From Slave to Ruler

Pitch Black Buyer

"You are but a useless rag, I hope you found your place in the world." Whispered the head Whipper as he lifted his breechers up, finishing torturing an innocent soul in a way that no human should be tortured.

Looking at her naked body, trauma forcing the lady to curl into a ball. 

"I didn't do anything to deserve this." She hollers with the pain in her soul so deep that it projects a cracked tone.

A second before the head Whipper was about to leave the captain's cabin, the lady grabs a teapot located over a small table near the bed and tosses it against him, hitting him on the back but causing little pain.

It just felt like a slight burn on the left side of his lower back, there wasn't any water on it either and the spout of the Iron teapot wasn't really sharp or pointy enough to stab.

But holding in his rage, very close to cracking his whip come to think of it. He let go of ego for once and coldly expresses towards that attack with. "Don't worry, soon enough you will please one man only but for now, enjoy 30 men and remember, don't get pregnant."

Even at this point, he's harassing the purely innocent lady, how cold could one's soul get?

He finally left the captain's cabin afterwards, but her countless emotional traumas from this day remain in the cabin with her.

"No, you heartless monster!" He heard the victim hollering as he shut the door with a large bang, leaving her naked in there.

"I almost feel bad for this one, she really didn't enjoy her fate. I mean at least it didn't start off with 30 men so she should be thanking me." He confesses to the Whipper who's standing Guard at the door.

The Whipper could sense a bit of regret on the head Whipper but yet again this isn't the first rape victim. This foul man raped countless women of poorer financial standards even before the slaves arrived.

Children, teenagers, married women, no female was bad enough not to rape for his cursed soul. And since he has a high status in Hawk city, he escaped unpunished in each crime.

Leaving a lot of women with emotional traumas, some reaching the point of suicide and some being tossed on the streets like rags from their families who blamed the victims for being raped.

Due to that, those same ladies faced even more rape scenes because they no longer had protection, how much more bizzare can this accursed domain get?

The Whipper first gazes at the naked woman inside, not to get the next turn but to make sure that she is in one piece. "Judging from the screams and cries for help, I thought you were cutting off her fingers. She really didn't enjoy it."

The head Whipper aimining to cut the conversation short and go spiral down a bottle of quality ale based on his wicked tradition built up over the years of victims, "This 6 golder was never a 6 golder, remember that. If I end up in a dungeon, you will end up in a gang rape." 

A threat no doubt but the Whipper doesn't feel fear even though agreeing to his words, the sooner this retard fucks off the better.

"Sir head Whipper, there was an accident in the mines." Exclaimed a patrol Guard under his breath as he ran towards the head Whipper through the long wooden plank connecting the shore to the upper deck. 

"Breathe bastard, what happened?" Echoes the head Whipper, trying his best to understand the patrol Guard with his last nerve.

Out of fear, the patrol Guard took a few quick breaths and explains. "Men, including Whippers are being dug out of a collapse. Most of the victims are dead and the survivors are deadly injured, we await for your command!"

Being left in charge of the mines, it is the head Whipper's responsibility to manage the mine or any disaster led towards it. To lead be it paid miners, slaves or Whippers to safety is his responsibility as well. 

Being taught to handle situations cheaply but also according to status, he swiftly commands. "Put the ones critically injured out of their misery. If the victims are Whippers, make sure their families get the compensation the King approved, 5 gold coins."

Hearing clearly what the head Whipper commanded, the patrol Guard feels capable enough to handle this mess. "I will arrange everything sir but what about the victims who are slaves?"

"Send them down the river, it's not worth spending coins or even space in the graveyards for these rags." Slowly ordered the head Whipper while avoiding eye contact. 

And afterwards turns to the Whipper who stood Guard to the door, commanding. "Tell the men to stop raping these women, we lost slaves and Whippers. The city will need that gold back as soon as possible, get the women ready."

At least with this way, the untouched slaves lose any chance of having to withstand rape. The head Whipper obviously doesn't care for their safety, but for their gold value instead.

Hating the head Whipper's presence but also a bit happy because these women won't have to withstand this rape spree anymore, the Whipper swiftly claims. "Of course sir, I will handle everything. The women will be available for sale in an hour and you will be there to host the sale. I need to learn more from your bargaining skills."

These were just lies, lies so he can fit in with these corrupt souls. A burden got lifted from his heart knowing that the lady in the captain's cabin who witnessed the toughest trauma, won't have to deal with a crowd of lusty men leaving her insane at the end.

She was never touched by a man before but ended up in the hands of this heartless maniac, the Whipper couldn't do anything but suppress his grief and aim to fight when the time is right.


"How many buyers do we have?" Asked the head Whipper as he walked in the castle.

Witnessing the ladies being perfectly dressed in clean clothes and of course the ladies themselves are considered washed due to the trip towards the river they were forced too.

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