From Slave to Ruler

Earth Slapper

Weighing his options, only one possible way out of this situation sounds reasonable which is running like hell.

If he stands still, he will be caught and be possibly strangled to death by the Guards or raped even.

The chances of being stabbed or cut aren't slim either, chances of him fainting because of Whippers constantly striking him are large and that would be considered the lightest punishment if caught.

Trying to take all of them alone is a strongly stupid idea, miserable failure would be inevitable although he isn't exactly considered physically weak in this new body, unlike his former one where an average wind would cause him balance trouble.

Before making a run for it, he kicks the Whipper who struck him once more for an enhanced revenge. 

Trying his best to recall what this technically new brain remembers about Earth quaker training, thinking while running away from the Whippers and patrol Guards.

A flash memory strikes, remembering the most basic power move that every Earth quaker learns first, the Earth slapper!

Although the name no doubt a bit funny, it can buy him time in this situation without risking his own life.

Although never stepping in a mine before this one, he notices that the support beams holding the cave ceiling up, aren't enough in number.

There is a support beam every 7-10 meters instead of 5 or less, one doesn't need to be an expert to notice that's a dumb idea.

Apart from all of that, their distances are poorly measured. Granting more instability here and less stability there, or the other way around.

The Earth slapper however, is a power move where an individual Earth quaker jumps as high as he or she can, using the aid of the arms and hands to raise the legs as high as possible, to the point of curling in mid air.

And right before hitting the ground, one's legs should be straightened like a plank to increase impact, overall finishing the power move successfully with that positioning.

The power move would unleash an earthquake which heads in a straight forward line with minor shaking along the way.

And when it practically reaches the end of it's distance capacity, it shakes the ground heavily in a 10 feet radius.

As levels increase, the shake gets more violent and the distance the move can reach increases as well, but the radius doesn't expand no matter if the Individual is level 1 or 7.

Those facts considered, he's trying hard to recall what level the former body owner had.

He can't manage to reach the information he needs so desperately, to calculate more precisely from where he should attack instead of leaving it to luck. 

He doesn't remember what distance each level can offer, but he remembered what distance the first and last level can reach, rather odd.

He can't recall anything but the first level reaching a distance of 15 feet before leaving the final violent shake and the seventh level reaching a distance of 50 feet before unleashing the final devastating blow.

So logically, it points out that he is a Level 1 Earth quaker which is rather weird considering one piece of memory, declaring he is 22 years old.

Uncalled for information based on this situation, doesn't help with self dependence either. His former body owner probably didn't practice his powers enough, or at all!

Being about 30 feet away from the crowd chasing him, he stopped on the spot, turned around, faces them and attempts the move.

By jumping as high as he can, trying to mimic the move from what information he could see in his mind.

When he slapped the earth, some of the patrol Guards couldn't help but mock and laugh while the Whippers probably laughed or kept a dead serious face. They're wearing masks so it isn't exactly possible to see their reactions.

A minor shake started off which caused dust to fall from the ceiling of the tunnel along with a rock as big as half a finger which softly landed in front of his feet.

As he focuses his vision, more dust started falling from the tunnel's ceiling each moment the Earth slapper power move was reaching closer towards the opponents.

Making it hard for the crowd running towards him to clearly see the Slave [Aaron James] opposing them which would give him a small advantage while escaping if the Earth Slapper fails to completely stop them.

At this point, anything that would help him escape should be used. 

Slight disobedience would result to receiving whips on the back. 

Hitting a Whipper with a pickaxe would leave nothing for the patrol Guards and Whippers to resist killing Aaron, so being caught isn't an option.

Afterwards, what struck the opponents is certainly something they did not expect.

Taking no more than a second, which to Aaron felt like hours, the power move reached the opponents just before the Earth slapper lost it's distance capacity.

Considering that the opponents were running with all their might, the shake made them lose balance completely and fall to the ground with some Patrol Guards either accidentally cutting themselves or others from their group.

Leaving them defenceless towards the aftermath of unleashing an Earth slapper in a poorly supported tunnel.

Starting off with bits of dust falling from the ceiling at the final blow radius, to fist like rocks hitting their heads.

To a crushing and or suffocating result of which it seemed like the whole tunnel collapsed.

The ceiling of the tunnel fell all over the patrol Guards and Whippers, preventing them from moving, slowly or instantly killing them.

And even almost taking Aaron James as a victim too, which would be ironic.

The whole thing happened in a blink of an eye, no matter how fast or strong these opponents were, they aren't able to simply escape this situation unscaved.

Seeing his situation becoming a lot easier, Aaron keeps running down the tunnel until he found a sharp turn.

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