Fire of love

Savior or Vitiator

Hearning him kyomi came back to reality. 

"How can i help you sir?" Asked kyomi.

Xavier:Oh princess, you can help me in many ways but for now i am looking for the owner of this shop!

Kyomi: Is there any problem sir?!

Xavier: No! I just have some business to do with her!

Kyomi got curious about the man still she told him to wait and went to call for Miley who was back in the kitchen doing some chores to help kyomi.

Kyomi: Miley, there's someone looking for you!

Miley: Who is that?!

Kyomi: I don't know!

Miley went to see who that was while kyomi stayed in the kitchen to finish the chores miley was doing.

After some moments Miley came back in the kitchen! Miley was so happy!

Kyomi: What happened?!

Miley: oh child, we just got the biggest order ever! They are throwing a party and they placed a big order!! 

Kyomi: oh that's great! When we have to deliver?! 

Miley: This sunday! But How i will deliver these..i am a old woman..matty will never come for sundays!

Kyomi: Don't worry i will help you!

Miley: you are such a sweer girl ky! Go take a few days off! We will start from saturday!

Kyomi left for her dorm after closing the shop with Miley! Nights feels so lonely to her! Everyday she walks for dorm with Haze! She wonders what is Haze doing now! Then she thought of calling her to check on but stopped thinking probably she would be disturbing her! She walked watching the night! She was lost in her thought that she didn't notice she was in the middle of the road when she suddenly saw a car coming towards her! She was so surprised that she couldn't move that is when someone pulled her from the road!

"Careful love! Watch where you are going" said the man

Kyomi was so surprised and shocked about the incident! She pulled herself together and then looked at the man who saved her! The man had black eyes, he is a masculine man, Wearing jeans and black t-shirt which is showing off his muscles! 

"Thank you" said kyomi and then was about to leave but the man stopped her!

"Marcel Dens and you?!"

"Kyomi Andrea Marshall"

"Beautiful name..just like you"

"Sorry?" Said kyomi

"I mean both your name and you are bautiful. Can i get your number!?"

"Thank you but sorry i don't give my number to strangers"

"Then lets get to know each other" saying this marcel started touching kyomi in a wrong way and he tried to kiss kyomi when kyomi was fighting to get out of his grip! 

"Leave me you bastard"said kyomi

"I tried to do it in good way love but you didn't like that" said marcel!

Suddenly some man appeared and said Marcel to leave kyomi! One of them said,

"Leave her, you don't know with whom you are messing!"

Marcel: More fun! Who the hell are you guys?

Man: we are xaviers man!

Marcel: look man, wrong night, wrong guy! I don't care about xavier or who ever the fuck he is! I am here trying to have some fun with my girl so don't disturb me!

Man: She is Xaviers girl! Not yours! 

Both kyomi and marcel was shocked! Kyomi didn't know what's going on! But she was grateful as they are here to save her from the nast grip of Marcel!

Things next went in a smooth way..Marcel left as he was alone and there were the group of 5 men! Now one of then said to kyomi

"Ma'am, come with us"

Kyomi: Thanks for saving me but why would i come with you?

Man: This is boss's order!

Kyomi: That's your and your boss's problem not mine! Saying this kyomi took a step to walk away but suddenly someone grabbed her from behind and put a piece of cloth infront of her mouth! There were something in that paper that made her faint! She fainted and the mens were taking her somewhere she don't even have an idea! She never knew what was coming for her! 

(Xavier's point of view)

I watched her lying on the bed still sleeping because of the chloroform.Don't know how much those idiots had put on the cloth! I was watching her and waiting for her to wake up!

After few hours she woke up and from the look of her face i can tell she was terrified and struggling to figure out where she was!

"Don't bother! You don't know the place" i said

"YOU!!! You are the man from the shop!" Said she

"Alexander Xavier Knight, you can call me Xavier"

Kyomi was shocked and she didn't understand a thing that what is happening why she was here!!


Elvi Orin

Edited: 12.06.2020

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