Fire of love

Secret revealed

(Back at seattle):

Xavier: How the hell did she escaped?! You said as long as you have the proffessor she won't do anything.

Emmet: Yes i said that but who knew she was not that much in love with the proffessor! She literally left the proffessor to die!

Xavier: Have you heard any news of Lily?!

Emmet: The orphanage sister called. She said Lily was there yesterday! She was demanding the files of orphan childrens from last 18 years! No wonder she was asking them for Mrs.knight but i already have taken that file when i first went to virginia! Sister mary said Lily was asking for some picture of the orphans from last 18 years but she had hidden all the picture of Mrs.Knight

Xavier: Who is this sister mary and why she would help us like this?! Can she be trusted?!

Emmet: There is a big history about that! When Hope Andrea was on the run from Lily, she went to florida once and there she stayed some days and she knew mary from her college life. She told Mary everything and Mary was sympathetic. After the girl i mean Mrs.knight was born she gave her to Mary and Mary took her to virnia along with her while Hope andrea ran to china!

Xavier: Make arrangements ..i want to meet with Mary! I might now need her help!

After that important meeting with Emmet Xavier left for home as Emmet was on a new agenda now! Xavier went home took shower and then called on Maldives villa's landline. He thought it would be Tatiana picking up the call and before the person from another side could have say anyting Xavier said:

" Tatiana, tell kyomi i want to talk to her"

"And i'm right here with all my ears to listen" replied kyomi.

Xavier: Where's Tatiana?!

Kyomi: I thought you were searching for me. Tatiana is in the kitchen.

Xavier: You never pick the phone that is why i asked!

Kyomi: I never picked the phone because i didn't know my husband well. Now i know him and do you know he can be creepy sometimes?!

Kyomi said in a sarcastic tone. Xavier chuckled hearing her words.

Xavier: What are you doing ?!

Kyomi: Talking to my husband!

Xavier: I mean what were you doing?!

Kyomi: Oh i was picking up the phone then to talk to my husband!

Kyomi was having fun like this and Xavier also liked her in this happy mood! They talked for a while and then Xavier cut the phone to get some rest as he had a long day today!

(Unknown mansion):

"They didn't gave me a damn pic!!!"

"They won't! They have always choosed to save her! Even though she was in a orphanage,they treated her like a princess" said Hazel.

"Mm...i can smell jealousy! That is the reason you are here right? You are jealous of her!"

"Ofcourse i am! Anybody would be!!" Replied Hazel.

"Well, Hello then, we officially met. I am Lily Andrea Marshall and i know who you are! We can get along but for now, show me her picture"

"I can't" said hazel!

Lily: What do you mean you can't?! Look girl i don't know about you but i am very bitchy and i don't like people who waste my time!

Hazel: I am orphan. I don't get camera's to click pictures on my birthday..i hardly ever got a cake! What do you expect?! 

Lily: Then you are of my no use!

Hazel: Don't say that! I....

Before Hazel could have said anything her phone rang and it was an unknown caller! She went away for a moment to pick the call and said

Hazel: Hello?!

Unknown: Hello there.

Hazel: Who is this?!

Unknown: Guess who?!

Hazel was so busy and lost in the topic with Lily that she couldn't recognize.

Hazel: look, who ever this is, i don't have time for bullshit!

Unknown: Haze!! You stupid!!! You already forgot me!! I am ky!

Hazel: What the?! Ky?! .

She thought for a moment ..neglecting what kyomi was talking about! Then asked kyomi 

Hazel: Where are you ky?! I miss you! Are you safe?! 

Kyomi: I am safe and perfectly fine Haze! I am living in a dream. My dreams came true Haze!

Hazel: Where are you?!

Kyomi: In a villa in Maldives! It says Meru Island villa 64.

Hazel got what she needed. So she hung up the phone and then turned back to Lily Marshall who was waiting for her!

Hazel: I have something for you! But what are you willing to pay for that?!

Lily: What you demand?!

Hazel:Of course i would demand money! For my luxurious life! 

Lily: Your money would be transferred to your bank account of you can help me in any way!

Hazel: I know where she is!

Lily: Where is she?!

Hazel: Maldives, meru island villa 64.

Lily got up and signaled one of her men somthing! Then one of them took out a gun and shoot hazel in the head! Hazel was dead on the stop!

Then Lily said:

" Time to pay a little visit to Maldives,boys!"



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