Forest God and the beast

The battle

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The Forest God gently places Xīng-long behind a tree before he rises and replies, “You’ve found me. What do you want?”

The beast points his hand at him and asks, “This is your forest?”

   “Y-yes it is. I guard and protect it. Look at the damage you have already caused to my lovely home.”

Xīng-long is expecting the beast to apologise for what he has done, but instead he draws his sword and snaps, “Then why did you bring me here!

   “What? I did not bring you here. You just appeared from nowhere.”

   “Xià fēng is telling you the truth.”

   “I thought I could smell something else here... What are you?”

   “I am what the mortals call a Dragon.”

   “Dragon? You’re tiny. I could squash you like a bug.”

   “Harm him, and you will be destroyed by his family,” replies the Forest God, placing his leg in front of the tiny god.

The beast gets ready to swing his sword, Xià fēng quickly scoop Xīng-long up in his hand throwing him in to the air and shouts, “Fly my boy! Get out of here!”

  The Dragon unfolds his wings; he gives him a nod and heads back to the village. He is has not flown far when he sees in front of him the darkening sky appears to shimmer. This makes him put out his hands to interact with either a door or a barrier. The young god will not know for sure until he comes into contact with it.

    What is this? he thinks, running his hand down it and mutters, “A Dreamer will have a better idea.”

This makes him fly straight to the Misty Mountains, but his thoughts are on the Forest God, will he be able to handle the best?


Xià fēng own sword has rushed in to block the beat’s sword inches from his chest, he looks back at the creature and asks, “Tell me what you want?”

The beast looks him dead in the eye and replies, “You.”

   “You’ve got me. What more do you want?”

The creature takes hold of the red stone and starts to utter an incantation which makes the stone begin to glow from within.

The Forest God can feel all of his energy is being drained from his body and the next thing the world around him turns red.

   “Now I’ve got you, this forest is mine,” says the beast, going on to release a blood curdling laugh.

Xià fēng takes a seat, he places his hands together and starts to speak a counteracting entrapment incantation.

The creature is about to retie the tassel of the stone back on the hilt of his sword; when he notices cracks are beginning to form all across the surface. Then it shatters into nothing but a pile of glittering dust.

   “See you have only gone and destroyed yourself. Fool!”

The beast sends his sword shooting towards a tree only to have it reflected off by some kind of barrier. The next thing he hears is a voice, “Why do you want to destroy my home?”

   “That is what I was summoned to do.”

   “You heard a voice speaking to you in the blackness?”

   “Yes. It told me this place must fall.”


  The creature summons his sword to return to his hand, but it remains where it is stuck in the ground. The thick vines continue to grow over it, pulling it deeper and deeper in to the soil.

   “Silence is not going to help you. I demand you tell me why?”

   “I was summoned to destroy, I was not told why.”

Xià fēng quickly sends out vines to entrap the creature and says, “I will stop you. Even if I have to go a thousand times in to the other realm to save myself from you.”

    The beast watches the Forest God materialise in front of him, dressed in a pale yellow coloured robe. All of his light green hair has been fastened back with a moving vine, that sprouts light pink flowers. He watches him restore all of the trees and even makes saplings shoot up from the ground.

   “Now you listen to me; I am way more powerful than you, Demon. You will never succeed in destroying my beautiful home, because I will stop you.”

The creature starts to try and break free from his restraints only to have them tighten around his wrists and body, dragging him down to his knees.

   “I ask you again. Who sent you?”

   “I swear to you I don’t know. All I head like you said, a voice in the darkness calling me. I’m sorry. Please, I beg of you do not kill me.”

   “Kill you? No, I would never harm anyone, even when they are a Demon. I have a proposal, how’s about I try to help you find the one who summoned you and send you home.”

   “You can do that?”

   “No not me, a Dreamer.”

The beast seems to flinch his face fills with worry and he babbles, “D-Dr-eamer!”


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