Forever Alone Book 1


Raven's pov

Present time

I'm still sleeping when something hit my face. With a groggy feeling, I let my eyes slowly adjust on the bright fluorescent light, only to see Ari's horrified face.

"What are you doing in my room?!" Her voice were like a shuttering thunder. I sensed anger in her voice.

"I-I'm waiting for your arrival."

"You're waiting for me? But you aren't waiting, you're sleeping at my bed in my own house!"

"I'm sorry!" I stand up and noticed her shoulder bag was being thrown in the side of the headboard. So that was being thrown on me earlier. I huff and observe Ari.

She's currently picking up her clothes on the closet near the door and when she had chosen what clothes to wear, she gave me a death glare.

"What are you waiting for?! Leave me alone! I'll changes clothes. If you'll excuse me, please leave my room!"

I just shook my head and got out of her room. After I shut the door behind me, I shouted.

"I'll be back as soon as you're dressed."


Shakira's pov

It's been a long night for me since many things happened tonight. I didn't expect what Angie is capable of because Rayon didn't warn me.

Then I saw Rav sleeping peacefully at my very own bed. What a night I have!

When he shut the door, I began to feel at eased. I know he'll asked ne a few questions, if not tonight, maybe some other day.

And I'm right, he'll talk to me tonight. Ah, this morning since its past 12 midnight!

Then suddenly I faced my whole body in the whole body mirror. I looked like a mess! My hair looks like the hair of a wicked stepsister on fairy tales--frizzy hair. My make up and mascara had smudged on my face. A few scratched on my face which are now red and swollen, a few had blood spluttered on my left cheek. A few open wounds at my arms and my first friendly date! Gosh! I really look like a mess!

I gathered my towel and clothes before I went to the bathroom to freshen up.


Raven's pov

It's almost one hour after I left Ari to change her dress yet until now she hadn't finish taking shower. I decided to knock on her door and think twice. Maybe she's asleep now.

I'm on my way to step in to guest room which I had always occupy when I hear her scream. I got back to her room only to her body was drifting water on the floor while covered only with a towel and maybe no undies.

"What is it? Why did you scream?" I step forward, only to be locked by her embrace.

"Thank god,you're here." She's trembling.

"What happened?"

She didn't respond at my question but pinpointed out the bathroom while her embrace tightened at my waist.

"What is it? Tell me." I encourage her to speak up but again, no response. After a few seconds, she unhug me and her face were pale.

I furrow my brows in a thin line and remember something. I stepped back and went to the bathroom only to see a tadpole on the bathtub.

I came back and hug her.

"Are you okay, darling?"

"I-I'm okay. Will you hug me for a few seconds?" Ari requested

"Even if it will take hours or so,I will."

"Why didn't you tease me?" She asked, still cradled in my arms.

"Because I love you and I don't want to see you being frightened like that. I won't tease you again because you'll do what you had done way back when I'd tease you."

She unhug me and sit properly on the edge of her bed. The towel were tied on top of her breast were being untied by her so I turn my back at her, facing the window.

"I think you should get dressed, Ari. Before I'll forgot my manners and do something you'll regret later." I stepped towards her window,facing the dark night with billions of stars starring at me.

I heard her footstep towards mr before she speak up. "Know what Rav? You can do all you want. I won't fight you back." Then she back hugged me.

"It's not the right time,Ari. Yoi knew me well. I didn't tolerate premarital sex." I unclasped her hands on my waist. "Now, get dressed!" I commanded.

"Okay, as you say."

After a few minutes...

"I'm dressed, you may turn around."

I turn to her and motion her to get back to bed.


"I'll drift of you to sleep."

She climbed on her bed and pit up the comforter up to her throat. I sit beside her. My right arm were folded beside her head, only inches away from her face.

"Close your eyes, darling, and throw away the things that you're currently thinking."

She obediently closed her eyes. It's quarter to two in the morning. My eyes now were slowly closing so I sleep beside her.

When I was able to get my sleep, Ari kissed me torridly on the lips and whispered "I love you too, Rav. If I can only asked you why you left me and you'll explain it and not make a big fuss about it."


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