file has everything about her!!

Xavier opened the file and saw the name.."Kyomi Andrea Marshall" He was shocked! The name sound familiar to him!According to the file she is an orphan! She has grown up in fells chruch virginia! She is 18 years old! Everything about her was familiar to Xavier! He was lost in some thoughts thats when Emmet said something!

Emmet: I had to go all the way virginia to find out about this girl! The orphanage people won't even utter a word about her! They said they found her beside the road! And they named her after a noble woman whom they used to know! All they know that is her age is 18 years! They don't know the real birth date of the girl!

Xavier: They are lying!! They are lying Emmet!! You have to get the truth out of them!

Emmet: woah!! Xavier, how do you know?! What's so special about this girl!!! You are freaking me out! Why this simple girl from virginia is so special?!

Xavier: She is not just any other simple girl Emmet!! She is everything but not simple! Just find out! I don't care how but find out! Burn the whole city but still find out!

Emmet: All right! I will go to virginia again..but what will you do till i found out the truth?

Xavier: Guess, i have to show up myself at Miley's sweet shop!

Emmet gave xavier a smile and then left for virginia! 

"Here i come princess" said Xavier before heading towards Miley's Sweet shop.

(At miley's sweet shop)

"Hello Miley!" Said  kyomi and Hazel! 

Miley: Hello hons! Let's get started! Willie just left for her classes! 

Kyomi: yeah, we met with her on the way! Where's Matt?!

Miley: As usual late for the shift! Probably trying to flirt with a girl who doesn't give a damn about him!

They all laughed at Miley's answer and then then started doing there work! Miley sits for the cash!! And Hazel serves people and kyomi bakes and takes order! After finishing all baking all the cupcakes and cakes kyomi serves them with Hazel! Then Matt comes!

Matt:Hey ladies! Sorry i am late

Kyomi: Where were you matty?!

Matt: Sleeping the heart break off!

Hazel: How many times a day does your heart break?

They all laughed out loud! And Matt ignoring them took the boxes of cakes he needs to deliver!

It was 6 pm and they were doing there works at the shop that is when Hazel said,

"Oh my god!!!"

Kyomi: what??!

Hazel: " I forgot to tell you!"

Kyomi: what?!

Hazel: Dr. Tynee asked me for dinner tonight!

Kyomi: seriously haze?! And you are telling me this now?! How could you??!

Hazel: I swear, i totally forgot!

Kyomi: When it is?! 

Hazel: At 7.30!

Kyomi: Oh my god...go get ready!

Hazel: but how you will manage to do all the things alone in shop?!

Kyomi: I will manage! Miley would help me..go!! It's a big day for you!

Hazel: Thank you ky!!! I love you!!! Bye

Hazel left the shop and now kyomi came outside of the kitchen to attend the desk! That is when a big lavish car stopped by the shop! A man in formal suit came out of it! He was gorgeous! Something more than handsome..saying only handsome would be a underestimate to his looks! He had brown hair, muscles were visible even with the suit, blue eyes!! There was something about that eyes that made kyomi keep looking at him!

Kyomi was so lost in the eyes that she couldn't realize that the man was now standing in front of her desk! She came back to reality hearning his mesmerising voice.

"Hello, Princess" he said having a diabolical smile on his face which made him more attractive.

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