From Slave to Ruler

Arthur's offer

With no way to top a claim that high, the head Whipper now aims to shun away embarrassment. "We have a deal, Arthur. Should we bring all 80 of them to your house?"

Obviously this man hiding behind a mask didn't love how he was publicly embarrassed in front of over 100 people, but what other choice does he have but to swallow his pride?

A quick death would be the lightest punishment if a 500 gold coin deal escaped his grasp.

Luckily the King isn't here in the throne room otherwise the head Whipper would have a foul fate in a matter of seconds.

The King is rather busy with the maids to care enough for this sale. That basically includes most of his schedule apart from making his belly fatter, half of his decisions about the city aren't even his.

A smirk growing on his face for winning this debate that got shunned and thrown water upon, Arthur cites. "I'm glad we finally reached a deal, I prefer if you send them all to my school."

But yet again, roasting this egoistic bastard up to this point wasn't enough, so Arthur has to weigh in an offer with a dagger hidden in between. "You can attend class any day you'd like, no pay necessary."

"Uuuuuuuu." Is heard from the crowd of 80 women once again and even a few of the Guards joined. 

Arthur is throwing one shot after the other and all the head Whipper can do is tolerate, rather interesting to see an abuser bitch out.

"Silence!" The head Whipper hollers against the crowd and angrily expresses to Arthur. "You want to educate these bitches? That's a waste of gold you dumb fuck."

"These same women will be the death of you, you fool!" Arthur thought but suppressed his emotions.

After all, actions speak louder than words. Education is never a waste of coins. So he cuts it short with a demand this retard is forced to obey. "Have them by my school after an hour, I do not tolerate a delayed schedule!"

"As you wish, Arthur!" Whispered the abuser, suppressing his own rage and obeying demands, but he still aimed to burn the man with words since with a mark from a whip is impossible.

Therefore adding while pointing behind the slaves, "You may head to the payment room and arrange everything, you have to pay the everything at once if you want all of these slaves to be in your possession."

Aiming to embarrass the pitch black buyer in other methods, the head Whipper continues to yap. "This is serious business, nothing like the customers at your shops who pay at the end of the month or are in debt to you."

His tone remaining soft since the head Whipper is far beyond pissed, Arthur adds what can hurt more than senseless harassment. "Don't worry, I can buy you and half of the city if I wanted to so do your part and I will do mine."

A second before he finished his sentence he was already walking towards the pay room, located behind a door at the bottom left edge of the throne room.


Marching one foot after the other towards Arthur's school with patrol Guards making sure these slaves don't escape.

It only took about half an hour to reach the location, where along the way, these finely dressed women caught a lot of attention from working men. Unfortunately some of the men are married as well, so it was a rather unpleasant feeling for these ladies.

They don't enjoy lusty men looking at them with those eyes, be it if they are married or single while some didn't seem to care who peeked.

One block away from the main gate, appropriately located near the walls, stands the school with 20 classrooms.

Indeed taking a lot of space, but when would education be considered a waste of it?

For Arthur to build this school, he had to buy 40 houses and demolish them all, converting the resulting space into this school with classes capable of holding 30 people each.

This is the one and only school in Hawk city, yet it is the most frowned upon business from many points of view, status regardless.

Many illiterates felt it unnecessary to attend school, even though the price for it is below cheap.

Arthur doesn't want to get profit from this school, he just wants to help people escape the senseless bullshit they have to deal with or grew to encourage.

To put in to short word, this income was more of an outcome in the beginning. Currently paying 16 teachers, 5 silver coins a month, doesn't come cheap either but at least a lot of coins rolled in his pocket eventually.

He would pay them more but their daily schedule is 3 hours long, meaning teachers can have 2 jobs rather easily.

In this school there are mostly people who read and write while 20% are learning a new craft.

Blacksmithery, stonemasonry, clay sculpting, furniture making, and building construction. These are the 5 available options to learn from for now, but Arthur does intend to expand the options. 

Considering Arthur covering all school expenses, including paying teachers and providing daily school supplies for the students such as parchments, ink and quill to write.

Even books to read and any other required tool or item for those practicing crafts.

He still only charges 1 silver coin a month even though he covers all of these expenses, he has other businesses so he doesn't have trouble providing for 500 people.

Even a farmer can come in here as an illiterate and come out as a literate blacksmith. 

There aren't any history classes, biology or geography classes either. No no, nothing like that. They would just need to learn how to read and write which can take up to 3 months at max, afterwards they choose a branch of skill they want to learn from the available options.

Meaning that just under a year, an illiterate farmer who earns 6 silver coins a month [Or differently described 60 bronze coins a month], can go in and come out as a 20 silver coin a month earning blacksmith.

This even aids Hawk city's budget so it is a rather dumb move for the King not to urge people to attend school. 

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