Fire of love


Lola was happy to meet with such friendly person! Kyomi was 7 months older than her so technically they are same aged! She liked kyomi at the 1st place. She lives here alone. Nobody know her properly! She has been leaving here for last 5 years! It was her mother plan. Her mother wanted her to be safe as they have so many business rival. Lola calls her mom everyday. After coming back from kyomi's home Lola called her mom "Lily Marshall"

Lola: Hey mom, how are you doing?!

Lily: Yes dear i am all good! What about you?! How was your day?!

Lola: It was totally good! I met a new friend. She was totally friendly! My car broke down in the middle of the road. They helped me..and even took me to their house and they even invited me to their home this sunday!

Lily: I am happy that you are happy. Whatever you do just be safe.

Lola: Don't worry mom. Mom do you know that kyomi is almost in my age..a little bit older probably..but she is married. 

Lily was surprised hearing the name! She was shocked..

"What did you say?! Who?!" Lily asked.

Lola: Sorry mom...i forgot to tell her name to you. Her name is Kyomi knight.

Hearing the name a crooked smile came in Lily's face! All Lily could think about then was that her plan will work perfectly fine this time. She was lost in her thoughts that she forgot she was on the phone.

"Mom!!! Momma?! Are you there?!!" Lola asked as Lily was silent. Lily came out of thoughts and asked

"Yeah! When did you say the dinner is?!"

"On this sunday mom!" Lola replied.

"Do take gifts!" Lily adviced and said Lola to take care of her and cut the call. Then Lily called her most trusted man in crime.

"Hello?! Marcel Dens?!"


When kyomi got the phone from Emmet she thought probably there would be Xavier's number inside it. But there wasn't and she was a little bit upset about it. She kept waiting for Xavier's call to tell him everything about that day.

She was playing games on the phone that's when she got a call from an unknown number. She picked the call and said

"Hello" with a questionable tone.

"Hey baby girl!" The person on the other side said and kyomi knew the voice very well.

"Xave!! I was waiting for your call. I have so many things to say to you!" Kyomi said with a happy voice.

"And i am here to listen!" Xavier replied. Then kyomi told him about Lola and how they met.

Xavier: Emmet already told me that baby. But what is the surmane of the girl?

Kyomi: I didn't asked her..but i can ask her on this sunday. I invited her over for dinner.

Xavier was still a little anxious about this but yet he said,

"Okay to whatever makes you happy. But do take care of yourself and be safe."

"I will. Xave?!" Kyomi said

Xavier: Yes?!

Kyomi: When will you come back?!

Xavier: When all of these will be over babygirl. I will come back to you without wasting anymore time.

Kyomi and Xavier talked for a while and then Xavier again beame busy and went back to his work with the IT specialist. But something bothered him. He called Emmet and told him to get some information about this new friend of Kyomi's.

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