From Slave to Ruler

Female Security Guards



"What's the deal?"

"We don't really have another choice."

"Can we have more details?"

Countless questions were heard from the crowd of women, Arthur expected 2 or 3 questions at max but here he doesn't see an end. 

Instead of the whole crowd having 2 or 3 questions, possibly 4 at max all together, each of the ladies are having above 5 questions.

Dawn would break if he was to answer them all, Arthur thought that Hawk city asserted that vibe about women not having freedom of speech.

But no, these ladies have questions and they want answers.

"Let me get one thing straight before we start this, you are now under my protection. I am the wealthiest merchant in Hawk city so anyone knowing that you work for me, will never dare to cause you trouble." That's the great way to open a negotiation, because after all he doesn't plan to keep them here by force.

Now inserting the sweetest side of this deal, Arthur has to add now while silence is firm. "You will be able to walk in this city without countless worries, you will feel free." 

But of course with such claims stated, more questions and thoughts grew in these ladies' minds and some did not fail to express them.


"What will we work?"

"I'm good at cooking."

"I can clean."

Arthur raises his right hand high, gently telling these women to be quiet so he can explain his goals furthermore. "As I said before, you won't do such jobs and you definitely won't share a bed with anyone."

"I want to start a new business and you ladies qualify for it, all of you." He finishes in enthusiasm, looking at these women with hope and faith.

But Arthur continues to be scarce with explanation, so more questions are spoken off out loud.

"What business?"

"Again, I'm good at cooking."

"Is it a tavern?"

"Ladies, let him speak." Yelled a bigger, buffer woman in a thick tone, getting everyone quiet and scaring them a little.

"Thank you." Gently added Arthur and continues under a satisfied tone. "I want to start my own security Guard center."

Considering the title, a few other ladies express their opinion.

"Guard center? That's for men!"

"We can't fight anyone."

"Aren't only men qualified?"

"No ladies we can do this, men are just pigs! They are only strong against women." Yelled the bigger lady again. Considering the majority of the men in Hawk city, she has a point of reference.

"Please, let me finish my sentences." Requests Arthur in a rather louder tone this time.

He got interrupted many times already but yet still showed understanding and sympathy for them, these women have a lot of questions no doubt as one hour they were raped and the other hour they get offered jobs.

Silence bought, Arthur continues pitching how things are going to go. "Ladies, do not consider yourselves weak. Most of you are at an age where your physical strength is at its pique and with enough training, even the castle Guards don't stand a chance against you."

A loud cheer broke from the crowd of 27 women, Arthur looks like he's dripping honey every time he speaks as his offers for sure break the average.

He didn't make them feel small or weak either and is even encouraging them.

"Where can we find more men like this." most of these ladies thought.

"But there is a catch!" He yelled, which made the whole crowd silent, everyone expected the worst.

To their further surprise, what he utters is exactly reasonable. "To qualify for the job you have to complete a 6 month training course so you can build up your strength and earn your title as a security Guard."

Pitching the schedule slowly so no one misunderstands it, Arthur cites. "You will train 5 hours a day, 6 days a week and will learn how to read and write 3 hours a day. Should take about 3 months until you become literate."

Seeing that no one is questioning, he uses the golden silence to make a few further points transparent. "For those who don't need to study literacy, you will have to train 8 hours a day with an hour long break at mid day of course."

Aiming to encourage them, the much respected pitch black buyer gets from one point to the other without a single mumble. "In 6 months, I can guarantee that all of you will be able to fight off two bandits at a time in hand to hand combat."

"But where will we live?"

"We don't have coins to pay for this course!"

"We lost everything."

"We have nothing."

One question and complaint after the other came from the crowd. Each making more a better point than the last. But of course Arthur expected this and planned beforehand, giving them an offer worthy to be in the history books.

"Food and housing is something none of you should worry about. You won't live in a house alone but you will have a roof over your heads." He explains but for once he chose the wrong wordplay.

"I ain't sleeping with no man!" Yelled a woman in the crowd and many others nodded in agreement.

Understanding what he said the wrong way and aiming to clear it out before a bad image merges in their mind, the slick haired man adds. "You don't need to, I recently bought 10 houses and each can fit about 6 people so that's why I said you won't live alone." 

"I wanted to buy more but this project drained a lot of gold coins out of me, one house costs 30 gold coins after all." He expresses disappointment, wanting to do even more but he had little time to pull this project together.

"What about those who can't fit?"

"I ain't living on the streets."

"Haven't we suffered enough?"

"Calm down ladies!" He shouted in a rough tone but afterwards his tone returned to being kind and comforting when they got quiet.

He wants to make sure that these ladies know, "For those who prefer a bit more privacy, you can rent your own houses from the King for 3 silver coins a month."

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